Since Dress Well, Be Well is more than just a fashion site, I couldn’t cover the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals without doing a post about my favorite Amazon wellness finds!  So many of these items we use everyday.  They are all things that help me to cook healthy meals, or keep my wellness goals in check!  They would make great gifts, too!

  1. The Instant Pot – I am a huge fan of the Instant Pot!  It helps me so much!  I can make soups, roasts, delicious sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, stews, spaghetti squash, desserts, and so much more in a matter of minutes! What usually takes over an hour or more in the oven or slow cooker, you can do so much faster!  If making healthy meals in a pinch is important to you, you’ll want to have one of these in your kitchen arsenal!  You’ll also want to have these accessories for your pot so that  you can cook a wide array of things, including an egg basket for hard-boiled eggs, the steamer basket for vegetables, seafood, and other recipes, as well as a circular pan for desserts and pot pies!  I’ve listed a few of my favorite Instant Pot Cookbooks as well 🙂

2. The Vitamix – I finally invested in a Vitamix this past summer and I’m soooo glad I did!  It’s awesome.  It would be an incredible gift for the health nut or chef in your family!  I got mine because my normal blender wasn’t cutting it.  I couldn’t get it to blend frozen fruit for my smoothies very well, it wouldn’t blend nuts to make vegan cheese without a ton of water added to it.  I was using a food processor AND my blender and neither one was working as well as I’d like and they were both taking up so much counter space!  I love the Vitamix because it blends everything so smoothly!  It makes my morning protein shakes have a fluffy, soft-serve-like consistency to it, and I can use it as a food processor to chop foods and blend nuts to make nut butters and vegan cheeses!  It does so many other amazing things, too!  I have the first model linked below.  If you click on the photo and scroll down you can see that it will compare the models and what all they do.  Here are some of the best ones out there at the best prices! I’ve also linked my favorite protein powders for my morning shakes 🙂

3)  Ionic Foot Bath – I got an ionic foot bath a few years ago when I was going through treatment for Lyme disease.  I was doing everything possible to detox, and I found a local spa that had this ionic detox foot bath.  After using it, I noticed that I was sleeping better, my joints hurt a little less, and I had some more energy.  I was going pretty often, though, so the cost was adding up.  I decided to invest in one for my home to save myself time and money.  The ionic detox foot baths are great for detoxing your body from things like heavy metals, yeast, mold, other fungi and mucus, toxic chemicals, and helps detox organs like your kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and systems like the urinary tract and reproductive system.  It’s really neat.  You’ll notice when you first start using it that the water is full of all kinds of substances and the more you you use it, the less murky the water becomes!  It’s great for detoxing for everyone, not just Lyme patients.  If you have any kind of chronic condition, it would be particularly helpful.  Always make sure to take supplements to replace minerals that can be lost after detoxing, though.  I’ve linked what I use below.  I have the Ionize Me that is listed first.  This is the newer version. The second one I linked is also good.

4) The Amazon Echo – I can’t imagine life without Alexa anymore, haha! (Alexa is the name of the voice who speaks to you through the Echo, similar to Siri, but it’s Amazon’s version of Siri).  If you don’t have one of these I would highly recommend getting one, and it would make an awesome gift!  I actually got it for Ryan a few years ago and I use it more than he does!  It’s an essential for anyone working in the kitchen.  You can ask Alexa for weather updates, to play any kind of music you like, radio stations centered around a particular artist or genre, albums, songs by a certain artist, podcasts, audiobooks and more!  She knows a lot of answers to all kinds of questions!  I can ask Alexa how to convert measurements, set a timer, and ask for substitutes for things!  She can also create lists for grocery shopping, things you need on Amazon, and can be activated as a hub for your smart devices. You can also get the Echo Dots to put in other locations in your home, but the Echo acts as the hub for all of them.  Not a day goes by that I don’t have interaction with Alexa, especially when I’m cooking up healthy meals in the kitchen!

5) The Air Fryer – I actually don’t have one of these, but I really, really want one (hint hint for any of my family reading this 😉 hahaha!  It is definitely on my Christmas Wish List this year!  I’ve had chicken wings, fries, and chips made with an air fryer before and they were delicious!  You don’t need any oil at all to make your food taste like your favorite fried comforts!  So, if you’re trying to be more plant based, and cut out extra fat and oil, this is a must have!  It sits right on your counter top. You can make your own healthy veggie chips!  How cool is that?  Here is Amazon’s choice and the Best Selling Air Fryer on Amazon 🙂

6) Cookbooks – There are so many great cookbooks on Amazon!  There’s really something for everyone!  I have a lot of Paleo cookbooks and a lot of vegan and plant-based ones, too.  I have recently been more into plant-based eating than I was in years before, but that’s a major change.  So, I wanted to get some good books to help guide me.  I still eat Paleo a lot of the time, but I try to only eat meat of any kind a few times a week.  All of these books below have amazing recipes no matter what diet you align yourself with!  They also make amazing gifts for the health conscious and chefs in your family!

7) The Infra-red Heating Pad – I did an entire blog post on the Infra-red Heating Pad which you can read here.  It will tell you all about the benefits of the Infra-red heating pad!  To sum it up in short, the Infra-red heating pad goes much deeper than your standard electric heating pad, it’s effects last longer, and it doesn’t expose you to harmful EMFs.  I’ve had so much more pain relief for all kinds of chronic pain conditions from an infra-red heating pad than I ever did from an electric one or a hot water bottle.  Be sure to check out that blog post to read about all of the differences and benefits on the Infra-red heating pads.  You can find all sizes and shapes for whatever your need is.  I have the large size (the third one listed) for my whole back as well as the small size (the first one) for things like menstrual cramps and interstitial cystitis, and I’m hoping to get one of the neck ones as well for Christmas!

I hope you find some great deals this Cyber Monday!  These are definitely my must-haves from Amazon.  All of them have helped me along my wellness journey in some way. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions on these at all!  Happy bargain hunting! 🙂


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