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Hey, loves!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was a lot busier than I had anticipated, but that seems to be the trend in my life right now, haha.  That’s okay, though.  I’m happy to be feeling well enough to do more things. It doesn’t happen without it’s fair share of exhaustion the next day, but I try to get more rest and take a day to catch up afteward.  We had a spontaneous Saturday night, which was really fun!  We met up with one of our friends we hadn’t seen in over a year and got to explore Lawrenceville, which is an awesome part of Pittsburgh with all kinds of interesting boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, you name it!  I love how Pittsburgh is becoming such a foodie town!  There are so many cute places to find just about anything that your tastebuds are craving!  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, “Spoon” and followed up with a nightcap at “Acorn”.  Both are really awesome places for food and drinks if you’re looking for good spots in Pittsburgh!

While I was exploring around town, it was really chilly out, yet beautiful!  One of my favorite ways to make an outfit is by adding fun accessories.  When the temps drop, cute scarves are a must!  They help keep the chill out and make you look really pulled together and stylish, too!

There are so may ways that you can wear a scarf!  My favorite ways are to wrap it around my neck because I’m always freezing! I like to wear them over sweaters and dresses or under my coats and jackets.  I found a great article by a fellow blogger that shows you 9 Ways to Tie a Scarf!  Check it out if you’re always cluelessly wondering how people manage to get their scarves to look the way they do!  I was one of these people!  Lol.

In these two looks, I took some of my favorite basic tops, jeans, and boots, and added a scarf to tie the whole look together!  As you can see, the scarf matches at least one the colors of my basics, but it introduces other new colors, while still tying in the ones I’m wearing to begin with.  It doesn’t need to have a matching color at all!  You can definitely mix up  neutral tones with other neutrals or brighter colors and patterns.  You can do this with any of your clothing pieces, coats, jackets, sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses, hats, etc.  In the first look, my scarf is by BP.   It’s more of a blanket scarf.  It unfolds and is a large square, so you can wear it sooo many diferent ways!  The colors are all neutral, so you can wear this one with just about anything and it gives you all of the fall feels!  The second look is by Topshop.  It’s a heavier, chunky, classic scarf. I love the pastel colors that are so in style right now!  I think it’s so cool that it still incorporates a neutral tone with the camel and adds in two more colors to make it more exciting!  Here are the links to shop these particular outfits.  But, be sure to check out my Top 25 List below, too!

I’ve created a list below of some of my favorite on-trend and classic scarf looks!  We are seeing a lot of plaids and gingham this year, many with wider, bigger checks.  Faux fur and animal print are huge trends as I’ve already talked so much about recently.  Also, stripes and color blocks are really in this season, too!  I’ve compiled a list that has a lot of popular neutral tones that can go with just about anything, as well as some more colorful options for those who like to stand out! I’ve included a whole range of prices, but all under $50. There should be something for everyone here! Let me know what your favorites are! 🙂

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Friday is back!  Can you believe it’s November already?  November-December is crazy for us!  Ryan’s birthday is the 8th, then we take a little trip, then Thanksgiving, our Christmas concert, Anniversary trip to NYC, then all the family Christmas parties start, and then poof!  It’ll be 2019!  I love the holiday seasons, but they always come with stress for me.  I tend to overdo it in every aspect from the decorating to the gifts to over extending myself on parties…  by the time it’s over I’m afraid I’m going to have aged 20 years like Barack Obama did during his two terms of presidency!  Have you seen those memes comparing him when he started and when he finished?  Crazy!!  If you have any tips for lowering stress levels and finding time for rest in the holiday season, I would LOVE to hear about them! 🙂

A great staple for your holiday wardrobe is a faux suede or suede skirt!  Suede is really trending this season and we’re seeing it in so many fun colors, too!  I love a classy skirt and boots look for any holiday get together!  The suede brings such a great texture to the outfit and looks awesome with sweaters and blouses of all kinds!  If you don’t have tall or over-the-knee boots, you can always wear booties, too!  I live in PA, and it gets pretty freezing around here, so I will never say don’t wear tights with your skirts if it’s super cold out.  Keeping them dark is always a good idea, but I could see using ivory colored with some of these options, too.

