Hey, friends! Hope you are having a great Friday! I am so excited because the Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access Sale starts today! The Public Access Sale runs through August 4th. You do NOT need to be a cardholder to shop this part of the sale! YAY!

I love the Anniversary Sale because so many amazing brands go on sale that usually don’t. We all love designer brands, but they come with heavier price tags, so now is the best time to grab some of those pricier items you love while they’re reduced! I’ve seen the season’s “it” boots and booties completely sell out during this sale and not come back for a long time if at all, so if you are a shoe girl, jump on this train!

The Anniversary Sale isn’t like other sales because it includes NEW fall items, and current summer items! So, we aren’t talking about last year’s styles that are picked over and have no sizes left. We are talking about the latest collections from favorite brands like Vince Camuto, J. Brand, ASTR The Label, Good American, Rebecca Minkoff, B.P., Leith, and so many, many more!

Some tips for shopping this sale:

  1. Make a list of things you want and need for the rest of the summer and for the fall! Are you looking for workwear, boots, coats, things for your kids for back to school, etc? Stick to your list so you don’t spend all your dough on things you don’t need!
  2. Do not let things sit in your cart! I don’t know how many times I have left things in my cart and continued shopping for a while, only to go back and find out that they’ve SOLD OUT in the meantime! Take advantage of Nordstrom’s free shipping and purchase right away!
  3. If you are unsure of sizing, grab two sizes! You don’t want to be left without the item you love and it’ll be gone by the time it arrives to you. So, get both sizes, and return the one that doesn’t fit. Nordstrom has quick, FREE, and EASY returns! There is no time limit on their returns either, so if you take over a month, you’ll still get your money back! They send you a return label to fill out and

I will be covering the sale and posting all of my picks in several different categories! You can see and find everything all in one place when you download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app! Click here for iPhone apps and here for Android. All you have to do is install it, search for me, click follow, and you’ll be able to see all of my favorite items from the sale!

Here are two of my favorite looks I purchased for myself:

BB Dakota faux leather jacket
This is my favorite sweater from the sale! It’s by ASTR the Label, which is one of my favorite brands and is on sale for under $50!

In this second look below, I am showing you how to transition a summer dress into a fall look! I took this snakeskin dress I got earlier in the season and layered it with this BB Dakota faux leather jacket and Sam Edelman boots, both from the sale! I love leather jackets like these because they are so versatile. You can wear it over a dress, with a skirt (would look super cute with a leopard or snakeskin midi skirt!), or jeans! These boots are a really popular trend this fall. We were seeing so many over-the-knee boots in the past couple of years, but now the slouchy, calf length boots are really trending! These ones from Sam Edelman are SO comfortable!

BB Dakota faux leather jacket

Here are some of my other favorite finds!





BEAUTY PRODUCTS AND SKINCARE: (some of my FAVORITE products are in the category, like the Dr. Dennis Gross Peels and the NuFace Facial Toning Kit! Those are two must-haves in my beauty arsenal! The peels help keep your skin looking fresh and glowy, and the Toning Kit helps keep skin firm and lifted!)

I’d love to hear from you as to what you are looking for so I can include it in my coverage! I’m here to help you, so make use of me! LOL! Feel free to leave a comment, or send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram!

Trending Button-Up Dress

Hey, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! We finished up Game of Thrones last night. It was an interesting ending to say the least! Ryan and I have been watching that show since the beginning of our relationship, so we were kind of sad to see it end. But, it was time. Any other GOT lovers out there?

On the fashion front, I wanted to share one of my favorite current trends: The Button-up Dress! I love this style of dress. It certainly has a vintage inspired look to it, as do most things these days. But, I like the different ways that they can be styled, and the different cuts and styles of these button-up dresses!

Trending Button-Up Dress

The one I’m wearing here by C/MEO Collective that I found at Shopbop.com is my favorite dressier version of the button-up dress. I am in love with puff sleeves, and anything with a square neckline! It’s reminiscent of the peasant tops we are seeing so much of, but folded into the button up dress! I just love the femininity of the puffy sleeve. It’s also so dramatic and makes a real statement. You are a true fashion lover if you are rocking the big puffy sleeves! 🙂

Trending Button-Up Dress

The other thing that is so great about this dress is that the material is very breathable. It’s made of cotton, but it is still an awesome dressier choice for a summer night out! I love the pocket detail, and how the buttons are made of a tortoise shell-like material. You can rock it with your favorite tortoise shell jewelry that is so popular right now, too! I’m wearing a pair of brown tortoise shell earrings that I don’t think you can see too well behind all the hair, but they’re there, haha!

Trending Button-Up Dress

I picked this nude heels to play off the colors of the buttons. I like how the straps wrap around the ankle. It just gives another interesting texture and look to the whole ensemble. I also chose this transparent bag with the bamboo handle. I like how it picks up the other natural materials in the outfit like the buttons, jewelry, and color of the shoes.

Trending Button-Up Dress

There are so many other cute styles of button-up dresses! I love the midi dresses with little straps, or short sleeves. I also really like the mini dress versions of this style! The fabrics are so light and breezy. The sleeveless overall styles are so cute, too! You could easily pair it with a little tee shirt or tank underneath. They would look so cute with a pair of sneakers or your favorite sandals! I would definitely wear them with an espadrille or platform sandal. So cute! They are so great for any kind of occasion. You could easily throw it on to run errands and still feel pulled together! Especially when it gets so hot out! Dresses are my go-to!

