How was everyone’s weekend?  I hope it was great!  I had a decent one.  I got to see one of my best friends and go out to dinner at a new spot!  I had some sick spells in there, but I managed to get a fair amount of sleep and still get some things accomplished, so I call that a win!  I am doing treatments right now for the various pathogens I still have in my body since my immune system has been pretty much dead for the last decade.  I had a very successful Lyme disease treatment this time last year which I will write more about later, and since then I have majorly improved in many areas, but other things are still pretty bad, or even worse.  So, I still have work to do on my health, which I am extremely dedicated and determined to do. I’m getting there! I’m working on viruses like the mono virus that linger in your system after exposure and can cause great amounts of damage.  It can reactivate when your body is weakened like mine has been and wreak havoc.  I have it going on in really high levels right now.  So, I have the symptoms of having mono all the time, but I am not contagious.  It’s at a different stage where it is not contagious, thankfully!  So, the treatments I do often make me sick because my liver will get overloaded with toxic die off from trying to eliminate the viruses and other pathogens.  That makes me so sick to my stomach, causes me to be up all night in pain, and then my sleep schedule gets totally thrown off and I’m one hot mess.  But, we are making progress and I know that this won’t last forever!

As for my “secret”… I discovered this brand a few years ago, and have been in love with them ever since!  It was before they even hit the major stores.  I was honestly kind of sad when I saw they were available in all the stores because my secret was out!  Haha.  But since I have this blog now, I can’t keep my secrets from you guys!  I gotta spill the beans on all the goods!  So, if you haven’t already been introduced by now, this lovely little dress is by Misa Los Angeles.  I love Misa Los Angeles’ feminine, bohemian, exotic, and modern style.  The garments are designed with the world traveling woman in mind.  Their pieces can take you all over the globe in style!  I always feel so amazing wearing their clothes, it’s definitely a special experience!

I am on cloud nine in this dress!  The color!  Can we talk about how beautiful this color is?!  Jewel tones are really back this season.  I am excited for that because jewel tones look amazing on every skin color!  I have a hard time with the pastel and blush tones because I feel really washed out unless I pour on the bronzer!  But, this rich, deep, emerald looks amazing on anyone.  I love the layered ruffles, they are so feminine and flirtatious.  The silhouette helps any of us who are less curvaceous to appear more so.  I can’t get enough fit and flares in my life!  The bottom is embellished with gold grommet pieces to give it extra flair!  This dress is so effortless and can be worn for so many occasions. I will probably have this in my closet FOREVER.

So now you know my secret go-to brand whenever I’m in need of something special.  I feel like now you should tell me a secret!  😀  It’s only fair! What is your go-to designer or brand for a special occasion?


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