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Friday is back!  Can you believe it’s November already?  November-December is crazy for us!  Ryan’s birthday is the 8th, then we take a little trip, then Thanksgiving, our Christmas concert, Anniversary trip to NYC, then all the family Christmas parties start, and then poof!  It’ll be 2019!  I love the holiday seasons, but they always come with stress for me.  I tend to overdo it in every aspect from the decorating to the gifts to over extending myself on parties…  by the time it’s over I’m afraid I’m going to have aged 20 years like Barack Obama did during his two terms of presidency!  Have you seen those memes comparing him when he started and when he finished?  Crazy!!  If you have any tips for lowering stress levels and finding time for rest in the holiday season, I would LOVE to hear about them! 🙂

A great staple for your holiday wardrobe is a faux suede or suede skirt!  Suede is really trending this season and we’re seeing it in so many fun colors, too!  I love a classy skirt and boots look for any holiday get together!  The suede brings such a great texture to the outfit and looks awesome with sweaters and blouses of all kinds!  If you don’t have tall or over-the-knee boots, you can always wear booties, too!  I live in PA, and it gets pretty freezing around here, so I will never say don’t wear tights with your skirts if it’s super cold out.  Keeping them dark is always a good idea, but I could see using ivory colored with some of these options, too.

I found this super cute suede skirt at Nordstrom!  I love the dark blackberry color.  It’s so perfect for fall and winter!  It’s by Blank NYC.  They have it in several different colors which I’ve linked below!  You really can’t go wrong with any of the colors.  They’re all so pretty.  It’s also really comfortable.  It definitely has a little stretch to it, so you don’t feel really zipped up and unable to breathe.  I could totally eat a Thanksgiving meal and still be comfy in this one!  I paired it with a classic ivory lace blouse, and my favorite over-the-knee boots.  It’s a great look for any kind of holiday party! I’ve found that it goes really well with several other sweaters I already have in my closet, too, making it so easy to wear again and again without repeating the same outfit.  I love a versatile piece like this!

I’ve linked this outfit along with several other suede and faux suede skirts of different sizes all under $100.  I’ve even included some cute blouses and sweaters that would go well with them, too!  If you are still on the hunt for some great over-the-knee boots, see this post for some of my favorites! What’s your go-to holiday party outfit?

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Happy Saturday, everyone!!  I hope you had a good week and are getting to relax today! I’m taking it easy.  I have some strep throat that keeps hanging on so I’m trying to lay low and knock it out.  I’m thinking of making some of my favorite chicken pot pie soup for my friend, too.  Anything that helps me feel cozy and warm.  This chilly weather causes me to stay inside as much as possible!  

Days like today are when I don’t want to get out from under the covers!  I’m like “Nooooooo, don’t make me do it!!!!”  So, this little number right here, is perfect!  The pajama jumpsuit, guys.  Genius!  It looks and feels like pajamas, yet is socially acceptable to wear in public and yes, even to work!  The pajama trend has been happening for a while.  We’ve seen slip dresses, robe dresses, robe coats, slipper shoes, and now pajama jumpsuits are hot, too!

I love this one by 1901 that I found at Nordstrom!  It’s black and white, so you can do all sorts of accessories with this one.  You can make it flashy with some leopard or brightly colored shoes, like red, pink, green, yellow, whatever your heart desires.  You can add a fun bag of any kind!  You can wear some flashy earrings to jazz it up!  There’s a million different ways you can make this jumpsuit really stand out!  It is so comfortable, yet still looks so pulled together and cute.  This one comes in petite and regular sizes, so us shorter girls can wear it and still have the cropped length that’s so popular right now, too!

I kept things neutral with my outfit this time.  I like neutrals, they make it look chic and classy.  I chose my favorite nude suede pumps from Sam Edelman, and my little ZAC Zac Posen Earthette bag.  I’m also wearing some new linked hoop earrings from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Vanessa Mooney.  You can just throw a trench coat over this to keep yourself warm outdoors, and you’re set to go for any event – the office, meetings, you name it!  You’ll look like a classy chick in this one.

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories as well as some others at different price points as well.  Hope you love it!

