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Sometimes, you just feel like wearing black on black on black, you hear me?  Lol.  It’s a feeling that you get.  Not a bad one, just a day that calls for all black!  🙂

What are your plans this weekend?  Tonight we are attending a fundraiser in Pittsburgh for Women’s Dress for Success!  It’s a wonderful charity that provides women who can’t afford a new suit or attire for a job interview with clothes that will make them look professional and land that job!  You’d be surprised how dressing for the job you really want can effect your chances!  Plus, it helps boost your confidence and make you feel even more capable of nailing that interview like a boss!  Can’t wait to find out more tonight!

I think every woman’s wardrobe should consistent of at least one LBD (little black dress for those you new to this whole thing).  You always want to have one on hand that a) FITS you well, even if you were to gain or lose a few, b) is not overly trendy so that it can be worn for more than one season if need be c) could be dressed up or dressed down (throw a blazer or sweater over it for day while wearing flats, take it off for dinner and drinks and add heels from the back of your car, that’s what I do, haha!), and d) looks classy enough for proper occasions but sexy enough for date night with the right shoes and accessories!

I found this really cute LBD from TOPSHOP!  It is soooo comfortable!  It has an elastic waist only at the back that draws it in, so no zippers that you have to stuff yourself into and then can’t breathe or eat all night.  Victory!  I love that it has a nice v-neckline, so it elongates your neck and you can wear some pretty necklaces to accessorize this look.  The length isn’t too short or too long.  The fabric is so silky and smooth!  It’s perfect for a romantic date night.  I love the balloon sleeve accents to give it a more fashion forward and trending look!

I paired this with some peep-toe suede booties that I’ve had in my closet for a while now.  I love the look of booties with a dress.  I also chose my favorite TOPSHOP bucket bag.  The gold detailing really dresses things up.  I went with my favorite coin necklaces to match the bag, and my go-to gold hoop earrings!

I’ve compiled a list of other really cute LBDs for $100 (I think there is only one that is $100), and less!  I’ve also linked everything I am wearing in these photos, too!  Be sure to click the arrow on the right side of the product widget to see all of the dresses that I linked!  Happy shopping! Where do you like to wear LBDs?  Do you have a go-to brand for dresses?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

Click on the images below to shop! Waiting for something to go on sale or just want to buy it later? Simply click the heart icon and enter your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (to shop products you favorite anytime from your inbox) and another e-mail when the price drops!

Alright ladies, I am a HUGE fan of this one! I think you either LOVE IT or HATE IT, but animal print is sooo hot right now!  Sorry, I love Zoolander.  I picture myself at 85 years old (which is a pretty steep assumption that I’ll make it that long, lol) decked out in animal print, sequins, and wearing allll of my rings at once!  But until then, I am going to try to do animal print at chicly as possible.  Is chicly a word?

You can wear animal prints in so many ways.  If you aren’t so bold but want to try it, try doing an animal print clutch, like a leopard, snakeskin, or cheetah print!  You can also do a shoe, like a mule slide or even a stiletto heal!  Think of animal print as a neutral!  It can go with any color, really! It of course looks great with black, brown, white or ivory, but you can definitely pair it with reds, purples, pinks, greens, the list goes on.  It can even go well with stripes if you’re into mixing prints!

I love this top by House of Harlow 1960.  Everyone remember Nicole Richie?  Well, you may have thought that she dropped off the face of the Earth, but she has actually been very busy since her Simple Life reality show days.  She is the creator and business woman behind the brand “House of Harlow 1960”.  She started out with jewelry and now has a full clothing line as well.  It is super vintage and really fun, just like her! Not that she’s vintage, just that she likes to dress that way, haha! This leopard print top is a cute take on an off the shoulder boho blouse.  I love the overlay on the top, and the cute cinched-in bell sleeves.  It is actually a bodysuit, which works for looking less disheveled so you don’t have to constantly be doing the tuck-in.  It’s really silky and flowy and is perfect for a fun night out with the girls or date night!

I love this top with a pair of high waisted jeans to accentuate the smallest point of your natural waistline, and some super high stilettos to make your legs all the longer!  I added a belt for a little dressier vibe as I plan to wear this out in the evening.

I’ve linked this top, the rest of my outfit, and some other fun tops I like below!


I was reading a fashion article not too long ago where a male stylist said something to the effect of “rompers are for babies, and no woman over the age of 4 should be wearing them.”  If you ask me, he’s just jealous because he would get weird looks if he wore one, and we look better in them!  I LOVE rompers!  I have dozens of them.  They make getting dressed such a freaking breeze.  All you gotta do is manage to get your underwear on and slip into one of these and you immediately look put together.  I like that.  Anything that takes the planning and over thinking out of the equation works for me!

I love rompers with long sleeves because everyone has their ACs cranked up so high in the summertime.  I freeze everywhere we go!  Plus, they transition well into the warmer weeks of fall.  This one is by Cupcakes & Cashmere.  I love its boho, breezy style.  I paired it with some Sam Edelman strappy sandals which are so comfortable, and my favorite Ellen & James straw bag.  These bags were huge this spring and summer!  I had to order directly from Ellen & James in Australia because all of the US vendors were sold out of this particular one.  But, there are so many fun Ellen & James bags still available!  I don’t see these bags or rompers for that matter, going away anytime soon! 🙂  Click on the pictures below to shop this look!

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