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Hey, loves!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was a lot busier than I had anticipated, but that seems to be the trend in my life right now, haha.  That’s okay, though.  I’m happy to be feeling well enough to do more things. It doesn’t happen without it’s fair share of exhaustion the next day, but I try to get more rest and take a day to catch up afteward.  We had a spontaneous Saturday night, which was really fun!  We met up with one of our friends we hadn’t seen in over a year and got to explore Lawrenceville, which is an awesome part of Pittsburgh with all kinds of interesting boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, you name it!  I love how Pittsburgh is becoming such a foodie town!  There are so many cute places to find just about anything that your tastebuds are craving!  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, “Spoon” and followed up with a nightcap at “Acorn”.  Both are really awesome places for food and drinks if you’re looking for good spots in Pittsburgh!

While I was exploring around town, it was really chilly out, yet beautiful!  One of my favorite ways to make an outfit is by adding fun accessories.  When the temps drop, cute scarves are a must!  They help keep the chill out and make you look really pulled together and stylish, too!

There are so may ways that you can wear a scarf!  My favorite ways are to wrap it around my neck because I’m always freezing! I like to wear them over sweaters and dresses or under my coats and jackets.  I found a great article by a fellow blogger that shows you 9 Ways to Tie a Scarf!  Check it out if you’re always cluelessly wondering how people manage to get their scarves to look the way they do!  I was one of these people!  Lol.

In these two looks, I took some of my favorite basic tops, jeans, and boots, and added a scarf to tie the whole look together!  As you can see, the scarf matches at least one the colors of my basics, but it introduces other new colors, while still tying in the ones I’m wearing to begin with.  It doesn’t need to have a matching color at all!  You can definitely mix up  neutral tones with other neutrals or brighter colors and patterns.  You can do this with any of your clothing pieces, coats, jackets, sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses, hats, etc.  In the first look, my scarf is by BP.   It’s more of a blanket scarf.  It unfolds and is a large square, so you can wear it sooo many diferent ways!  The colors are all neutral, so you can wear this one with just about anything and it gives you all of the fall feels!  The second look is by Topshop.  It’s a heavier, chunky, classic scarf. I love the pastel colors that are so in style right now!  I think it’s so cool that it still incorporates a neutral tone with the camel and adds in two more colors to make it more exciting!  Here are the links to shop these particular outfits.  But, be sure to check out my Top 25 List below, too!

I’ve created a list below of some of my favorite on-trend and classic scarf looks!  We are seeing a lot of plaids and gingham this year, many with wider, bigger checks.  Faux fur and animal print are huge trends as I’ve already talked so much about recently.  Also, stripes and color blocks are really in this season, too!  I’ve compiled a list that has a lot of popular neutral tones that can go with just about anything, as well as some more colorful options for those who like to stand out! I’ve included a whole range of prices, but all under $50. There should be something for everyone here! Let me know what your favorites are! 🙂

Click on the images below to shop! Waiting for something to go on sale or just want to buy it later? Simply click the heart icon and enter your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (to shop products you favorite anytime from your inbox) and another e-mail when the price drops!

Friday is back!  Can you believe it’s November already?  November-December is crazy for us!  Ryan’s birthday is the 8th, then we take a little trip, then Thanksgiving, our Christmas concert, Anniversary trip to NYC, then all the family Christmas parties start, and then poof!  It’ll be 2019!  I love the holiday seasons, but they always come with stress for me.  I tend to overdo it in every aspect from the decorating to the gifts to over extending myself on parties…  by the time it’s over I’m afraid I’m going to have aged 20 years like Barack Obama did during his two terms of presidency!  Have you seen those memes comparing him when he started and when he finished?  Crazy!!  If you have any tips for lowering stress levels and finding time for rest in the holiday season, I would LOVE to hear about them! 🙂

A great staple for your holiday wardrobe is a faux suede or suede skirt!  Suede is really trending this season and we’re seeing it in so many fun colors, too!  I love a classy skirt and boots look for any holiday get together!  The suede brings such a great texture to the outfit and looks awesome with sweaters and blouses of all kinds!  If you don’t have tall or over-the-knee boots, you can always wear booties, too!  I live in PA, and it gets pretty freezing around here, so I will never say don’t wear tights with your skirts if it’s super cold out.  Keeping them dark is always a good idea, but I could see using ivory colored with some of these options, too.

