Polka Dots Dresses


It’s so funny to me how our style and even our personalities can change so drastically over time.  If you would have asked me in high school or college if I would have worn polka dots or soft florals, the answer would have been a hard NO!  I remember shopping with my mom probably a few years ago even, and saying, “this is way too feminine for me”.  Haha!  Now, I’m all about the flowers and ruffles, polka dots and soft lace!  Who am I???  I think a lot of my personality has changed through years of my illnesses (and getting older).  It has definitely softened my heart.  I’m not angry anymore and I just want to find peace within myself and be able to give love and help others in the same or similar situations.  I find myself being extremely empathetic and emotional.  Just hearing about someone not being well or going through a hard time really effects me physically.  I can get sick from it!  I guess what I’m trying to say is that that softness has crossed over into my fashion taste, too!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love to rock a black leather moto jacket and boots from time to time.  It just doesn’t always reflect what’s going on inside 🙂

This dreamy little polka dot dress from Tularosa is one of my favorites of this season!  Polka dots are really trending right now! This dress came out at the end of summer and I think it can absolutely be worn in early fall, too.  The color is such a pretty, muted green, and the polka dots are more of a beige than a white, so it’s got a creamy, vintage vibe to it that I love!  It also has the trending ruffles on the sleeves making it all the more feminine.  It’s perfect for a date night or even a wedding!  I wore it out in NYC to see Hamilton, which was such an awesome show!  If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth checking out.  You learn some history, too!

I paired this dress with nude heels from Steve Madden which are so surprisingly comfortable!  I love these simple heels, they go with EVERYTHING!  They are also 35% off right now!

My bag is by Zac Posen.  I love the gold detail fastener.  It’s so simple and chic.  It also can be worn with pretty much everything!  I love pieces that you can use with multiple outfits.  It cuts down on your cost and saves space in your closet!  God knows I need that! 😀

I’ve linked this dress, shoes, and accessories below, as well as some other polka dot dresses I’m digging 🙂

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