Happy weekend, friends! I hope that you had a fabulous Christmas with your friends and family! We got to spend a lot of time with ours and it was so nice. But, I couldn’t have done it all without the help of Walmart’s new InHome grocery delivery service! Because of their new service, I didn’t have to go running off to the store several times throughout the week to grab what I needed. Instead, I just hopped on my phone, opened up the Grocery app, and ordered everything I needed right from my couch! They delivered it straight to my home and I didn’t have to lift a finger. I recently signed up for this InHome grocery delivery service and I am so excited to share all about it! It’s been a serious time and energy saver and has helped me stay on track with my nutrition goals, too.

How It Works:

So, you might be wondering, “How does this work exactly? What all’s involved?” Well, it is really pretty simple! Once you download the InHome app (click here for Android and here for iPhone) and sign up for the service, Walmart comes to your home and installs a Smart Level Lock device either on your front door or your garage door. This way, the delivery service can come and go even if you’re not home. But, don’t fret, they use a one time access code so no one can come back and re-enter your home a second time. They can only enter during your delivery window with your specific delivery. You get a notification when the delivery is on its way, and again when the delivery person arrives at your home.

If you choose the front door delivery, they will put your groceries away in your kitchen fridge. If you choose the garage entry, they will put them in your garage fridge. The best part is, they even clear away the bags and boxes. There’s no mess left for you to clean up!

Something else to note is that the delivery person wears a camera, which is awesome! As soon as the delivery begins at your home, they turn on their camera and you can watch from your app while the delivery is happening to ensure that you feel safe and that your home is in good hands. The delivery video can be viewed for a week after the delivery if you aren’t able to watch it live. They also heavily vet their delivery personnel and are well insured. I love how Walmart makes so much effort to make you feel comfortable!

Ordering Groceries:

So, when you’re ready to make your first order for a delivery, you just hop onto Walmart’s Grocery App (the orange one! Click here for Android and here for iPhone) and select to reserve your InHome delivery day. Deliveries are available for the following business day or the next few days after, whatever your need might be. You’ll get a time window for your delivery as well. Then you just shop, and add everything to your cart that you need. You can even add household items, clothes, toys, you name it. If it’s at your local Walmart, you can add it! If something is not available, you can turn on substitutions and they will automatically substitute an item that is similar for you.

Then, you just wait for your notification that your delivery is on its way! It’s really very simple and easy. I could get used to this convenience!

Why I Love It:

I love that Walmart has so many amazing fresh, organic produce options and the prices can’t be beat! This has helped me so much! I am better able to stay on top of my meal prep and planning when I have healthy foods that align with my nutritional needs right at my fingertips. They also have really great brands of specialty food items for those of us who have food allergies or restrictions. I can find practically everything that I need in one place!

When I place my order, I know that it will be delivered the next day and I can plan ahead for what I’m going to make without having to spend an hour or more wandering around the store. I used to go to the grocery store exhausted and starving, buy a bunch of things I didn’t need or shouldn’t eat, and then get home only to be too tired to even make the dinner, haha! Anyone else do this?! It’s been a huge time and energy savings for me and has really helped me stay on track with my dietary needs.

I also want to note that this service would be very helpful for you or someone that you know that has chronic illness or cancer. I know a lot of you suffer from conditions like these, and you know I can relate. There were years where I couldn’t even step foot in a grocery store, let alone lift a bag of groceries! So, keep it in mind as a suggestion for someone who could use a little help in this area.

I have had a few very successful deliveries already and they went off without a hitch! No issues at all, and I feel completely safe and satisfied using this service. I do want you to know that this post is sponsored by Walmart. But, as you all know, I do not recommend anything to you that I don’t use and love myself. Walmart’s InHome delivery service is definitely on the list of things I value. I hope that it helps you to stay on track with your wellness goals and saves you time this year as well! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you out with this service in any way! Always here and happy to help.

Cheers to less stress and healthier habits in 2020!




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