I found this super cute suede skirt at Nordstrom!  I love the dark blackberry color.  It’s so perfect for fall and winter!  It’s by Blank NYC.  They have it in several different colors which I’ve linked below!  You really can’t go wrong with any of the colors.  They’re all so pretty.  It’s also really comfortable.  It definitely has a little stretch to it, so you don’t feel really zipped up and unable to breathe.  I could totally eat a Thanksgiving meal and still be comfy in this one!  I paired it with a classic ivory lace blouse, and my favorite over-the-knee boots.  It’s a great look for any kind of holiday party! I’ve found that it goes really well with several other sweaters I already have in my closet, too, making it so easy to wear again and again without repeating the same outfit.  I love a versatile piece like this!

I’ve linked this outfit along with several other suede and faux suede skirts of different sizes all under $100.  I’ve even included some cute blouses and sweaters that would go well with them, too!  If you are still on the hunt for some great over-the-knee boots, see this post for some of my favorites! What’s your go-to holiday party outfit?

Click on the images below to shop! Waiting for something to go on sale or just want to buy it later? Simply click the heart icon and enter your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (to shop products you favorite anytime from your inbox) and another e-mail when the price drops!

I love having my pup, Barkley, along with me for photoshoots!  He makes everything more fun!  Isn’t he adorable in his little acorn bandana?  Hahaha!  He brings us so much joy!  He’s the funniest little dog I’ve ever met and he is so cuddly.  He’s the perfect combination of lovable and playful!  We love him so much <3

Another great trend of this season is the wide leg pant!  There are so many ways you can style this trend.  You can wear them as suit pants with a blazer, with a cropped denim jacket, a little cami for a night out, a tee-shirt for a casual, cool look, or as seen here with a sweater tucked in!  I love wide leg pants because they are so elegant, but also so comfortable and trendy!

I found this pair of velour wide leg pants at Nordstrom by MOON RIVER.  They are soooo comfy!  They are seriously the softest pants I have ever owned.  This color is really on trend this season, too.  It’s perfect for fall!  I love the sash that ties at the waist, it adds a cute detail.  I paired it with a black turtleneck sweater for a classic look.  Black and camel/cognac brown is such a timeless color combination.  It’s chic and pulled together, but very modern at the same time.  I chose this adorable bucket bag by TOPSHOP.  I love the gold detailing on it.  It is a luxe-for-less pick!  I love that!  As for shoes, I went with my suede, black pumps (can’t go wrong there) and some gold hoops earrings for jewelry to top it off.

I linked this entire outfit and some other wide leg pants I’m loving.  What do you think about the wide leg pants trend?  Will you wear it?  Let me know in the comments below!  Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


It is really hard to come up with titles for these blog posts!  HAHA.  I hope I don’t lose readers just because the post names are super cheesy.  Just be aware that I know how embarrassing they are.  But, I still do it anyway 😀  How fun is it that we found this train during our photoshoot?!  It was just parked there, and I happened to be wearing overalls!  I was like, “It’s just waiting for me to be the conductor!!” Haha.  This was a funny shoot!

This has been one hell of a rough week over here!  I’ve been getting these sickness attacks since July.  We’ve worked with my Drs and health advisers for months on the possibilities.  I’ve tried so many different things.  The pain starts up in my sternum and the radiates through my back and down into my stomach, over by my liver and gallbladder with the worst nausea, pain, and vomitting.  Anyway, it got so bad (it’s actually been this bad, I just finally gave in) that I went to the ER on Monday.  The CT scan showed a thickness in my stomach at the bottom, so they think it is Gastritis caused by an ulcer or infection such as H. Pylori.  Funny, because I treated H. Pylori this summer when we figured that was probably the case.  Looks like I must have a nasty case of it.  Hopefully it is not an ulcer.  I have to go for further testing later.  Have any of you struggled with gastritis, H. Pylori, or stomach ulcers?  I’d love to hear your experiences!

