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Hey loves, how was your weekend?  I hope it was great!  Ours was okay until Saturday morning.  We were on our way into the city, (Pittsburgh) when we heard about a mass shooting in Squirrel Hill, not far from where we were.  A man entered a synagogue and killed eleven people and injured many more including police officers at a child’s naming service.  It is so heartbreaking how this violence never ends.  It’s just so senseless.  How people carry such hate in their hearts for people who are different from them is beyond me.  I’m sure this man had mental illness.  But, that doesn’t excuse all the actions by himself and others that took place to lead up to these murders.  I wish we as a country would learn to love and celebrate differences in each other.  We have drawn such large lines of division between sides of religion, politics, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.  I’m just saying… maybe if we put love at the forefront, we would see things differently.  A change needs to be made.

Speaking of love, (always gotta bring it back to the fashion! haha!), I am really falling hard for blazers this season!  There are so many amazing styles and patterns out right now, it’s so hard to choose!  I love blazers for so many reasons.  First, they make great layering pieces, perfect for chilly fall weather.  You can throw them over a cami when it’s warmer, a shirt, a sweater, a bodysuit, so many options!  They can also take you from work to dinner & drinks with your girls!  I dig the versatility.  You can throw it over a tee-shirt and look totally pulled together to go run errands or pick up your kids.  No one is going to think you just rolled out of bed if you have a blazer on!  I also love the feeling I have when I put on a blazer.  It’s an instant boost of confidence and makes me feel like a true boss!  Everyone takes someone in a blazer a little more seriously… I mean, think about it.  Right??  I like how it also makes you feel business sexy!  Like, “yeah I’m wearing this blazer and I’m totally in charge, but I also look really fine at the same time”, haha!  Who doesn’t love a woman in a business suit?  Hotness.

This season, we are seeing a lot of menswear, blazers included.  A lot of the cuts we right now are more boxy.  Many of them are called “boyfriend blazers”.   They are longer and less fitted, more like the 90’s.  Everything always comes back around!  This one from Revolve is also really 90’s inspired. It’s not as long as some of the boyfriend blazers, but it still has the vintage vibe to it.  It’s by “About Us” and is currently on sale! (Originally $198, now $119!) I love the vibrant purple.  It totally takes me back to the 90’s when I had a favorite shirt that was this color from “Esprit”!  I used to love that store.  I paired it with some vintage denim from “Topshop” and a white cami from “J. Crew” for a fresh look.  You could definitely wear it with a skirt or dress pants for work, or even over a dress!  That would be very cute!  I picked my favorite nude heels from “Steve Madden” and crossbody by “Zac by Zac Posen”.  Purple always looks great with any kind of metal, but I picked my favorite gold coin necklaces and gold hoops.

I’ve linked this outfit as well as my other favorite blazers in a large range of prices, but all under $150 for you below!  Which are your favorites?  Comment below!  Happy Shopping 🙂

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Happy October, babes!  It feels like fall has finally arrived!  We’ve got mums and pumpkins outside of our door, and the house is decorated in my favorite warm hues of the season.  This is the season I like to call “The Calm Before The Storm”.  Lol.  The holidays are always hectic for us!  We both have pretty big families, so there’s lots of get togethers!  Plus, we were married in December, so our anniversary is a few days before Christmas, making everything that much more busy!  So, this time of year is nice and relaxing!  I like to take in all of the cozy nights by the fire with Ryan and Barkley while I’ve got something stirring up in the crockpot.  🙂

Since we are in full swing of the fall season, I thought I would share my MUST HAVES for fall!  Every start of the season, I’m always asking myself, what are the things I really need to make this a fashionable one?  Haha.  I seriously do ask myself that.  (Do you think that’s weird?)  Which is why I’m here to share it all with you!  In case you haven’t asked yourself that question, I’ve got you covered!

