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I gotta tell you guys… doing these photos for the fall outfits has really been rough!! Lol.  It’s been about 90 degrees or hotter here in the Pittsburgh area almost every day for a while now!  I have been sweating bullets and leaving these shoots completely dehydrated, haha!  I swear it felt like my face was melting off.  I can’t WAIT for it to cool down a bit.  Just a bit.

One of my favorite trends right now is the sweetheart top!  It’s actually always been a favorite of mine because I love the way it showcases the collarbone!  I think they are so sexy without being too sexy.  Does that make sense?  Similar to showing off your ankles… almost 😀

I love this sweetheart top by Lioness!  The crushed velvet floral pattern is so romantic.  I like the way it buttons all the way up the front and on the sleeves.  The puffy shoulders are also really on trend!  It reminds me of what women used to wear with long, full skirts and petticoats back in the early 1900’s.  I adore the vintage vibe!

I paired this with my current favorite TOPSHOP jeans and black stiletto heals that I got from Amazon last year.  But, I’m linking a pair very similar for you as well as some other of my favorite sweetheart tops!


Nothing feels like summer more than white lacey tops and dresses!  I’m really into the bohemian vibe, especially in the summer.  I love the softness of the look and the flowy, romantic feel.  Tularosa is one of my favorite brands that really captures that feeling.  This top by Tularosa is a staple for me!  You can pair it with denim or skirts, it’s super versatile.

The cropped top and high waisted denim trend is definitely still happening.  I love the high waisted denim!  Bring on the mom jeans!  These jeans are my current favorite brand, Good American.  Khloe Kardashian really knows what she is doing with denim!  Her Good American brand has jeans for EVERY body!  Sizes 00-24!  They’re slogan is “sexy at every size!”  I love that.  I have three pair, and they are all three my favorite jeans to wear!  They are so comfy and stretchy, but they are still solid denim that won’t stretch out and leave you with a saggy butt.  The waistline hits just right, too.  I hate it when denim says high waisted but it is still way below the belly button.  High waisted jeans give us the look of longer legs and smaller waist as they hit at your true waistline.  If you’re still on the fence about them, I dare you try some, you might be pleasantly surprised! 😀  Click on the pics below to shop this look!

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