I found this super cute suede skirt at Nordstrom!  I love the dark blackberry color.  It’s so perfect for fall and winter!  It’s by Blank NYC.  They have it in several different colors which I’ve linked below!  You really can’t go wrong with any of the colors.  They’re all so pretty.  It’s also really comfortable.  It definitely has a little stretch to it, so you don’t feel really zipped up and unable to breathe.  I could totally eat a Thanksgiving meal and still be comfy in this one!  I paired it with a classic ivory lace blouse, and my favorite over-the-knee boots.  It’s a great look for any kind of holiday party! I’ve found that it goes really well with several other sweaters I already have in my closet, too, making it so easy to wear again and again without repeating the same outfit.  I love a versatile piece like this!

I’ve linked this outfit along with several other suede and faux suede skirts of different sizes all under $100.  I’ve even included some cute blouses and sweaters that would go well with them, too!  If you are still on the hunt for some great over-the-knee boots, see this post for some of my favorites! What’s your go-to holiday party outfit?

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Hey loves, how was your weekend?  I hope it was great!  Ours was okay until Saturday morning.  We were on our way into the city, (Pittsburgh) when we heard about a mass shooting in Squirrel Hill, not far from where we were.  A man entered a synagogue and killed eleven people and injured many more including police officers at a child’s naming service.  It is so heartbreaking how this violence never ends.  It’s just so senseless.  How people carry such hate in their hearts for people who are different from them is beyond me.  I’m sure this man had mental illness.  But, that doesn’t excuse all the actions by himself and others that took place to lead up to these murders.  I wish we as a country would learn to love and celebrate differences in each other.  We have drawn such large lines of division between sides of religion, politics, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.  I’m just saying… maybe if we put love at the forefront, we would see things differently.  A change needs to be made.

Speaking of love, (always gotta bring it back to the fashion! haha!), I am really falling hard for blazers this season!  There are so many amazing styles and patterns out right now, it’s so hard to choose!  I love blazers for so many reasons.  First, they make great layering pieces, perfect for chilly fall weather.  You can throw them over a cami when it’s warmer, a shirt, a sweater, a bodysuit, so many options!  They can also take you from work to dinner & drinks with your girls!  I dig the versatility.  You can throw it over a tee-shirt and look totally pulled together to go run errands or pick up your kids.  No one is going to think you just rolled out of bed if you have a blazer on!  I also love the feeling I have when I put on a blazer.  It’s an instant boost of confidence and makes me feel like a true boss!  Everyone takes someone in a blazer a little more seriously… I mean, think about it.  Right??  I like how it also makes you feel business sexy!  Like, “yeah I’m wearing this blazer and I’m totally in charge, but I also look really fine at the same time”, haha!  Who doesn’t love a woman in a business suit?  Hotness.

This season, we are seeing a lot of menswear, blazers included.  A lot of the cuts we right now are more boxy.  Many of them are called “boyfriend blazers”.   They are longer and less fitted, more like the 90’s.  Everything always comes back around!  This one from Revolve is also really 90’s inspired. It’s not as long as some of the boyfriend blazers, but it still has the vintage vibe to it.  It’s by “About Us” and is currently on sale! (Originally $198, now $119!) I love the vibrant purple.  It totally takes me back to the 90’s when I had a favorite shirt that was this color from “Esprit”!  I used to love that store.  I paired it with some vintage denim from “Topshop” and a white cami from “J. Crew” for a fresh look.  You could definitely wear it with a skirt or dress pants for work, or even over a dress!  That would be very cute!  I picked my favorite nude heels from “Steve Madden” and crossbody by “Zac by Zac Posen”.  Purple always looks great with any kind of metal, but I picked my favorite gold coin necklaces and gold hoops.

I’ve linked this outfit as well as my other favorite blazers in a large range of prices, but all under $150 for you below!  Which are your favorites?  Comment below!  Happy Shopping 🙂

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Happy Monday, beauties!!  How was your weekend?  We had a nice one here.  It was chilly, though.  I did however get to rock my new favorite faux fur teddy bear jacket you see here!  I’m totally obsessed with these jackets!  Faux fur is seriously my favorite thing right now.  I don’t want to wear anything else!  Haha.  No joke.  It’s my fleece or my fur!  I don’t know why but this colder weather is really affecting me.  I can’t stay warm!  I just have to bundle up so much.  I had the fire going this weekend, and hot tea in hand, too!  Nothing is more snuggly than some faux fur jackets, though!  I’ve picked 15 of my favorite ones under $200 that are out right now!  It’s sooooo hard to decide between them, but here you go 😀  I’ve put them into categories with the links to each one below.