Hey, friends!  How is your week going?  It’s been rainy and dreary here in Western, PA.  But, I kind of oddly like it, at least for a day.  It makes me feel like slowing down a bit, curling up with my hubs and puppy, and putting on a movie 🙂  We had a great weekend with Ryan’s family who was visiting from CA.  His cousin is getting married in PA this weekend, so everyone is coming in for the festivities!  Fun times!

As for what’s up on the fashion front… I couldn’t be more excited to see plaid skirts back in style!  I love the classy look and feel of a knit or wool plaid skirt.  It is such a cool weather classic that has been with us for decades, but really reminds me of my childhood in the 90s.  Who can forget Cher from Clueless who rocked this look better than anyone, or of course my beloved Britney Spears, haha!  But, really when I think of plaid skirts, I think of fall days, high socks, and saddle shoes 🙂

Plaid skirts really made a big splash last winter, too.  When I was looking for holiday outfits, every plaid skirt I searched for was just about all sold out!  They went FAST!  So, I made sure to snag one earlier this season.  Plaid skirts are perfect for holiday get togethers, they have a festive feel when you want them to and always look chic and classy.

I found this adorable one at Zara!  I love the zipper detail down the front and the cute belt buckles, too!  It is a great length – not too short!  The black and white checks make it so easy to style!  I went with a black turtleneck, also from Zara, with gold buttons on the sleeves that give it an extra fancy feel.  But, you could easily wear any color of sweater or blouse with this skirt!  I chose some above the knee boots from Amazon to make it feel all the more like an autumn outfit, but you could do any kind of heels, tights, flats, mules, open toes, it is very versatile.

As for accessories, I picked out a statement earring from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Ettika!  I love all their jewelry, it is so trendy, modern, and fun!  You can get 20% off on their website on any item using my code: DRESSWELLBEWELL 🙂 They have so many awesome styles of jewelry, I’m beyond excited to use this code myself! To give this outfit a little color, I picked this adorable red trunk bag from Zara, too!  I’m obsessed with this bag!  It’s the perfect size for all of your essentials and is just too cute.  It can go with so many different outfits.  I can’t wait to use it more this season!

I’ve linked this entire outfit for you below, and each piece is under $50!! YAY!! 🙂


I used to hate wearing sweaters!  I think it dates back to third grade when I wore my mom’s sweater to school as part of an ensemble for hat day.  I had this huge red hat on with her white sweater which was totally oversized on me.  Who knew I was setting trends at such a young age!  I saw a picture of myself in the sweater after I wore it and I was not happy about it!  I felt like I looked like a huge whale!  I was kinda chubby at that point in time, but the sweater just bulked me up even more and I was really embarrassed about the photo.  Ever since then, I hated wearing sweaters because I thought they made me look bulky.  Crazy how a small little traumatic experience can change our way of thinking for so long.  I didn’t really start wearing sweaters again until more recently when I realized that I don’t really care if I look bulky, I care more about being warm!  I love the cozy feeling.  I would wear an afghan everywhere if I could!

My favorite sweater look right now is the cropped sweater with highwaisted denim!  I love oversize sweaters, too, but for going out purposes, the cropped sweater is my pick!  I think it adds a little more excitement to the everyday sweater when it’s cropped and has some other detailing going on, like cable knit, voluminous sleeves, and interesting textures and patterns.  I like anything EXTRA, haha.

This sweater is by ASTR The Label.  I found it online at Revolve.  I love the steel grey color and the pattern detail in the knitting.  The sleeves are nice and full and I like how it is cut slightly higher in the front and longer in the back.  It’s also a cotton blend, so it’s not itchy at all.  I paired this with some distressed black jeans from Express and my favorite new grey/lavender boots by 1.STATE from Nordstrom.  My super cute little crossbody is by Rebecca Minkoff!  I LOVE the color!

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories and some other cute cropped sweaters I love this season below!

One thing I’ve always loved about fall fashion are the rich colors!  I love the deep, warm tones.  They always bring out the best in people’s skin tones, eyes, and highlights in the hair.  Plus, they feel warm and cozy, and who doesn’t love that?  I am obsessed with this copper color for fall this year!  I’ve been seeing it everywhere and I think it is so pretty.  It reminds me of cinnamon sticks 🙂  I was really excited to find a cute wrap dress in this color!