On the fashion front, I’ve been so obsessed with corduroy lately!  I love it!  It’s such a great fabric for fall and a new fun texture to add to the wardrobe!  I used to have an awesome pair of cords from Abercrombie back in the day.  I wish I would have kept them because I would totally rock them again!  But, I’ve found a couple new corduroy pieces to share with you!

These overalls by Free People are so comfy and are perfect for running around in the chilly, rainy, fall weather!  The color is perfect for fall, too.  You can easily pair this with any other neutral color!  You could add a cardigan sweater over top when it gets cooler, a moto jacket in leather, suede, or knit, a rain jacket, pretty much anything goes with these bad boys!  I wore them on a warmer day, so I chose a ribbed off the shoulder top from Express that comes in a few different colors, and my favorite mules of the moment by Kristin Cavallari.  I love these mules!  They have gold studs all over them, so they add a little fun to any outfit!  I’m also wearing my favorite backpack from Rebecca Minkoff.  I use this bag all the time!  It’s so versatile and convenient.  It feels so casual and cool, yet polished and put together.  That’s my jam.

The second corduroy piece I am loving on is this adorable dress from Tularosa!  I love Tularosa!  They have such fun, vintage inspired, yet modern pieces in their collections.  This dress is a perfect example.  It has the puffy shoulder trend as well as a dramatic A-Line which makes it super feminine and flirty, too!  I love that the zipper in the front allows you to control how low you want the neckline to be.  Sometimes I order things and it’s like “WHOA, I can’t possibly walk around in public like this”.   Hahaha, no judgement, it just doesn’t look good on me to have my entire chest hanging out, LOL.  This dress is so soft and comfortable.  I paired it with some over the knee boots for cooler temps, and my favorite new bucket bag from TOPSHOP!  How adorable is this bag?  I love it because it looks really chic and designer like, but the price is great AND you can fit a lot of stuff in here!  It also has a little drawstring at the top, so your stuff inside is safe and secure and not falling out when you bend over (yes, this has happened to me too many times!).  Unfortunately, I just saw that this dress is SOLD OUT 🙁  Hopefully they will re-stock it, though!  But, never fear!  They have one exactly like it that is plaid and super adorable, too.  I’ve also linked some others that are very similar.

What is your favorite way to wear corduroy?  I’ve linked my these outfits here as well as some of my other favorites I have been eyeing!

Hey, friends!  How is your week going?  It’s been rainy and dreary here in Western, PA.  But, I kind of oddly like it, at least for a day.  It makes me feel like slowing down a bit, curling up with my hubs and puppy, and putting on a movie 🙂  We had a great weekend with Ryan’s family who was visiting from CA.  His cousin is getting married in PA this weekend, so everyone is coming in for the festivities!  Fun times!

As for what’s up on the fashion front… I couldn’t be more excited to see plaid skirts back in style!  I love the classy look and feel of a knit or wool plaid skirt.  It is such a cool weather classic that has been with us for decades, but really reminds me of my childhood in the 90s.  Who can forget Cher from Clueless who rocked this look better than anyone, or of course my beloved Britney Spears, haha!  But, really when I think of plaid skirts, I think of fall days, high socks, and saddle shoes 🙂

Plaid skirts really made a big splash last winter, too.  When I was looking for holiday outfits, every plaid skirt I searched for was just about all sold out!  They went FAST!  So, I made sure to snag one earlier this season.  Plaid skirts are perfect for holiday get togethers, they have a festive feel when you want them to and always look chic and classy.

I found this adorable one at Zara!  I love the zipper detail down the front and the cute belt buckles, too!  It is a great length – not too short!  The black and white checks make it so easy to style!  I went with a black turtleneck, also from Zara, with gold buttons on the sleeves that give it an extra fancy feel.  But, you could easily wear any color of sweater or blouse with this skirt!  I chose some above the knee boots from Amazon to make it feel all the more like an autumn outfit, but you could do any kind of heels, tights, flats, mules, open toes, it is very versatile.

