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I am obsessed with the new trend of summer suits this season!  So many reasons why.  First, they are incredibly wearable for work and can take you straight to evening for cocktails or dinner.  They look great with a mule slide for more professional atmospheres, and super sexy with heels for your evening ventures.

How many times have you gone out to dinner in the summer and worn your new favorite sleeveless dress and been totally freezing?  Enter the summer suit.  The blazer has your back.  You can wear it with or without.  I think the blazer gives me an instant boost of confidence.  I think of it as my power suit! 🙂

I also love the fact that the pieces can be worn separately too.  The shorts can be worn with any number of different tops like an off the shoulder, a bodysuit, or even a plain tee. You can totally take the blazer into fall and pair it with a cami and jeans, too!  I have linked these suit pieces and another cute one below!  Unfortunately my cami and bracelet are sold out, but I’ve linked some similar ones.  

Nothing feels like summer more than white lacey tops and dresses!  I’m really into the bohemian vibe, especially in the summer.  I love the softness of the look and the flowy, romantic feel.  Tularosa is one of my favorite brands that really captures that feeling.  This top by Tularosa is a staple for me!  You can pair it with denim or skirts, it’s super versatile.

The cropped top and high waisted denim trend is definitely still happening.  I love the high waisted denim!  Bring on the mom jeans!  These jeans are my current favorite brand, Good American.  Khloe Kardashian really knows what she is doing with denim!  Her Good American brand has jeans for EVERY body!  Sizes 00-24!  They’re slogan is “sexy at every size!”  I love that.  I have three pair, and they are all three my favorite jeans to wear!  They are so comfy and stretchy, but they are still solid denim that won’t stretch out and leave you with a saggy butt.  The waistline hits just right, too.  I hate it when denim says high waisted but it is still way below the belly button.  High waisted jeans give us the look of longer legs and smaller waist as they hit at your true waistline.  If you’re still on the fence about them, I dare you try some, you might be pleasantly surprised! 😀  Click on the pics below to shop this look!


I was reading a fashion article not too long ago where a male stylist said something to the effect of “rompers are for babies, and no woman over the age of 4 should be wearing them.”  If you ask me, he’s just jealous because he would get weird looks if he wore one, and we look better in them!  I LOVE rompers!  I have dozens of them.  They make getting dressed such a freaking breeze.  All you gotta do is manage to get your underwear on and slip into one of these and you immediately look put together.  I like that.  Anything that takes the planning and over thinking out of the equation works for me!

I love rompers with long sleeves because everyone has their ACs cranked up so high in the summertime.  I freeze everywhere we go!  Plus, they transition well into the warmer weeks of fall.  This one is by Cupcakes & Cashmere.  I love its boho, breezy style.  I paired it with some Sam Edelman strappy sandals which are so comfortable, and my favorite Ellen & James straw bag.  These bags were huge this spring and summer!  I had to order directly from Ellen & James in Australia because all of the US vendors were sold out of this particular one.  But, there are so many fun Ellen & James bags still available!  I don’t see these bags or rompers for that matter, going away anytime soon! 🙂  Click on the pictures below to shop this look!

For my birthday this year, my husband surprised me with tickets to see Britney Spears in concert at Radio City Music Hall in NYC!  I was sooooo obsessed with Brit there for a while, especially during her earlier years!  While I still love her, I wasn’t expecting to totally fan girl out, but I was that girl!  Second row, screaming, singing and dancing along while my husband videoed her (and me – so embarrassing, if that ever gets leaked I will DIE!)!  I had the best night I’ve had in a really long time!

