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Gia Minerals Clean Beauty Mantra

Happy Wednesday, babes! I am so excited to finally be sharing about Gia Minerals with you! I’ve had this collaboration in the wings for a bit now, and it feels so good to be shouting out about this fabulous clean beauty brand!

So, first I want to take a minute to talk to you about collaborations. As a blogger, you get a lot of messages sent your way from different brands wanting you to promote their products. I can tell you with 100% honesty that I do not accept most of them. Sure, it’d be great to have a bunch of free stuff, but if it is not something that I would actually use in my day to day life, or something that I think would be useful or helpful to my readers and followers, I promise you I do not accept it. I would never want to lead anyone astray or cause harm in any way. I also do not want to waste your time or mine! So, please know that if I ever post about a particular brand or product, it is something that I myself love, use, and am really excited about!

That being, said, I actually stumbled upon Gia Minerals myself! I subscribe to a monthly clean beauty box. In that box they send you samples of different non toxic products like makeup, skincare, and sometimes supplements. In one of my last few boxes, I received a Gia Minerals Luminizer called “Candlelight”. As you might know, finding clean beauty products that look and perform like the chemical laden ones can be a difficult task. But, when I tried on this highlighting luminizer, I was FLOORED! It is seriously better than any conventional beauty brand I have ever tried! It has the perfect golden glow to it without being full of pieces of glitter that get all over your face! It has some serious glow to it, I can see why they named it “Candlelight”! If you watch my Instagram stories, you probably saw me freaking out over it when I first tried it out, I tagged Gia Minerals in that story, and then to my delight they messaged me and asked if I would like to be a part of their “Embrace Your Mantra” beauty campaign! Ummmm…. how do I say yes a million times?! I love this campaign because it is all about empowering women to see the unique beauty within themselves! It’s about embracing every part of yourself and loving it. Here’s a bit of what the founder of Gia Minerals says about the campaign herself…

“I want to help women to move forward in A BEAUTY REVOLUTION to Embrace their Mantra. I want them to use the power of clean cosmetics / skin care like Gia Minerals to express what they have embraced and maintain a balance of good thoughts. I want every woman to be in love with who they are and all their attributes…

The campaign A BEAUTY REVOLUTION – Embrace Your Beauty will define the link between self-confidence and how makeup / skin care can be used as a tool to distinguish ourselves and each other because flaws are beautiful and heck yes it’s about time we celebrate them. I want women to start using strong statements looking in the mirror and truly loving what they see… appreciating what they see.”

How awesome is that?! I love being a part of anything that empowers women and helps them see the beauty within them! So, I got to choose some products that capture the look of my own personal beauty mantra! My mantra is: I AM RESILIENT. If you have read my blog before, you know that I’ve had a long road with chronic illness. I’ve been to some pretty dark places physically and emotionally. Yet, every time I’ve been able to dig deep within myself and find the strength to pull myself up and make a comeback! It’s made me so much stronger and shown me how much courage I truly do possess. Life throws us some pretty wicked obstacles. We can either choose to let them make us bitter or make us better. I choose better every time. I hope you do, too!

Clean Beauty Mantra

After receiving the new products and trying them out, I am still so impressed with this company! The pigments are amazing and they lasted all day! They have so many shadow colors, blushes, lipsticks, highlighters, and more to choose from. I was also especially pleased with their mascara! The mascara lengthens and thickens and looks amazing. It’s also so easy to remove. The lipstick is super creamy! I love that there are different kinds of eyeshadows to choose from. I chose a really glittery one for fun nights out and one that’s a little less sparkly for a more casual look, too.

Clean Beauty

Along with choosing the products, I was asked to answer some questions about myself and my beauty mantra.