As we all know, blush, beigey tones have been trending for a while now.  But how lush and dreamy do they look in a faux fur?  I can’t get enough!  I finally decided on this one by Bardot that I found at Revolve.  I seriously ordered 3 others so I could try them all on, and it was a hard decision, but this is where I landed, lol.  I also love this one below by BLANK NYC!  I love the faux leather, snaps, and buckle detailing on this.  It gives it a bit of a moto jacket edginess.  But, the soft plushness of the faux fur and the beautiful pink color make it so feminine at the same time!  There’s another just like it also by BLANKNYC that’s a little more of a teddy bear texture that I linked as well.  I couldn’t help myself!  The final jacket in the blush tones category is from Antrhopologie!  This one is so pretty.  I love that it’s vintage looking with the chevron lace embroidery up top.  The color is more of a mauve.  It’s so pretty for fall.  You can wear it with jeans, it’s definitely a more casual faux fur.  Obsessed!

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You can’t have a list of faux furs without the gorgeous tan and brown colors that are so lovely for fall!  They go with absolutely EVERYTHING!  These first two are very similar.  They’re both a creamy camel color.  I like that they are a bit longer giving you some added warmth.  The first is by Free People, one of my all-time favorite brands!  It has more of a teddy bear texture to it.  The second one by H&M is more of a plush fur.  They’re both slightly over-sized which is a huge trend right now.  We are drifting away from the fitted coats and going more towards the larger, exaggerated fits.  The third one is by Free People.  I love this deep cognac color!  It is just so beautiful for fall.  The cropped cut is so cute and would look awesome with jeans, skirts, or a dress!  It looks so snuggly!  The next one is by Kensie, another great brand you can find at Nordstrom.  It has the trendy teddy bear texture to it also, and is such a pretty, muted brown color.  I love the big collar and the fact that it’s a little longer, too.  The last one in this category is by GAP!  It’s hooded which is amazing!  I love a hood for when it’s so cold your ears hurt!  This one is so cute and will really feel like you’re cuddling with your old teddy bear.  You could throw some ears on and wear this as your Halloween costume!! LOL!

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There is nothing much more elegant than a black faux fur jacket!  I love how chic they look with everything!  The first one I linked is by Kristen Blake and can be found at Nordstrom.  I love the cropped, boxy fit of this jacket.  It also has flared bell sleeves!  So cute.  The second one linked here is by Na Kd.  It has a cute looped, fur-like texture to it.  It’s also cropped with pockets and hook-and-eye closures.  It’s a really similar look to the blush tone jacket I’m wearing above.  Lastly, I love this plush cropped jacket from Express.  I adore the big collar!  It’s so chic over a dress or with jeans.  It’s perfect for parties and nights out on the town!

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This last group aren’t all similar, so I bunched them together.  I love this first jacket by ATSR the Label that I found at Revolve.  Ivory is so pretty in the fall and winter months, and I love the fact that it’s an oversized moto jacket style!  I love the juxtapose of the pretty ivory color with the edginess of a biker jacket!  The next jacket by Greylin I found at Anthropologie!  I adore this one!  The fluffy texture is so cute, and I love the soft, grey color.  It’s a great piece to have to throw on over camis or dresses.  This next color-blocked jacket by j.o.a. is so adorable!  The tan, maroon, and emerald tones are so perfect for fall!  I love the teddy bear texture and the fact that it zips up!  This would be a staple in my fall wardrobe!  Next is the ever popular leopard faux fur jacket by BB Dakota!  You can find leopard print faux fur coats EVERYWHERE!  I thought this one was particularly cute and you can’t beat this price!  I love that it’s longer and the pattern is more spaced out and a little more muted than some I have seen.  Finally, I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous emerald jewel toned faux fur jacket from Yumi Kim for a while now.  The color is just stunning!  It looks so regal and elegant.  I would love to wear this over a dress to the Met or somewhere fabulous! 😀

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I hope you have found a jacket here that you can’t live without!  Faux fur has never been bigger than it is this season!  It’s my absolute favorite thing.  So, I kinda lied when I said “15 favorite” because this list ended up being 17 after all! LOL!  I couldn’t cut the last two out, they are all just so good!  Please let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! 🙂

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Happy Friday, babes!  We made it through!  What are your weekend plans?  We are heading out for a date night tonight and trying a new local restaurant called “Cala Lilly’s” in Gibsonia.  Pretty excited!  Tomorrow we have a bonfire at the neighbors’ house, WHICH is a perfect opportunity to wear my new favorite fleece!  I seriously can’t take this thing off!  Lol!