My all-time favorite style of dress is the wrap dress!  It is universally flattering on every figure, not to mention almost always very comfortable, too!  It accentuates a woman’s most attractive features, the waist and the curves!  You might think that drawing attention to the waist might bring unwanted attention to that area if you’re self-conscious about it, but it actually gives you much more of an hour glass shape than a shapeless dress like a shift dress might.   I like the fact that wrap dresses have a v-neckline because it also elongates the neck, making you look leaner and longer!

This dress is by C/MEO.  If you have never heard of this brand, you should make note of it!  It’s one of my favorites.  Their collection is really trendy and modern, yet they keep it very classy!  This piece is super comfortable.  I love the silky fabric, it has such a pretty sheen to it.  The statement sleeves are right on trend with the gathered detail and billowing.

I kept this look neutral with nude heels and handbag.  My earrings are my current favorite by Vanessa Mooney!  Such a fun take on the classic gold hoop! They are so cute and versatile!

I’ve linked this wrap dress, my shoes, bag, and accessories, as well as some other wrap dresses I love for this season!

This one is for all my homies dying to get into fall fashion!  My first true autumn look.  One of my favorite things to do with clothes is to mix different textures and patterns.  It makes everything look so interesting and gives it depth and dimension.  When I think of fall, I always think of leather and plaid!  Who doesn’t have a favorite fall flannel, plaid accent home pieces for Thanksgiving, a leather moto jacket, or favorite leather boots they love to pull out when the cooler temps hit, am I right?

When I saw this top by Lovers + Friends, I had to have it! I love the deep, rich colors, and the fact that it is a surplice top (it overlays in the front).  It reminds me of the plaid pants my mom used to wear (and put me in, too) back in the 90s, with penny loafers, of course!  No one ever made fun of me and my fancy penny loafers, LOL!  It’s really lightweight and silky, so it’s perfect when the weather hasn’t quite hit full on sweater season.  It can always be worn with denim and a long cardigan or mini jacket when it gets colder.  But for now, it’s perfect paired with a (faux) leather mini skirt for a fun night out!

This skirt by Lovers + Friends is super cute with the zipper details and snake skin texture!  I’m thinking ahead to pairing it with an oversized ivory sweater, or black turtleneck top with boots!  It is really versatile.  It’ll be great for the holiday season, too!  Am I the only person who immediately has the holidays on their mind when September hits?  I’m a total freak when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas!  Let the countdown begin! 😀

As for more added texture to this outfit, I chose a suede block heel.  I love to wear suede when I am wearing other leathers, faux or not, because it adds another element to the outfit.   I don’t think leather on leather is bad at all, I just think you have to be careful not to overdo it.  Too much of it can start to look harsh.  Suede shoes with a leather skirt, pants, or shorts is always a safe bet!

Unfortunately, this skirt is currently sold out, but I have hopes that they will bring it back in stock!  I’ve also seen this top paired with black leather paper bag shorts, which I will linked below, along with a much more affordable faux version that will likely also be back in stock, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re into those.  I’ve also linked another leather mini if you like that look, too!

Nothing feels like summer more than white lacey tops and dresses!  I’m really into the bohemian vibe, especially in the summer.  I love the softness of the look and the flowy, romantic feel.  Tularosa is one of my favorite brands that really captures that feeling.  This top by Tularosa is a staple for me!  You can pair it with denim or skirts, it’s super versatile.

The cropped top and high waisted denim trend is definitely still happening.  I love the high waisted denim!  Bring on the mom jeans!  These jeans are my current favorite brand, Good American.  Khloe Kardashian really knows what she is doing with denim!  Her Good American brand has jeans for EVERY body!  Sizes 00-24!  They’re slogan is “sexy at every size!”  I love that.  I have three pair, and they are all three my favorite jeans to wear!  They are so comfy and stretchy, but they are still solid denim that won’t stretch out and leave you with a saggy butt.  The waistline hits just right, too.  I hate it when denim says high waisted but it is still way below the belly button.  High waisted jeans give us the look of longer legs and smaller waist as they hit at your true waistline.  If you’re still on the fence about them, I dare you try some, you might be pleasantly surprised! 😀  Click on the pics below to shop this look!

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