Trending Button-Up Dress

I’ve linked this dress and some of my other favorites all for under $200. Check them out! I’d love to hear which are your favorites! Have a fabulous start to your week! <3

Happy Saturday, everyone!!  I hope you had a good week and are getting to relax today! I’m taking it easy.  I have some strep throat that keeps hanging on so I’m trying to lay low and knock it out.  I’m thinking of making some of my favorite chicken pot pie soup for my friend, too.  Anything that helps me feel cozy and warm.  This chilly weather causes me to stay inside as much as possible!  

Days like today are when I don’t want to get out from under the covers!  I’m like “Nooooooo, don’t make me do it!!!!”  So, this little number right here, is perfect!  The pajama jumpsuit, guys.  Genius!  It looks and feels like pajamas, yet is socially acceptable to wear in public and yes, even to work!  The pajama trend has been happening for a while.  We’ve seen slip dresses, robe dresses, robe coats, slipper shoes, and now pajama jumpsuits are hot, too!

I love this one by 1901 that I found at Nordstrom!  It’s black and white, so you can do all sorts of accessories with this one.  You can make it flashy with some leopard or brightly colored shoes, like red, pink, green, yellow, whatever your heart desires.  You can add a fun bag of any kind!  You can wear some flashy earrings to jazz it up!  There’s a million different ways you can make this jumpsuit really stand out!  It is so comfortable, yet still looks so pulled together and cute.  This one comes in petite and regular sizes, so us shorter girls can wear it and still have the cropped length that’s so popular right now, too!

I kept things neutral with my outfit this time.  I like neutrals, they make it look chic and classy.  I chose my favorite nude suede pumps from Sam Edelman, and my little ZAC Zac Posen Earthette bag.  I’m also wearing some new linked hoop earrings from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Vanessa Mooney.  You can just throw a trench coat over this to keep yourself warm outdoors, and you’re set to go for any event – the office, meetings, you name it!  You’ll look like a classy chick in this one.

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories as well as some others at different price points as well.  Hope you love it!

It is really hard to come up with titles for these blog posts!  HAHA.  I hope I don’t lose readers just because the post names are super cheesy.  Just be aware that I know how embarrassing they are.  But, I still do it anyway 😀  How fun is it that we found this train during our photoshoot?!  It was just parked there, and I happened to be wearing overalls!  I was like, “It’s just waiting for me to be the conductor!!” Haha.  This was a funny shoot!

This has been one hell of a rough week over here!  I’ve been getting these sickness attacks since July.  We’ve worked with my Drs and health advisers for months on the possibilities.  I’ve tried so many different things.  The pain starts up in my sternum and the radiates through my back and down into my stomach, over by my liver and gallbladder with the worst nausea, pain, and vomitting.  Anyway, it got so bad (it’s actually been this bad, I just finally gave in) that I went to the ER on Monday.  The CT scan showed a thickness in my stomach at the bottom, so they think it is Gastritis caused by an ulcer or infection such as H. Pylori.  Funny, because I treated H. Pylori this summer when we figured that was probably the case.  Looks like I must have a nasty case of it.  Hopefully it is not an ulcer.  I have to go for further testing later.  Have any of you struggled with gastritis, H. Pylori, or stomach ulcers?  I’d love to hear your experiences!

On the fashion front, I’ve been so obsessed with corduroy lately!  I love it!  It’s such a great fabric for fall and a new fun texture to add to the wardrobe!  I used to have an awesome pair of cords from Abercrombie back in the day.  I wish I would have kept them because I would totally rock them again!  But, I’ve found a couple new corduroy pieces to share with you!

These overalls by Free People are so comfy and are perfect for running around in the chilly, rainy, fall weather!  The color is perfect for fall, too.  You can easily pair this with any other neutral color!  You could add a cardigan sweater over top when it gets cooler, a moto jacket in leather, suede, or knit, a rain jacket, pretty much anything goes with these bad boys!  I wore them on a warmer day, so I chose a ribbed off the shoulder top from Express that comes in a few different colors, and my favorite mules of the moment by Kristin Cavallari.  I love these mules!  They have gold studs all over them, so they add a little fun to any outfit!  I’m also wearing my favorite backpack from Rebecca Minkoff.  I use this bag all the time!  It’s so versatile and convenient.  It feels so casual and cool, yet polished and put together.  That’s my jam.

The second corduroy piece I am loving on is this adorable dress from Tularosa!  I love Tularosa!  They have such fun, vintage inspired, yet modern pieces in their collections.  This dress is a perfect example.  It has the puffy shoulder trend as well as a dramatic A-Line which makes it super feminine and flirty, too!  I love that the zipper in the front allows you to control how low you want the neckline to be.  Sometimes I order things and it’s like “WHOA, I can’t possibly walk around in public like this”.   Hahaha, no judgement, it just doesn’t look good on me to have my entire chest hanging out, LOL.  This dress is so soft and comfortable.  I paired it with some over the knee boots for cooler temps, and my favorite new bucket bag from TOPSHOP!  How adorable is this bag?  I love it because it looks really chic and designer like, but the price is great AND you can fit a lot of stuff in here!  It also has a little drawstring at the top, so your stuff inside is safe and secure and not falling out when you bend over (yes, this has happened to me too many times!).  Unfortunately, I just saw that this dress is SOLD OUT 🙁  Hopefully they will re-stock it, though!  But, never fear!  They have one exactly like it that is plaid and super adorable, too.  I’ve also linked some others that are very similar.

What is your favorite way to wear corduroy?  I’ve linked my these outfits here as well as some of my other favorites I have been eyeing!

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