As for accessories, I picked out a statement earring from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Ettika!  I love all their jewelry, it is so trendy, modern, and fun!  You can get 20% off on their website on any item using my code: DRESSWELLBEWELL 🙂 They have so many awesome styles of jewelry, I’m beyond excited to use this code myself! To give this outfit a little color, I picked this adorable red trunk bag from Zara, too!  I’m obsessed with this bag!  It’s the perfect size for all of your essentials and is just too cute.  It can go with so many different outfits.  I can’t wait to use it more this season!

I’ve linked this entire outfit for you below, and each piece is under $50!! YAY!! 🙂

How was everyone’s weekend?  I hope it was great!  I had a decent one.  I got to see one of my best friends and go out to dinner at a new spot!  I had some sick spells in there, but I managed to get a fair amount of sleep and still get some things accomplished, so I call that a win!  I am doing treatments right now for the various pathogens I still have in my body since my immune system has been pretty much dead for the last decade.  I had a very successful Lyme disease treatment this time last year which I will write more about later, and since then I have majorly improved in many areas, but other things are still pretty bad, or even worse.  So, I still have work to do on my health, which I am extremely dedicated and determined to do. I’m getting there! I’m working on viruses like the mono virus that linger in your system after exposure and can cause great amounts of damage.  It can reactivate when your body is weakened like mine has been and wreak havoc.  I have it going on in really high levels right now.  So, I have the symptoms of having mono all the time, but I am not contagious.  It’s at a different stage where it is not contagious, thankfully!  So, the treatments I do often make me sick because my liver will get overloaded with toxic die off from trying to eliminate the viruses and other pathogens.  That makes me so sick to my stomach, causes me to be up all night in pain, and then my sleep schedule gets totally thrown off and I’m one hot mess.  But, we are making progress and I know that this won’t last forever!

As for my “secret”… I discovered this brand a few years ago, and have been in love with them ever since!  It was before they even hit the major stores.  I was honestly kind of sad when I saw they were available in all the stores because my secret was out!  Haha.  But since I have this blog now, I can’t keep my secrets from you guys!  I gotta spill the beans on all the goods!  So, if you haven’t already been introduced by now, this lovely little dress is by Misa Los Angeles.  I love Misa Los Angeles’ feminine, bohemian, exotic, and modern style.  The garments are designed with the world traveling woman in mind.  Their pieces can take you all over the globe in style!  I always feel so amazing wearing their clothes, it’s definitely a special experience!

I am on cloud nine in this dress!  The color!  Can we talk about how beautiful this color is?!  Jewel tones are really back this season.  I am excited for that because jewel tones look amazing on every skin color!  I have a hard time with the pastel and blush tones because I feel really washed out unless I pour on the bronzer!  But, this rich, deep, emerald looks amazing on anyone.  I love the layered ruffles, they are so feminine and flirtatious.  The silhouette helps any of us who are less curvaceous to appear more so.  I can’t get enough fit and flares in my life!  The bottom is embellished with gold grommet pieces to give it extra flair!  This dress is so effortless and can be worn for so many occasions. I will probably have this in my closet FOREVER.

So now you know my secret go-to brand whenever I’m in need of something special.  I feel like now you should tell me a secret!  😀  It’s only fair! What is your go-to designer or brand for a special occasion?

I gotta tell you guys… doing these photos for the fall outfits has really been rough!! Lol.  It’s been about 90 degrees or hotter here in the Pittsburgh area almost every day for a while now!  I have been sweating bullets and leaving these shoots completely dehydrated, haha!  I swear it felt like my face was melting off.  I can’t WAIT for it to cool down a bit.  Just a bit.

One of my favorite trends right now is the sweetheart top!  It’s actually always been a favorite of mine because I love the way it showcases the collarbone!  I think they are so sexy without being too sexy.  Does that make sense?  Similar to showing off your ankles… almost 😀

I love this sweetheart top by Lioness!  The crushed velvet floral pattern is so romantic.  I like the way it buttons all the way up the front and on the sleeves.  The puffy shoulders are also really on trend!  It reminds me of what women used to wear with long, full skirts and petticoats back in the early 1900’s.  I adore the vintage vibe!

