Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! Today, I’m sharing my entire clean beauty makeup routine with you! Ever since I’ve been so sick, I’ve made a lot of changes to the way I eat, live, and what products I use in my home and my body. It’s important to remember that our skin absorbs what we put on it. It goes into our bloodstreams and can often be very harmful. The cosmetic industry in the United States is not regulated. You might think that because it is on a shelf in a store that it must have passed through some testing process to make it safe for consumers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We as consumers are responsible for checking labels, doing research about ingredients, and making decisions about what is best for us and our families. If you want to learn more about why I choose clean beauty products, check out this post.

I love clean, non-toxic beauty products because I know that I am not causing any harm to myself with what I use on a daily basis. I spent a lot of time researching and finding quality brands that are made with natural ingredients and that PERFORM well! Check out my clean beauty makeup tutorial video on Instagram today where I show you step by step how I use each product! Here on the blog, I am going to list out everything that I used to create this look. These are not all of the clean beauty brands that I use and trust, but some of them. Stay tuned for more to come!

Primer and SPF in one:

I love this sunscreen because it gives you protection from the sun with safe, non-toxic ingredients, PLUS it acts as a primer for your makeup! Be careful with conventional brands of sunscreen because they almost always have harmful ingredients. I would recommend any of Suntegrity’s products.


I love this foundation by Dermablend because it has amazing coverage and lasts all day! I need a full coverage foundation because I have some skin pigmentation and this totally disguises it. It scores a 2 on the EWG’s SkinDeep website which is a great score! The lower the better. EWG is a great resource for checking whether products are harmful or not. There’s even an app you can put on your phone for convenience. This foundation comes in a lot of great colors. I use Bisque when I’m more fair and Sienna when I have a tan! I also want to mention that I really like this Ilia True Skin Serum foundation as well! It’s nice and lightweight when you don’t want or need full coverage. It lays really nicely on the skin.


Unfortunately, I cannot link this concealer through an affiliate, so I don’t have a photo for you, but you can find the concealer here. It’s by Uniful Beauty. I love this concealer because it also has great coverage, goes on smoothly, and brightens my under-eye area a lot. I use the shade Fair in the winter and Light in the summer.

Setting Powder:

This setting powder by Jane Iredale is awesome! It doesn’t leave you looking dusty and it sits so nicely over top of any foundation I have used. Most conventional (mainstream) brands have aluminum in their powders. Heavy metals are very toxic and dangerous to our health. They can lead to chronic illness and even cancer. It is very wise to toss all of your products that contain aluminum or other metals, including deodorants and antiperspirants. This powder really sets your makeup so it doesn’t smudge off and leaves your skin looking nice and flawless!


This eyebrow pencil by BeautyCounter is really great! I love the colors it comes in. I use the shade Medium. It is nice and ashy! Most of our brows are on the ashier side, so it’s good to use a pencil that matches. I’ve used ones with red in them before and it just doesn’t look right! These are nice and neutral. I love that it has a brush attached! Brushing before filling in is a must!


This contour kit is awesome. It has a really nice ashy tone for your contour. It’s important when contouring to use an ash brown because if you use a more reddish-orange bronzer, it doesn’t look natural. Contours are meant to create a shadow. Shadows are more grey than orange or red. So, this color works perfectly. I love the formula. It goes on smoothly and evenly. There is also a highlight color here to use on the tip of your nose, forehead, tops of the cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.


This blush by Alima Pure is so pretty! I love the color Antique Rose. It’s nice and natural and works all season long. This blush is so pretty and sheer, not too heavy. It blends beautifully for a fresh faced, rosy glow!


I am blown away by this eyeshadow palette by Aether Beauty! It is so beautiful! The colors are extremely pigmented, and man, do they perform! They last all day. There are both matte and shimmer shadows in this palette. It’s perfectly balanced. The shimmery shadows in the palette are more amazing than conventional ones I have tried! They really stand out! Don’t let the name of this palette fool you, it is perfect for year round use. I love that it has both neutral, everyday shadows, and some for a more dramatic evening look, too! You can even use some of these as a highlighter as well. I am so impressed with this product, and it’s been worth every cent! I love to put a little dab of this gold shimmer shadow in the center of my eyelid for an extra pop! It looks so pretty! You can find this palette at Sephora! They now carry a lot of clean beauty brands. Just look for the green seal!


I love to use liquid eyeliner on my upper eyelids. In my tutorial on IGtv today, I use this ZuZu eyeliner. It is less toxic than other conventional brands. It gets a rating of 3 on the EWG SkinDeep Website. So, it’s not the cleanest option, but it is what I have to use right now. I will probably be replacing it with either Mineral Fusion Liquid Eyeliner or W3ll People’s liquid liner. These are better options. For my lower eyelids I use a pencil. This Lily & Lolo eyeliner pencil is great! It’s very pigmented, goes on smoothly, and lasts all day.


This mascara by W3ll People is one of my favorites! The brush is so good. It really helps to separate your lashes and coat them for a longer, fuller look. This formula never cakes or crumbles. It has my seal of approval!


One of my favorite clean beauty highlighters that I use over and over again is from Gia Minerals. It’s called Candlelight Glow. It shows up so beautifully! It also works better than conventional brands I’ve tried. You can find it here along with my entire collection that I made with Gia Minerals earlier in the year! It’s an awesome combination of products that are great for everyday use. I love to wear neutral tones with a bit of sparkle and shine. This collection has it all! I love this highlighter because it really gives you a beautiful, golden glow! The name says it all. You look like your best self in candlelight!


I love this Siren Lipstick by Vapour! It is certified organic, goes on smoothly and wears really well. I have the color Naive and it’s a really nice brown, nude color. They have lots of really great colors to choose from. Great for everyday wear!

Alright, guys! That’s it! My entire clean beauty regimen broken down for ya. It is so important to remember that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. Be an informed consumer and know that you have to do your own ingredient checking! Hopefully the laws in the U.S. will change to ban many of the ingredients that are restricted in other countries. By choosing better products, we can shift the direction of the beauty industry. I always tell people to replace old products with new, cleaner ones. You’ll feel and look good from the inside out đŸ™‚


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