When it’s hot out, I cannot bring myself to put pants on most days!  Lol.  I feel so badly for men (wait a minute, no I don’t….) who have to wear suits, pants, and ties all the time despite the heat!  I mean, if that’s one of their few burdens in life, then life is pretty good!  Don’t get me started on the hellish pain of PMS for me.  It’s beyond comprehension.  But back to the topic, sundresses are a total staple for me in the summertime.  They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and putting on a nice dress even just to do some errands always makes me feel a bit happier 🙂

One of my favorite brands for summer sundresses is Faithful the Brand!  They have soooo many cute styles, long and short.  I love their vintage feel and relaxed, modern vibe.  This one rocks the tie sleeve trend, which is really big this year.  It is so comfortable and the wrap style makes it so flattering on every body type.  I love the sweetness of the dress with it’s delicate flower pattern.  This dress can easily transition into fall with a cardigan or a jacket and some booties.  This color looks great on any skin tone.  It always reminds me of my Irish heritage, too!

This backpack is by Rebecca Minkoff.  I love the detail with the zippers, and it has been so convenient especially when traveling!  I hate getting sore shoulders from wearing a bag on one side all day.  If you’re anything like me and stuff your bag to the limit, you know the feeling!  Rebecca Minkoff makes this backpack in a ton of really cute colors and patterns!

My necklace here is the Warrior Coin Set from joolz by Martha Calvo.  I love coin sets right now, and this warrior one definitely spoke to me!  I love the reminder of knowing I’m fighting a winning battle with my health every day!  It can of course apply to anyone just trying to get through every day life.  We all have our challenges!

I’ve linked this dress, my accessories and some other adorable dresses by Faithful the Brand.  Slainte, my friends!


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