Hey, guys! Hope you’re having a great week! I wanted to share this awesome new CBD oil I’ve been using and how much it’s been helping me!

I recently discovered the company Hemple, and all of their amazing CBD products! I was lucky enough to get to try their Nano-CBD Oil and it seriously blew me away! It’s so fast acting, and over the last few weeks of using it, my inflammation has decreased SO MUCH! I was having so much debilitating joint and muscle pain, and (knock on wood) I don’t feel any pain at all in my back lately! I’m seriously amazed!

I like this particular brand of CBD because it gets to work so quickly. Most CBD oils are slower to act. They usually take an hour or two for onset. However, Hemple has made the CBD particles so small that they are absorbed much faster into your blood stream – hence the name Nano-CBD! I notice the quick delivery because I have pretty bad anxiety in the late afternoon and evenings and this helps calm my nerves a lot.

It’s grown 100% organically, every batch is lab tested, and it is a full spectrum CBD oil. This means that it contains all of the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant, not just CBD. I have always found full spectrum products to be more beneficial and this one is no exception.

I take it twice a day. The recommended dose is 2.5 droppers, but I usually take 3-4 droppers full. You can’t overdose on it, so you don’t need to worry about that. I just feel like my anxiety and inflammation are more on the severe side, so taking a little extra is helpful for me. But, you can start with the recommended dose and increase as you see fit. It does have a very herbaceous flavor, so if you are sensitive to tastes like this, it is recommended to put it into water or tea to diminish that. I just take it right under my tongue and chase it down with some water. It doesn’t bother me.

I take my first dose in the later afternoon and again in the evening. It definitely helps me to wind down and fall asleep, too. It’s a nice warm, calm feeling. I like to take it with my other anxiety supplements or tea, like Kava and Chamomile for an added relaxation factor 🙂

This is Kombucha in my glass, not wine 🙂

If you have been wanting to try CBD oil or haven’t had great experiences with other products, I would highly recommend trying this one! Remember to give it a little time. Once it is in your system for a couple weeks consistently, you will start to see and feel more benefits. Try to keep up with taking it daily.

I know that CBD oil can be expensive. You can save more with Hemple by buying more at a time. And, you can also use my code: KELLY10 to save $10 off of your $50 purchase on their site! I personally find that it is worth the expense. There aren’t that many things that help me significantly, but this is one of the things that definitely does, so I make sure to budget it into my supplement costs.

As always, this is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. If you need medical advice, please seek it from your naturopath, functional medicine doctor, or physician. The statements above are only my experience and not meant to be used as anything otherwise. That being said, I do trust, use, and love this product! I do not make any commission from the sales of this product. In full disclosure, my Instagram posts were sponsored by the company, but as I’ve said before and I promise you, I do not recommend anything to you that I do not use and find value in myself. 🙂

I hope that you guys find this product of value to you, too! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on it! Have a fabulous day! <3


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