I paired this with my current favorite TOPSHOP jeans and black stiletto heals that I got from Amazon last year.  But, I’m linking a pair very similar for you as well as some other of my favorite sweetheart tops!


I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day!  It was really hot here in PA!  We took our dog to the dog park and realized when no one else was there that it was probably irresponsible of us as fur parents to have him out in heat like that!  We didn’t stay long.  Only one other pup came to play and he bathed in the communal doggie tub most of the time.  Our dog, Barkley, is afraid of the water, so he just ran around in the mud and then jumped all over my white jeans!  My mistake for wearing white jeans to the dog park!  What was I thinking?

I had the pleasure again of having my hubby show up for this photoshoot!  I love when he comes!  He is so helpful but also relaxes me a bit.  The most natural smiling shots are the ones with him in it.  We did not even plan this red, white, and blue ensemble!  He just happened to be wearing it to work that day and when he showed up I had this red outfit on, so we ran with it!  Perfect timing for Labor Day!

A major trend in dresses right now that I’m really obsessed with is the blazer dress!  I love the blazer dress so much because it is still a fun, flirty dress with a bit of extra class and sophistication!  It instantly makes me feel like a #bossbabe.  Women are having such a huge moment in time.  I think the blazer dress is a major reflection of our rising power! This one from Leith is actually a romper, but it wraps across in the front making it look like a dress.  I love the big belt across the front, it totally gives it an 80’s vibe!  It’s also really comfortable because it drapes in the front as opposed to having tight buttons, and it has an elastic waistline under the belt.

Because the romper is really loud itself, I kept the shoes and bag neutral.  If you wanted to, you could totally pair it with a fun bag like a leopard print to make an even bolder statement, though!  It’s all about how you like to express yourself 🙂

I’ve linked this romper, accessories and a few other blazer dresses that I love!

This one is for all my homies dying to get into fall fashion!  My first true autumn look.  One of my favorite things to do with clothes is to mix different textures and patterns.  It makes everything look so interesting and gives it depth and dimension.  When I think of fall, I always think of leather and plaid!  Who doesn’t have a favorite fall flannel, plaid accent home pieces for Thanksgiving, a leather moto jacket, or favorite leather boots they love to pull out when the cooler temps hit, am I right?

When I saw this top by Lovers + Friends, I had to have it! I love the deep, rich colors, and the fact that it is a surplice top (it overlays in the front).  It reminds me of the plaid pants my mom used to wear (and put me in, too) back in the 90s, with penny loafers, of course!  No one ever made fun of me and my fancy penny loafers, LOL!  It’s really lightweight and silky, so it’s perfect when the weather hasn’t quite hit full on sweater season.  It can always be worn with denim and a long cardigan or mini jacket when it gets colder.  But for now, it’s perfect paired with a (faux) leather mini skirt for a fun night out!

This skirt by Lovers + Friends is super cute with the zipper details and snake skin texture!  I’m thinking ahead to pairing it with an oversized ivory sweater, or black turtleneck top with boots!  It is really versatile.  It’ll be great for the holiday season, too!  Am I the only person who immediately has the holidays on their mind when September hits?  I’m a total freak when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas!  Let the countdown begin! 😀

As for more added texture to this outfit, I chose a suede block heel.  I love to wear suede when I am wearing other leathers, faux or not, because it adds another element to the outfit.   I don’t think leather on leather is bad at all, I just think you have to be careful not to overdo it.  Too much of it can start to look harsh.  Suede shoes with a leather skirt, pants, or shorts is always a safe bet!

Unfortunately, this skirt is currently sold out, but I have hopes that they will bring it back in stock!  I’ve also seen this top paired with black leather paper bag shorts, which I will linked below, along with a much more affordable faux version that will likely also be back in stock, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re into those.  I’ve also linked another leather mini if you like that look, too!

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