To start off my must have list, I have linked a couple of mustard colored blouses.  This color is really trending this season, I can’t get enough of it!  You might think this color will not look good on you, I can tell you, you’re probably wrong!  It is a color that seriously anyone can and should wear.  Don’t be afraid!  I’ve linked my blouse I have on here and another that I love.

Next up is the plaid menswear blazer!  Menswear for women has been trending for some time now.  It’s bigger than ever!  Get yourself an over-sized, longer cut blazer in plaid, pair it with some jeans, boots, or mule slides, and you’ll be totally on point!  I’ve linked two of my favorites below.

My current favorite cut for denim is the cropped straight leg!  I love, love, love this trend!  It looks fantastic on any body type.  You don’t have to be a twig to wear straight leg jeans.  The cropped feature also give your shoes a chance to really shine!  You can wear these with boots, heels, pumps, sandals, flats, mules, everything looks great with them.  Plus, if you’re weary about the whole rolled-up hem trend so you’re not tucking your jeans into your booties still, this completely takes that issue out of the equation!  For my petite girls, check out Express, Abecrombie & Fitch, and J.Crew for lengths that work best for you! These are such a refreshing look after so many years of jeggings and skinny jeans.  Not that I don’t still rock skinny jeans all the time, but having a different, updated style in your closet will keep you looking fashion-forward!

Everyone loves a good sweater when it comes to fall weather.  How  many posts do you read about “can’t wait for sweater weather!”?  Like, everyday, right?  Well, I’ve linked some fun pompom sweater options!  Pompom sweaters are really having a moment right now.  The little pompom balls are super fun and add a little something different to your typical cable knit sweater!  They are so retro inspired, and make me think of ski bunnies on the slopes!  Super cute and cozy 🙂

You have to have some suede booties in your closet for fall!  My favorite suede booties are the neutral tones!  You can pair them with any other neutral tone, or vibrant color.  Don’t be scared!  Mix and match it up!  I’ve linked some cute ones with some fun details on them.

Speaking of suede, everybody has got to have a suede or leather moto jacket in their fall lineup!  This might be the biggest must have!  They’re perfect for cooler temps when it’s not freezing.  Put it over top of your sweater or blouse and you look instantly pulled together and on trend!  I have linked a few of my favorites.  I’m seeing a lot of colored suede moto jackets out right now.  I love it!  Don’t be afraid of color!  You can pair them with your neutral booties and you’ll look amazing!

Another major trend happening right now is the over-sized cardigan sweater.  Doesn’t get cozier than this, my friends!  These are perfect when the weather is too warm for a heavy jacket.  You can put them over a graphic tee, camisole, or blouse!  They’re great for going out because you can wear your cute little top, but grab the cardigan for when it gets cooler later in the evening!  I’ve linked two of my favorites below.

As for handbags, look for some with some glistening hardware!  My bag crush right now is definitely Chloe.  Those are on the much pricier end, but lots of other brands have caught on and are making look a-likes, like the one I’ve linked below by TOPSHOP.  Any kind of metal circular ring, clasp, fastener is what you’re looking for.  As for colors, we’re seeing a lot of yellows, dark reds, browns, minks, and other neutral tones like beige and grey.

And finally, my most fun item that I have linked below are hats that are currently trending!  I’m loving the caps by Brixton!  Both the conductor-like cap and the berets are huge this season!  If you’re like me and don’t like to do your hair EVERY day, get yourself a cute hat, and no one will ever know!  Except that I just told you guys, so when you see me with a hat on you’ll know I’m definitely on my second day hair, haha!

I hope you like my list of must haves!  Please leave me any questions or comments on your thoughts and what YOUR must haves for fall are!  Wishing you a wonderful week 🙂

Click on the images below to shop! Waiting for something to go on sale or just want to buy it later? Simply click the heart icon and enter your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (to shop products you favorite anytime from your inbox) and another e-mail when the price drops!