You have probably seen these sherpa fleeces all over the place.  I am maybe one of the last to jump on this trend, unfortunately.  I just wasn’t seeing what the big deal was?!  Then, I found this one on sale, and I thought it looked comfy, so I tried it out.  Well, like I said before, I don’t want to take it off!  It’s so cozy and warm!  The temps have fallen a lot here and I’m back to freezing all day, every day!  So, I’m really pleased with this purchase.  I found this awesome sherpa pullover at Express during their 40% off sale.  They have sales ALL THE TIME.  So, if you don’t want to pay full price, or don’t have a coupon code, just click the heart on the picture of this fleece below, enter your email, and you will get an email when it goes on sale, which I promise you will not be long.  Anyway, I love that this one is cut slightly higher in the front, and longer in the back.  It’s trendy and comfy!  The fleece is so fluffy and soft.  The soft grey color is really pretty, too.  I wasn’t much into them before because I like to dress up a little more when I go out.  But, you can still look cute in comfy clothes!  You don’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed while you’re wearing a cozy fleece.  Here’s how…

When styling a fleece such as this, you want to be comfortable, but still look stylish and put together.  My three trendy tips to do this are to pair it with some NICE leggings, a fresh pair of cute sneakers, and a chic crossbody.  I’m not talking about your old leggings in the back of the drawer with little fuzzy balls all over them because you’ve washed and worn them a million times! Lol.  We ALL have those!  Save those for lounging around the house.  I would suggest if you’re going to rock leggings in public that you invest in some nice ones, such as a pair of faux leather ones like I’m wearing here.  These are from Spanx.  They are so comfortable and look so chic.  You can wear them with sweaters and blazers and other dressier layered pieces and heels, too, so you’re getting more for your money.  They make this fleece look like you put a little more time and effort into looking nice, and they give it a nice bit of edginess, too!  Another legging option I like to style fleeces with is camo!  Camo is totally trending right now, and you can find some cute camo leggings just about anywhere right now.  They make this look a little more interesting than your regular old leggings.  Camo is like a neutral, so you can pair it with any of these neutral toned fleeces and it will look great!

As for footwear for these outfits, I love a cute pair of sneakers.  My current favorite are slip ons, simply because of the ease of getting them on and off.  I am always running late, so anything I can do to save time is a huge help for me!  I love this pair of suede ones I found at Nordstrom last spring.  I found the same pair now at Nordstrom Rack for less and linked them below!  I’ve also included some other cute slip on and lace-up sneakers that would go great with the faux leather leggings and the camo leggings.

Lastly, a nice crossbody in a solid tone makes this outfit look even more casual-chic!  I love this bag by Marc Jacobs.  It is the perfect size for everything I need and possibly a little more (who knows what you’re going to pick up while you’re out running around, right?!).  It has cute zipper and pocket detailing.  It looks great with casual outfits and dressier ones, too!  I love versatile pieces like this!  I’ve linked it below and another really nice black crossbody at a lower price, too.

I hope this helps you to feel more confident rocking your comfy clothes out on the town. Top this look off with your favorite pair of sunnies and you are set! I’ve linked this outfit, my other favorite fleeces (all under $100), and different leggings, sneakers, and a bag at different price points below.  Stay warm this weekend, my friends 🙂