I knew that I had to find a special dress to go see my girl Brit!  I went through several options when I came upon this slip dress by DELFI.  I am in love with it!  I would never have expected that I would have liked a slip dress this much.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned one.  I was skeptical at first because it is really thin, but it is so comfortable and surprisingly flattering at the same time!  That is my jam.  Comfort is key!  Especially when eating at the fabulous NYC restaurants where you know you’re probably going to go a little overboard on food (and likely drink – I drank alcohol for the first time since December, and it certainly added to the enjoyment! Cabernet, baby! Doesn’t take much for me!).  But, you don’t want to forgo style on a big night out when still striving for comfort, so this little slip dress was perfect!  I love that it has adjustable straps AND an adjustable thigh slit length!  The dress lets you decide how much you want to show – not much at all, or if you really feel like going for it, you can!  LOL.  It’s a great dress for a night out or even a wedding.  The colors make it a transitional piece for the warmer fall months, too!  I’ve linked this dress, shoes, accessories, and some other cute slip dresses at different price points that I love as well! Click on the pics below to shop the look 😀

Professional Photos by Courtney DeMarco Photography

I was on the fence over essential oils for a while until I tried them for my Lyme induced joint pain.  I tried EVERTHING natural for joint pain, and even unnatural things, and it seemed like nothing would help!  That was when a fellow wellness advocate really pushed me to try essential oils again.  She is a doTERRA rep so naturally this is the brand I tried, and I’ve used others since that have been pretty successful, too.  For joint pain and other pain caused by inflammation like muscle aches, I layer Peppermint, Marjoram, and Frankincense which is unfortunately not pictured here because I use it so much that I ran out.  That combination really seems to numb the deep aching and helps me to better relax and even sleep!  I also use Peppermint on my temples when I have a headache that won’t quit and it really helps! doTERRA has a great roll-on called PasTense which I also am out of, but it does wonders for headaches as well.

My favorite oils for relaxation are Serenity and Balance.  Serenity really calms me.  I like to put it on my wrists and chest with a carrier oil such as extra avocado oil or coconut oil at night time and take several deep breaths.  Instantly calming!  I also put Serenity in my diffuser at night while I’m reading in bed and falling asleep.  The Balance oil smells amazing!  I use it as perfume and everyone always tells me I smell good, haha!  I thought I might smell like a hippy, but, apparently it doesn’t come across that way to other people’s noses which is great!  My husband loves it.

I like to use OnGuard particularly when I travel!  Airports and public bathrooms make me super nervous because when you have a weak immune system, you can pick up anything and have it ruin your vacation!  I take 2-3 drops under the tongue and wash it down with water for an immune boost!  If you’re in a jam for hand soap, you can also mix it with a carrier oil and you’re good to go!  It can even be used for cleaning!  What are your favorite essential oils to use?  Drop a comment below and share! 🙂

Within the last year, I have really done an overhaul on my beauty products!  Out with the synthetic chemically laden, in with the organic and natural ingredients!  So many of the most popular, widely used beauty brands have products filled with harmful ingredients.  These ingredients can do damage to our hormones, cause cancer, be reasons behind chronic inflammation and allergies, and much more.

I’ve tried all kinds of really great clean beauty brands, but I must say that Tata Harper has been the best yet by far!  The products are definitely on the more expensive side, but I look at it this way… it’s your face!  It’s what you show to the world every single day.  So, to me it’s worth it to pay a little more.  And honestly, it’s not that much more than what the other popular skin care regimens are selling for.  Plus, you’re getting clean, SAFE beauty products.  I started out buying the starter kit and then would buy one or two items at a time from there.

The Regenerating Cleanser is great for exfoliating!  It has tiny beads in it and leaves your skin feeling fresh.  Then, you use the Hydrating Floral Essence spray to prep your skin for the serum.  It’s like a drink of water for your face.  I used their Rejuvenating Serum for a while, but I really like this Boosted Contouring Serum pictured.  I have noticed that it firms up the skin, and who doesn’t want that?  I also use their Illuminating Moisturizer which has a bit of a pearly-ness to it, so it can also double as a primer under your makeup!  Same goes with this Illuminating Eye Cream!  It helps to mask the dark circles.  We all know Retinol is key for anti-aging, so I was thrilled to find a clean source of retinol with this Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil!  The Clarifying Mask is great for skin that’s prone to breakouts.  It smells amazing and I notice a difference in a couple days!  I also love their Resurfacing Mask!  You can put it on over top of the Regenerating Cleanser and it’s like a facial at home!  I’ve linked the Starter Kit Below.  What clean beauty brands have you tried and loved?

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