If you suffer from chronic pain in your muscles, joints, tendons, nerves, tissues, organs, etc…  I’m about to introduce to you your new best friend – the far infrared heating pad!  It works so well for me for relief from deep muscle pains and injuries, chronic lower and upper back pain, menstrual cramps and cysts, joint pain, arthritis, bladder pain from interstitial cystitis, neck and shoulder pain, liver and gallbladder dysfunction, tendonitis, any kind of nerve pain, and more.

I honestly had no idea what I was getting exactly when I purchased this item.  As someone who suffers with chronic Lyme disease, I listen pretty closely to what Dr. Jay Davidson says to do.  He has a new book out recently called, “How to Fix Lyme Disease”.  If you have Lyme and you have not read this book, I HIGHLY recommend that you do!  Dr. Jay is on top of the game in the Lyme Disease world!  He has first hand experience with it as his wife was gravely ill with it for years.  He has some new and interesting information and products to offer in that book.  He talks a lot about infrared heating pads.  So, naturally, I followed his suggestion and ordered one for myself.  Here are a few reasons why you need an infrared heating pad, and why it’s different from your typical heating pad or hot water bottle.

First, the far infrared heating pad can penetrate much deeper into your body than a standard electric heating pad!  The electric heating pads that most of us have (myself included until about a year ago), omit electric heat from cotton and carbon fibers.  This kind of heat can only penetrate 2-3mm deep.  So essentially, it’s really only heating the skin that’s on top of all of the things inside of you that are causing pain.  The far infrared heating pads use jade, amythest, and tourmaline stones to convert light energy into infrared heat energy which reaches much deeper at up to 5 cm below the surface!  So this kind of heat is really getting down into your muscles, tissues, and bones.  Also, infrared heating pads will never leave burns or rashes on your skin like electrical ones and hot water bottles can.

I can absolutely feel the difference between these two.  When I have pain and I turn this infrared heating pad on, it takes much less time for the pain to ease and often dissolve, and I can feel that it reaches deeper into areas where I need it.  I have interstitial cystitis and I can feel the heat waves getting deep into my bladder tissues where the pain is intense!  It can relieve some of the worst and deepest pain I have!

Also, the infrared heating pads will help your blood to circulate!  This helps to promote healing, and remove toxins. I also personally think that the infrared heat can help kill infections, I’ve read this in different places before, but it’s been my experience as well. The benefits of the heat from the infrared pads also last up to 6 hours after using it for only 30 minutes, while the electric pads only provide relief while the pad is heated and on you.  I can also attest to this!  When I use this on my bladder area for a half an hour I can take it off and feel much better for quite some time before I need it again.  It helps so much when I have pain at night because I put it on, and then within a half an hour I can take it off and the pain relief lasts through the night.

A few other benefits of the far infrared heating pads worth mentioning are that I have noticed that it provides a major amount of stress relief for me!  When I’m working hard on something or have a lot of stress in my life and I feel frazzled and unable to calm myself down, I put on the heating pad even if I don’t have any significant pain happening, and it definitely relaxes me.  It also helps to calm my dog’s nerves!  He loves it!  Something about the warmth just makes us both release the stress and puts us at ease.  I put it on every night while I’m reading in bed and trying to fall asleep.  It is always helps me to fall asleep faster!

I also use the infrared heating pad to help my liver and gallbladder.  Sometimes when the liver and gallbladder get backed up with bile, I can get pretty sick.  Putting the heating pad on those areas helps those organs to release the bile.  So, I start to feel better faster.  This is one thing Dr. Jay mentions doing in his new book on Lyme Disease, but really, it is beneficial to anyone.

The infrared heating pad also helps to improve your range of motion of muscles and joints that are injured.  Because it helps increase blood flow and circulation to that area, you’ll find you can more easily move around.  It is beneficial for people with arthritis, too!  If you also have pain in your neck and shoulders like so many of us do from sitting at a desk all day, or from Lyme, or other chronic illness, these heating pads work wonders.  I am going to get another that’s just for the neck and shoulders.  You can roll this one up, but I’m sure the neck and shoulder one lays more nicely.