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Hey, babes!  Hope your Monday is treating you right!  I don’t know about where you live, but here in PA, the weather seems to officially changed over to fall… It could always swing the other way, it is Western PA, afterall!  But, when the cold weather hits I bundle up like nobody’s business.  This always includes BOOTS!
I know all of you know about OTK boots!  AKA Over the Knee Boots!  They’re everywhere!  They’ve remained a staple this season after having a huge run last year, too.  So, if you haven’t yet, you should probably get your hands on some of these trendy boots!
My favorite way to wear them is with a skirt or dress.  They’re like wearing tights almost!  I can’t seem to do short dresses in the colder months without them.  They look great with almost any dress.  It doesn’t need to be short.  You can wear them with dresses that are longer, too, like a flowy maxi dress that has a bit of a slit!  I love wearing them with skirts as well.  A plaid skirt with OTK boots is my fall/winter staple for dressier holiday occasions!  You can also wear these with jeans as I did in these photos.  Just like you used to do with your knee high boots, you can pop these boots on over skinny jeans, throw on a sweater, blouse, and/or jacket and look really put together 🙂
In this pic, I’m wearing my new favorite OTK boots from Goodnight Macaroon!  They come in 3 colors, grey, tan, and black.  They are all 40% off right now!  They do stay up really well on your legs, even if you have tiny legs!  They’ve never slouched down on me below the knee.  They’re also very comfortable.  The toe area has plenty of room and the heel is blocky so you don’t have too much pressure on your toes all day.  They’re nice and soft, too!
I linked the three colors of the Goodnight Macaroon Boots first, followed by some other boots at different price points and in different colors that I love as well!  I’ve also linked the outfit I’m wearing here and some similar tops and handbags.
What do you think of the OTK boot trend?  Will you be wearing it this year?  Let me know in the comments!
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Happy Saturday, everyone!!  I hope you had a good week and are getting to relax today! I’m taking it easy.  I have some strep throat that keeps hanging on so I’m trying to lay low and knock it out.  I’m thinking of making some of my favorite chicken pot pie soup for my friend, too.  Anything that helps me feel cozy and warm.  This chilly weather causes me to stay inside as much as possible!  

Days like today are when I don’t want to get out from under the covers!  I’m like “Nooooooo, don’t make me do it!!!!”  So, this little number right here, is perfect!  The pajama jumpsuit, guys.  Genius!  It looks and feels like pajamas, yet is socially acceptable to wear in public and yes, even to work!  The pajama trend has been happening for a while.  We’ve seen slip dresses, robe dresses, robe coats, slipper shoes, and now pajama jumpsuits are hot, too!

I love this one by 1901 that I found at Nordstrom!  It’s black and white, so you can do all sorts of accessories with this one.  You can make it flashy with some leopard or brightly colored shoes, like red, pink, green, yellow, whatever your heart desires.  You can add a fun bag of any kind!  You can wear some flashy earrings to jazz it up!  There’s a million different ways you can make this jumpsuit really stand out!  It is so comfortable, yet still looks so pulled together and cute.  This one comes in petite and regular sizes, so us shorter girls can wear it and still have the cropped length that’s so popular right now, too!

I kept things neutral with my outfit this time.  I like neutrals, they make it look chic and classy.  I chose my favorite nude suede pumps from Sam Edelman, and my little ZAC Zac Posen Earthette bag.  I’m also wearing some new linked hoop earrings from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Vanessa Mooney.  You can just throw a trench coat over this to keep yourself warm outdoors, and you’re set to go for any event – the office, meetings, you name it!  You’ll look like a classy chick in this one.

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories as well as some others at different price points as well.  Hope you love it!

Hey, lovelies!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was great!  Mine was really good except that I got sick with the flu 🙁  But, it’s not too horrible, I should be fine in a couple days.  Friday night we went to Heinz Field for a charity event for Dress For Success Pittsburgh!  It was amazing!  Dress For Success Pittsburgh is an incredible charity that helps women get the clothing they need for jobs and court hearings such as PFAs and custody cases.  They have a boutique down in Pittsburgh where they take in clothing and accessory donations, and women come to meet with volunteers and staff members to help suit them up for work or court related matters.  They even use their proceeds to buy clothing and supplies for women going into jobs where they need uniforms and other necessities, like hardhats and work boots!  How amazing is that?  I can’t wait to get involved and volunteer for this organization.  I was talking to a lady who had been suited twice by Dress For Success and she said she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is today without them!  She’s been promoted several times and had the opportunity for furthering her education!  I love any kind of organization that helps to empower women!

