Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

Good Monday to you! I hope you had a great weekend! I tried to get myself together this weekend. I get off track with my supplement protocols, my diet starts to slip, and I don’t get enough rest. It is stressful managing a chronic illness and trying to work, be social, and be a good wife and human all at the same time! It’s life though, so we gotta figure it out! I spent some time gathering recipes for the week, (crockpot ones to make life easier!) getting my protocols together, and trying to prioritize exercising and my health above all else! I needed the motivation and kick in the butt. We all do, sometimes!

I wanted to share this brand of handbags with you if you aren’t familiar! I’ve been a big fan of Melie Bianco bags for a while now. I first discovered them at Express. Express featured them as a “brand we love” on their site and they had so many cute styles! I then started shopping all of their bags directly on their website. I was so excited when they contacted me to feature a product here on my Instagram and blog!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

They make vegan bags! So, no animals are harmed in the process of creating these beautiful purses! That makes me feel so much better about it. I wish more companies would jump on board this train.

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

I love this bag I chose from their current collection! It has a bamboo handle which is super in style right now. Anything with that natural texture to it is so popular. I love the structured shape of it. Squares and circles are really in! This can be worn as a crossbody, too! It comes with a strap that is detachable. So, it has versatile looks which I appreciate!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

It’s a great size for going out when you want something that can fit all the essentials and a little bit more. It’s not heavy at all. I think it’s perfect for summer outfits and will transition really well into the fall !

Check out Melie Bianco’s website and take a look at all of their different styles if you’re looking for a great new bag for the summer or fall season ahead. They are really quality pieces. The vegan leather looks real and doesn’t have that fake leather smell or texture to it. As much as I love vegan leathers, sometimes they look so cheap and have a chemical smell to them. Not Melie Bianco!

You can use code HELLO40 for 40% off of your order!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

I’ve also linked some short suit sets that I love! These sets are so great for so many occasions. They’re so chic and also transition into fall well when it’s still warm, but can get cooler at night, so you have the your arms covered with the blazer. I love them!

I also must disclose that this bag was gifted to me. Any links that you use in this post do pay small comissions to me. I so appreciate your support and it helps me to continue this blog. I don’t promote anything here that I would not use and that I don’t love myself. You can always rest assured I will never do something just for the money! It’s not worth my time or yours and I take that into full consideration. I care about all of you and only want to help you find things that are quality and have value for you. Thanks so much!! 🙂

Fav Nordstrom Sale

Hey, guys! I hope you had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! I am in a bit of a food coma after yesterday’s cookout! So many delicious eats. I do always keep it healthy and paleo, though! But, I may have had a bite or two of dairy free salted caramel ice cream. Don’t tell my docs! Haha. It was just too delicious looking!

I only have a moment today, as we are headed out for the evening. We are going to see one of Ryan’s all-time favorite comedians, Eddie Izzard! He is a hilarious British, transvestite comedian that Ryan has always found humorous. I enjoy him, too! It should be a fun night.

But, before I head off, I wanted to share some of my favorite Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale finds with you! I might do a second post about this because there is so much great stuff and the sale is going on until June 2nd! So, you have time, but sale items always go SO FAST at Nordstrom, so I would get in while you can!

I linked some really cute summery tops by a lot of good brands that have great prices to begin with, so you’re getting them for a steal during the sale. I also linked a bunch of sandals that are super fun! The wedge trend is still so popular, so I made sure I included a lot of those. A lot of them are linked in black, but I wanted them to be shown in neutral or brown. So, just know that if you see something you like, it may come in a different color, you just need to click on it and see the color options. There is a really cute pair of ankle strap sandals that linked as white below, but they come in snakeskin which would be so cute with dresses or even jeans and a cute top for going out!

I also really love to take advantage of this sale for the handbags! Nordstrom has a lot of high end handbags and you can get them for a significantly lower price right now. I didn’t link many of the super expensive ones, (but they are on sale!), but I did link some of my favorites that are pricier but are on sale for a lot less. I personally love Marc Jacobs collection and also the more architectural handbags. You’ll find them all below!

Happy shopping! 🙂

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