The last thing I’ll touch on about these amazing heating pads, that not many people know, is that they do not omit EMFs, also known as electromagnetic fields.  We probably all know by now that EMFs are very harmful and toxic.  This is the reason why we aren’t supposed to live directly under power lines.  EMFs cause radiation and lead to different kinds of cancers, cause disruption of hormones in our bodies, create sleep and anxiety problems, and so much more.  Far infrared heating pads to not omit EMFs.  They are so safe that they are often used in neonatal units to produce heat to keep infants warm.  They also do not omit any UV rays in case you were wondering.  You are much safer using an infrared heating pad than an electric one!

This heating pad shown here is face up so that I could show you the stones that are attached to it which heat up to produce the infrared heat.  But, when you use it, you will want to put the stone side down on your body over the area which causes you pain.  I have the 15″x19″ size for smaller areas such as the bladder or liver and gallbladder, and I also have the 21″x32″ for full back and body use as well. I am 5’3, so if you are taller, you might consider one of the longer ones.  I use them both equally, honestly.  They serve different purposes.  I like to have the small one for traveling.  They both come with a travel bag, too!  Our cars both have plugs where you can plug them in for long car rides, too, which is great!  They also both have memory remotes that keep your usual desired temperature set, all you have to do is turn it on and click a button and it will heat up to the temperature you like.  It also auto shuts off after a certain period of time that you select to keep it on for.  They are very easy to use, don’t be scared by the remote technology!  It’s very simple and helpful.

I hope that this post brought to light some helpful information if you’re suffering from chronic pain, or pain from working out or injuries.  I would highly recommend these products! I would be lost without them at this point.  I’m like Linus from Peanuts with his blankie, carrying my heating pad around everywhere!  Haha!  No shame, it helps keep me comfortable.  I hope it helps you, too! 🙂


Happy Saturday, friends!!  What are you up to this weekend?  We are at Ryan’s cousin’s wedding!  It’s a beautiful barn wedding in Waynesburg, PA.  I love fall weddings.  The colors are so rich and the air is so nice and crisp in the evening.  I’m sure it will be an amazing day!
When I’m not wearing dresses like I am today, you can find me in jeans.  In fact, I’m usually in jeans.   I can’t even count the number of pairs of I have in my closet!  They’re definitely my go-to for everyday wear.  I couldn’t be more excited to see that flare leg jeans have come back in a big way!  The bohemian trend has been with us for a while, and the flare leg jeans have been hanging around too, but they’re all the more in style right now more than ever!
I love flare leg jeans for several reasons.  The first is that it makes a petite girl like myself look much, much taller!!  All you need is a good pair of platform shoes or really high block heels, and you’ve got yourself some legs that go on for days!  😀  Another reason I like flares so much is that they really balance out your shape.  If you have broad shoulders, and are thin through the hips, or if you are really curvy, the bring some balance to the bottom of your figure.  Not that I don’t love me some skinny jeans, but jeans with a little bit of flare at the bottom can really make your figure look much more proportioned.  I also adore flares because they give me that boho, hippy vibe that I love so much!  Nothing like some peace, love, and rock’n roll feelings 🙂
This pair from Free People is my current favorite.  I really like the faded black color.  They look nice and vintage inspired.  I paired them with two different tops also from Free People!  Are you sensing that I like this brand a lot?  I seriously do.  I wear their clothes more than any other brand, probably.  They are always so comfortable, flattering, and super cute and trendy.  This yellow top is smocked at the bottom, so it accentuates your waist and is nice and flowy up top.  I love this color of gold!  It’s one of my favorites right now.  The maroon sweater is really soft and a little sexy as it falls slightly off the shoulder.  I sized up a size from my usual in Free People for a little more slinky fit.  This is another awesome color for fall.  You can wear it for a cozy date night and it would look perfect!
I’ve linked these outfits and accessories below! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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