On the fashion front, it’s been just cool enough lately to enjoy sweaters!  Although, it got pretty hot again on Sunday… haha, still searching for fall out there!  It’s gonna happen sometime, guys.  Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the off-the-shoulder sweater!  I love the over-sized cozy feel of them, and how they’re kinda slinky on your body.  Just enough skin, but not too much!  I like that you can dress them up with pants or skirts, or go the casual route with some distressed denim, too! I saw this sweater by Line & Dot paired with a black leather mini skirt on the model!  I loved it!  I went for a more casual look for everyday wear with my favorite new Good American cropped, distressed, straight leg jeans!  These jeans are really trending right now.  You can find similar pairs at just about any retailer!  I love how they show off your shoes.  They look great with heels or boots for this time of year!  I kept things neutral with my favorite Steve Madden nude block heels, and Ellen & James straw circle bag.  I’m also wearing the earrings that I’m still in love with from Vanessa Mooney!  These earrings make any outfit feel so much more luxe, I’m totally obsessed with them! 😀

Barkley had such a fun day at this photoshoot!  We went to the Mars Train Station in downtown Mars, PA.  It’s really cute!  There was nobody around, so he got to run around and sniff everything!  There’s a really cute little trolley for kids to ride that local elderly people volunteer to run! If you live in the area and looking for something to do, definitely check it out 🙂

I’ve linked this outfit and some other similar items at different price points, too!

Click on the images below to shop! Waiting for something to go on sale or just want to buy it later? Simply click the heart icon and enter your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (to shop products you favorite anytime from your inbox) and another e-mail when the price drops!

Sometimes, you just feel like wearing black on black on black, you hear me?  Lol.  It’s a feeling that you get.  Not a bad one, just a day that calls for all black!  🙂

What are your plans this weekend?  Tonight we are attending a fundraiser in Pittsburgh for Women’s Dress for Success!  It’s a wonderful charity that provides women who can’t afford a new suit or attire for a job interview with clothes that will make them look professional and land that job!  You’d be surprised how dressing for the job you really want can effect your chances!  Plus, it helps boost your confidence and make you feel even more capable of nailing that interview like a boss!  Can’t wait to find out more tonight!

I think every woman’s wardrobe should consistent of at least one LBD (little black dress for those you new to this whole thing).  You always want to have one on hand that a) FITS you well, even if you were to gain or lose a few, b) is not overly trendy so that it can be worn for more than one season if need be c) could be dressed up or dressed down (throw a blazer or sweater over it for day while wearing flats, take it off for dinner and drinks and add heels from the back of your car, that’s what I do, haha!), and d) looks classy enough for proper occasions but sexy enough for date night with the right shoes and accessories!

I found this really cute LBD from TOPSHOP!  It is soooo comfortable!  It has an elastic waist only at the back that draws it in, so no zippers that you have to stuff yourself into and then can’t breathe or eat all night.  Victory!  I love that it has a nice v-neckline, so it elongates your neck and you can wear some pretty necklaces to accessorize this look.  The length isn’t too short or too long.  The fabric is so silky and smooth!  It’s perfect for a romantic date night.  I love the balloon sleeve accents to give it a more fashion forward and trending look!

I paired this with some peep-toe suede booties that I’ve had in my closet for a while now.  I love the look of booties with a dress.  I also chose my favorite TOPSHOP bucket bag.  The gold detailing really dresses things up.  I went with my favorite coin necklaces to match the bag, and my go-to gold hoop earrings!

I’ve compiled a list of other really cute LBDs for $100 (I think there is only one that is $100), and less!  I’ve also linked everything I am wearing in these photos, too!  Be sure to click the arrow on the right side of the product widget to see all of the dresses that I linked!  Happy shopping! Where do you like to wear LBDs?  Do you have a go-to brand for dresses?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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In all of my years of dealing with chronic illness, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and scouring the internet for answers, anything that might possibly help me, and ways to improve my immune system and overall health.  I’ve learned so much from so many amazing doctors and practitioners both in the field and through their research and books they’ve written.  A lot of you have been asking about supplements to take, and things that might help with your energy.  There are so many different things that effect our energy and health, it’s hard to know where to begin.  But, two major players in our energy levels and keeping us healthy are Vitamin Bs and Zinc!

