I was on the fence over essential oils for a while until I tried them for my Lyme induced joint pain.  I tried EVERTHING natural for joint pain, and even unnatural things, and it seemed like nothing would help!  That was when a fellow wellness advocate really pushed me to try essential oils again.  She is a doTERRA rep so naturally this is the brand I tried, and I’ve used others since that have been pretty successful, too.  For joint pain and other pain caused by inflammation like muscle aches, I layer Peppermint, Marjoram, and Frankincense which is unfortunately not pictured here because I use it so much that I ran out.  That combination really seems to numb the deep aching and helps me to better relax and even sleep!  I also use Peppermint on my temples when I have a headache that won’t quit and it really helps! doTERRA has a great roll-on called PasTense which I also am out of, but it does wonders for headaches as well.

My favorite oils for relaxation are Serenity and Balance.  Serenity really calms me.  I like to put it on my wrists and chest with a carrier oil such as extra avocado oil or coconut oil at night time and take several deep breaths.  Instantly calming!  I also put Serenity in my diffuser at night while I’m reading in bed and falling asleep.  The Balance oil smells amazing!  I use it as perfume and everyone always tells me I smell good, haha!  I thought I might smell like a hippy, but, apparently it doesn’t come across that way to other people’s noses which is great!  My husband loves it.

I like to use OnGuard particularly when I travel!  Airports and public bathrooms make me super nervous because when you have a weak immune system, you can pick up anything and have it ruin your vacation!  I take 2-3 drops under the tongue and wash it down with water for an immune boost!  If you’re in a jam for hand soap, you can also mix it with a carrier oil and you’re good to go!  It can even be used for cleaning!  What are your favorite essential oils to use?  Drop a comment below and share! 🙂



  1. Carla Ligo

    I love DoTerra oils!! I’ve been using them for several years now! I love On Guard specially when my kids or I feel a bug coming on. I was recently introduced to Copaiba and I really think it’s a very relaxing oil. And I’ve stopped using perfume! I only use Whisper lately and have gotten so very many compliments I don’t think I’ll ever go back to perfumes!!
    Keep using the oils Kelly!! The can only help, and they’re natural, which is WAY better than filling your body with chemicals!!

    • Kelly Bibza

      Hi Carla! I haven’t tried Copaiba, I’ll have to order some, and Whisper, too! I haven’t worn perfume in years either, I am sure I never will. Frangrances are just full of nasty chemicals. I will surely keep using them! I only do holistic medicine now for about 4 years. It’s been more helpful to me than anything else! I have had moments of extreme pain where I’ve had to use some pain medication, but that’s only if it’s emergency room pain, which thankfully isn’t too often anymore 🙂

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