Hey, babes!  Hope your Monday is treating you right!  I don’t know about where you live, but here in PA, the weather seems to officially changed over to fall… It could always swing the other way, it is Western PA, afterall!  But, when the cold weather hits I bundle up like nobody’s business.  This always includes BOOTS!
I know all of you know about OTK boots!  AKA Over the Knee Boots!  They’re everywhere!  They’ve remained a staple this season after having a huge run last year, too.  So, if you haven’t yet, you should probably get your hands on some of these trendy boots!
My favorite way to wear them is with a skirt or dress.  They’re like wearing tights almost!  I can’t seem to do short dresses in the colder months without them.  They look great with almost any dress.  It doesn’t need to be short.  You can wear them with dresses that are longer, too, like a flowy maxi dress that has a bit of a slit!  I love wearing them with skirts as well.  A plaid skirt with OTK boots is my fall/winter staple for dressier holiday occasions!  You can also wear these with jeans as I did in these photos.  Just like you used to do with your knee high boots, you can pop these boots on over skinny jeans, throw on a sweater, blouse, and/or jacket and look really put together 🙂
In this pic, I’m wearing my new favorite OTK boots from Goodnight Macaroon!  They come in 3 colors, grey, tan, and black.  They are all 40% off right now!  They do stay up really well on your legs, even if you have tiny legs!  They’ve never slouched down on me below the knee.  They’re also very comfortable.  The toe area has plenty of room and the heel is blocky so you don’t have too much pressure on your toes all day.  They’re nice and soft, too!
I linked the three colors of the Goodnight Macaroon Boots first, followed by some other boots at different price points and in different colors that I love as well!  I’ve also linked the outfit I’m wearing here and some similar tops and handbags.
What do you think of the OTK boot trend?  Will you be wearing it this year?  Let me know in the comments!
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