Winter Coat Collection Winter Coat Collection 2018 Winter Coat Collection Styles Women Winter Coat Collection Kelly Winter Coat Collection Winter Coat Winter Coat FashionHey babes!  Hope your week is going well!  It’s that time of year where everything just flies by!  I try to take some time to enjoy the little moments, though.  My heart always feels so full around Christmastime.  I wish I felt more like that all year long.  I don’t know what it is, but something about the lights and the beauty all around me just makes me stop and think of all the reasons I have to be so thankful.  I love to sit in front of my Christmas tree and relax with Ryan and Barkley.  It’s probably my favorite thing in the world to do!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I have really fond memories of Christmastime as a child.  My parents went out of their way to make it a magical, beautiful holiday for us.  I think that I really carry that with me as an adult and I try to make things just as lovely for everyone in my life now.

We’ve had quite the white Christmas season already here in PA!  It’s snowed a couple of times.  There is a lot of snow on the ground as I’m typing this, actually.  I don’t mind it at all.  I think it’s so pretty and especially for this season!  As soon as New Years is over though, I’m like, “okay, where is spring!?” Haha.  Winters can be hard in PA.  It is dark a lot, rainy, very little sunshine.  So we do what we can to stay busy and engaged with friends and family.  It helps to pass the darkness away.  An absolute necessity in winter time here is a very warm coat!  I have a slight obsession with coats!  I don’t go overboard on them because coats are more expensive than other clothing, but, I do love to admire them all!

This coat I’m wearing here is by Majorelle.  I found it at one of my favorite stores, Revolve.  I absolutely LOVE IT!  It is so soft and made of faux fur.  I love the white and neutral tones in it.  It feels like a winter wonderland dream coat!  It makes you feel so luxe and bougie while you’re out on the town going to all of your holiday events!  It goes perfectly with any dress, skirt, pants, or even jeans.  You’ll see so many faux fur coats now worn with jeans, don’t be afraid to rock it with some casual outfits.  It’s super warm, too, and you can still fit sweaters underneath it.

I’ve linked this coat first below, and another that I found at a different retailer that is so similar but half the price!  I’ve also linked a bunch of my other favorite winter coats right now. There are lots of different styles, colors, sizes, and price points for everyone!  Let me know which ones are your favorites, too!

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