Happy October, babes!  It feels like fall has finally arrived!  We’ve got mums and pumpkins outside of our door, and the house is decorated in my favorite warm hues of the season.  This is the season I like to call “The Calm Before The Storm”.  Lol.  The holidays are always hectic for us!  We both have pretty big families, so there’s lots of get togethers!  Plus, we were married in December, so our anniversary is a few days before Christmas, making everything that much more busy!  So, this time of year is nice and relaxing!  I like to take in all of the cozy nights by the fire with Ryan and Barkley while I’ve got something stirring up in the crockpot.  🙂

Since we are in full swing of the fall season, I thought I would share my MUST HAVES for fall!  Every start of the season, I’m always asking myself, what are the things I really need to make this a fashionable one?  Haha.  I seriously do ask myself that.  (Do you think that’s weird?)  Which is why I’m here to share it all with you!  In case you haven’t asked yourself that question, I’ve got you covered!

To start off my must have list, I have linked a couple of mustard colored blouses.  This color is really trending this season, I can’t get enough of it!  You might think this color will not look good on you, I can tell you, you’re probably wrong!  It is a color that seriously anyone can and should wear.  Don’t be afraid!  I’ve linked my blouse I have on here and another that I love.

Next up is the plaid menswear blazer!  Menswear for women has been trending for some time now.  It’s bigger than ever!  Get yourself an over-sized, longer cut blazer in plaid, pair it with some jeans, boots, or mule slides, and you’ll be totally on point!  I’ve linked two of my favorites below.

My current favorite cut for denim is the cropped straight leg!  I love, love, love this trend!  It looks fantastic on any body type.  You don’t have to be a twig to wear straight leg jeans.  The cropped feature also give your shoes a chance to really shine!  You can wear these with boots, heels, pumps, sandals, flats, mules, everything looks great with them.  Plus, if you’re weary about the whole rolled-up hem trend so you’re not tucking your jeans into your booties still, this completely takes that issue out of the equation!  For my petite girls, check out Express, Abecrombie & Fitch, and J.Crew for lengths that work best for you! These are such a refreshing look after so many years of jeggings and skinny jeans.  Not that I don’t still rock skinny jeans all the time, but having a different, updated style in your closet will keep you looking fashion-forward!

Everyone loves a good sweater when it comes to fall weather.  How  many posts do you read about “can’t wait for sweater weather!”?  Like, everyday, right?  Well, I’ve linked some fun pompom sweater options!  Pompom sweaters are really having a moment right now.  The little pompom balls are super fun and add a little something different to your typical cable knit sweater!  They are so retro inspired, and make me think of ski bunnies on the slopes!  Super cute and cozy 🙂

You have to have some suede booties in your closet for fall!  My favorite suede booties are the neutral tones!  You can pair them with any other neutral tone, or vibrant color.  Don’t be scared!  Mix and match it up!  I’ve linked some cute ones with some fun details on them.

Speaking of suede, everybody has got to have a suede or leather moto jacket in their fall lineup!  This might be the biggest must have!  They’re perfect for cooler temps when it’s not freezing.  Put it over top of your sweater or blouse and you look instantly pulled together and on trend!  I have linked a few of my favorites.  I’m seeing a lot of colored suede moto jackets out right now.  I love it!  Don’t be afraid of color!  You can pair them with your neutral booties and you’ll look amazing!

Another major trend happening right now is the over-sized cardigan sweater.  Doesn’t get cozier than this, my friends!  These are perfect when the weather is too warm for a heavy jacket.  You can put them over a graphic tee, camisole, or blouse!  They’re great for going out because you can wear your cute little top, but grab the cardigan for when it gets cooler later in the evening!  I’ve linked two of my favorites below.

As for handbags, look for some with some glistening hardware!  My bag crush right now is definitely Chloe.  Those are on the much pricier end, but lots of other brands have caught on and are making look a-likes, like the one I’ve linked below by TOPSHOP.  Any kind of metal circular ring, clasp, fastener is what you’re looking for.  As for colors, we’re seeing a lot of yellows, dark reds, browns, minks, and other neutral tones like beige and grey.

And finally, my most fun item that I have linked below are hats that are currently trending!  I’m loving the caps by Brixton!  Both the conductor-like cap and the berets are huge this season!  If you’re like me and don’t like to do your hair EVERY day, get yourself a cute hat, and no one will ever know!  Except that I just told you guys, so when you see me with a hat on you’ll know I’m definitely on my second day hair, haha!

I hope you like my list of must haves!  Please leave me any questions or comments on your thoughts and what YOUR must haves for fall are!  Wishing you a wonderful week 🙂

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