Vitamin B comes in 8 different forms!  Each form has it’s own unique set of functions it performs.  In order to get our daily needs of B vitamins, we have to either eat them in our diet, or supplement with them, because they are water soluble.  Most of us are deficient in these important vitamins.  Vitamin Bs are responsible for things like converting the food we eat into energy, metabolizing food, repairing and producing our DNA, producing and red and white blood cells, creating neurotransmitters, and proper neurological function.  One of the most common Vitamin B deficiencies is B12.  If you notice that you have symptoms of chronic fatigue, memory loss, digestive disorders, depression or other mood stabilization problems, anxiety and panic attacks, and are feeling tired all of the time, you probably have a B12 deficiency, which means you probably have adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance happening as well.  It is vital to have adequate levels of B12 to properly address all of these issues.  I notice that when my Vitamin B levels are low I have much less energy, I struggle remembering words, I feel like my hormones are all over the place, I have severe anxiety, and I struggle a lot with sleep.  So, staying on top of Vitamin B supplementation has been crucial for me!

Zinc is a really great supplement to add into your routine to keep your immune system functioning at optimal levels!  It helps your body to fight off pathogens and recover from illness. You may have heard of taking it when you have a common cold to help speed up the healing process.  But, it has other benefits as well that can make supplementing with it a good idea.   It also acts an anti-inflammatory helping fight chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, high blood pressure and cancer.  It’s very beneficial to the liver as well, as it helps to flush out toxins!  If you have autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, chronic viral (like the mono virus) or other infections like I have had, I would definitely add this to your arsenal of supplements!  It also helps with muscle growth and repair, so it’s great for those of you who work out a lot.  It’s known to help balance hormones, increase fertility, and even help with PMS!  I’ve noticed since I’ve started consistently having it in my regimen that my periods have been less painful!  So, I’m sold! HAHA.  Anything that reduces that pain for me and I am IN!  Am I right, ladies?!

My doctor recommended that I use this Vitamin B patch by Nutri-Patch to get all of the 8 different kinds of Vitamin B. I like it because it is one less pill I have to take and it’s working for me all day, going directly into the bloodstream instead of through my gut where I seem to have problems absorbing it.  It also has methylated forms of B vitamins, so if you have a liver gene mutation (MTHFR), your body can better absorb it.  However, I came across some really interesting information from Anthony Williams, aka, the Medical Medium about the two essential kinds of B12 that we have to get in order to get the full benefit of B12, which are methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.  He says that most B12 supplements and shots do not have both forms of it, so we need to look for ones that do.  He recommends this Vegan Safe B12 liquid.  I like the liquids because they are more easily and quickly absorbed.  Something else that’s great to learn from The Medical Medium is to look for supplements that do not have toxic ingredients in them like citric acid, alcohol, “natural flavoring”, and titanium dioxide.  This Vegan Safe B12 is really clean, doesn’t taste bad, and I use it in addition to the patch.

I also use a liquid zinc recommended by the Medical Medium.  It’s called Liquid Ionic Zinc.  If you have never heard of the Medical Medium before, I would highly recommend looking into his books.  Regardless of the source of his information and what you might think of it, I have found it all to be highly compelling!  While some of it isn’t new, a lot of it is and/or is a different perspective than what we currently hear from practically every practitioner out there.  I like to challenge the way that we all think and believe things to be true and really test the waters myself.  So many times we just take things as truth without actually investigating on our own.  I’ve done his 28 day cleanses and although I kind of suffered through them, by the end of it all, I did have positive results.  I was struggling with a lot of things at the time, so it was hard to see at times, but some things did get better, and I definitely detoxed A LOT which is a huge deal when you’re sick and dealing with a lot of pathogens and toxicity in your body.  I’ve also found his theory about the mono virus to ring very true for me and others that I know.  It’s definitely something to check out if you’re struggling with ANY kind of health condition!

As always, it’s a good idea to see your naturopath, functional medicine doctor, integrative medicine doctor, or general practitioner (if they will run these kinds of tests for you, many will not) to test for nutritional deficiencies like Vitamin Bs and Zinc.

I’ve linked these supplements below and the Medical Medium’s books for you to look into.  What are your favorite supplements that help you?  Do you have any great book recommendations?  I’d love to hear about them!  Comment below 🙂

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