  1. Tell us who you are? My name is Kelly Bonner-Bibza.  I am a lifestyle blogger who loves fashion, clean beauty, clean eating, and travel!  I am a wife, a fur mom, and woman on a mission to find complete wellness.  I have had chronic Lyme disease, autoimmune disease, and other chronic illnesses for several years, and have found help and healing through holistic methods.  I have been down some dark roads with my health, but I’ve always dug deep to find the strength within myself to come back even stronger. It is my goal to share my story with other women to help empower them to take their health into their own hands and turn it around. 
  2. What is your beauty mantra? I AM RESILIENT 
  3. What do you hope your look communicates to the world? I hope that my look conveys strength, courage, and the will to keep fighting through difficulties in life.  I want it to communicate that women are capable of handling life’s obstacles and instead of them bringing you down, they can make you better and more beautiful!
  4. What is your favorite fantastic face feature? My favorite facial feature is my eyes.  I love that they are a mysterious color and that so much depth lies behind them!  I like to use different shadows to bring out the various colors within them.  
  5. What Gia Minerals clean beauty products were used to enhance your favorite features? I used Sparkle Sizzling Bronze on my eyelids and Sunlit Brown Shadow blended into the crease and smudged under the lower lashline.  I also used the Natural Lash Mascara, which is amazing to bring length and volume to my lashes.  I used Stunning Blush on my cheeks and Candlelight Luminizer on my cheek bones to give my face some serious glow!  And finally, I am wearing Naked Kiss Lipstick for a beautiful nude, natural lip.
  6. What is your favorite thing about yourself? My favorite thing about myself is my ability to empathize with others.  Although my illness have been hard to live with, it has given me a deep compassion for others.
  7. What is your favorite beauty trick? My favorite beauty trick is to run the mascara wand through my upper lashes on the top side of the lashes and brush them backwards towards my face.  This helps them to look darker and fuller, while curling them up at the same time!
  8. What advice do you give women to purify negative thoughts about their flaws and embrace their uniqueness? I advise women to look inside themselves and see the beauty that lies within.  It isn’t their body that makes them beautiful, it’s their heart and soul.  A warm and kind heart could never be ugly.  Beyond that, we are all so unique.  There is only one of each of us in this world.  So, I like to spend my time being the best version of myself because no one else can be that.  When you look at other women and see how uniquely beautiful they are, remember that someone else is looking at you and thinking the same thing.  <3
Clean Beauty Products

You can find my beauty mantra products on the Gia Minerals website here. Be sure to check out all of their beautiful products. They also have skincare which I’m dying to use next! You can use code KELLY15 to get 15% off of your order! While you are stocking up on some better beauty, try creating your own beauty mantra and instilling some positive thoughts about how uniquely gorgeous you are! 🙂

Clean Beauty

Several years ago when I was learning all about the right kinds of foods to eat to help decrease inflammation in the body and heal from disease, I started to pick up on the fact that not only do we need to be conscious of the food we put into our body, but also the products that we put ON our bodies, and the products that we use inside and outside of our homes.  Just like chemicals and additives in foods that are bad for our systems, products that contain chemicals are, too!  Remember that our skin is penetrable.  Although it acts as a shield it is also sponge-like and absorbs things that we put on it.  Think about it, we use things like birth control and vitamin patches that are placed on our skin.  Those alter our hormones and body chemistry, so wouldn’t the beauty products we use do the same?

I think so much of the time we tend to believe that our government agencies have our best interests in mind.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  The FDA has no authority to regulate the chemicals that are found in the cosmetics that go onto the market in the United States.  They do not require testing for safety, nor can they recall a product once it is on the market.  There are only 11 banned chemicals in cosmetics in the United States, compared to The European Union’s 1,100! The legislation on cosmetics has not been revised since it was first included in 1938 because of a woman who was blinded by rat poisoning found in her mascara.  So, the companies that make cosmetics get to decide what goes in them.  They often use misleading words like “natural” or “organically made” when in fact there may only be 1 natural or organic ingredient in the entire product, leaving a lot of room for toxic chemicals.  We as consumers must be educated and aware of this, and know how to read labels to look for ingredients that are harmful to our health.  When we use several of these toxic products (even in small amounts) everyday, the toxins begin to build up in our bodies.  Our livers don’t filter them out like we might expect.  The Environmental Working Group did several studies on this which found these chemicals in umbilical cords, babies, teenagers, and adults.  So they’re even being passed on to our unborn children!

According to the Environmental Working Group’s studies, 34% of our country’s cosmetics contain carcinogenic chemicals, 25% contain reproductive or developmental toxicity, and 60% contain synthetic hormones that act like estrogen!  These toxic chemicals can seriously alter our health by damaging our immune systems and disrupting our endocrine systems.  They can alter our hormone levels, cause early onset of puberty, mental health issues, degenerative brain disease, weight gain, sensory impairment, immune dysfunction, testicular dysfunction, and more.  These toxic chemicals get into our systems and are food for pathogens such as infections, cancer, and parasites which make us sick and keep us sick.

So, what should you look out for?  Here is a list of the top 20 worst offenders from Dr. Trevor Cates, who is a renowned skin care expert.  You can read more about how each of these ingredients are specifically harmful here at Naturalnews.com.

  1. Fragrances/Parfum
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Ethanolamines
  4. Mineral Oils
  5. Oxybenzone
  6. Parabens
  7. Hydroquinone
  8. Coal Tar
  9. Toluene
  10. Butylated hyrdoxyanisole
  11. Triclosan and triclocarban
  12. Mica, silica, talc, and nonoparticled titanium dioxide
  13. Heavy Metals
  14. Carbon Black
  15. P-phenylenediamine
  16. Resorcinol
  17. Methylisothiazolinone
  18. Teflon
  19. Phenoxyethanol
  20. Acrylamide

Now, since we probably aren’t going to have all of these complicated names memorized when we go to the store or are shopping online, I like to use the apps Think Dirty and Skin Deep.  Both of these apps have large databases of thousands of different cosmetics and home products that we use on an every day basis.  They give you ratings of how bad the product is and tell you which chemicals are the most harmful in that particular product!  They take the work out of it for you, so all you have to do is simply type the item in or scan the barcode and you have instant access to crucial health information about it!  Pretty awesome!  You can also go to their websites on your computer and type it in there if you are not an avid app user.  I’ve found these apps to be very helpful.

Some of my favorite places to shop for clean beauty products are Whole Foods, The Detox Market, The Organic Pharmacy, Goop Clean Beauty Shop, Credo Beauty and The Organic Bunny Shop.   There are many more out there, these are just a few of the places I frequent.

I can’t finish this post without giving you a few of my favorite non-toxic beauty product recommendations!  The first is my favorite finishing matte powder by Jane Iredale.  This was one of the first non-toxic beauty products I tried, and was happy to find that this powder is just as good as the ones I was previously using that were full of aluminum!  (YIKES!  So bad for you! Watch out for your deodorants and any other powder-like cosmetics you use, they will most likely contain this.)  I was also wanting to find a great contouring shade because contouring is like, the most important step in the entire makeup routine, right?!  I searched around and was having trouble at first because everything was too bronzey.  This contour and highlight kit from Lily Lolo has the perfect shade for creating those shadows you want.  It’s an ashey, grey-brown instead of an orange-brown, which is exactly what you want when contouring.  This blush by Bella Pierre Cosmetics is great, too!  It has a really nice pigment to it, and it lasts all day.  My current favorite lipstick is by Burt’s Bees!  I’m in love with this nude color.  It’s so natural and pretty, and goes on so smoothly.  My favorite mascara, and trust me on this, I am a lashes freak, I’ve tried them all, is hands down W3ll People’s Expressionist Mascara!  You won’t find a better natural mascara that gives you fuller, longer, spider leg lashes like this one does!  I’ve also linked some of my other favorites that I use on the regular.

Have you made the switch to clean beauty products?  If so, what are some of your favorites and which brands do you love?  I’d be so happy to hear from you!  I hope this gave you some helpful insights into making the switch!

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