I used to hate wearing sweaters!  I think it dates back to third grade when I wore my mom’s sweater to school as part of an ensemble for hat day.  I had this huge red hat on with her white sweater which was totally oversized on me.  Who knew I was setting trends at such a young age!  I saw a picture of myself in the sweater after I wore it and I was not happy about it!  I felt like I looked like a huge whale!  I was kinda chubby at that point in time, but the sweater just bulked me up even more and I was really embarrassed about the photo.  Ever since then, I hated wearing sweaters because I thought they made me look bulky.  Crazy how a small little traumatic experience can change our way of thinking for so long.  I didn’t really start wearing sweaters again until more recently when I realized that I don’t really care if I look bulky, I care more about being warm!  I love the cozy feeling.  I would wear an afghan everywhere if I could!

My favorite sweater look right now is the cropped sweater with highwaisted denim!  I love oversize sweaters, too, but for going out purposes, the cropped sweater is my pick!  I think it adds a little more excitement to the everyday sweater when it’s cropped and has some other detailing going on, like cable knit, voluminous sleeves, and interesting textures and patterns.  I like anything EXTRA, haha.

This sweater is by ASTR The Label.  I found it online at Revolve.  I love the steel grey color and the pattern detail in the knitting.  The sleeves are nice and full and I like how it is cut slightly higher in the front and longer in the back.  It’s also a cotton blend, so it’s not itchy at all.  I paired this with some distressed black jeans from Express and my favorite new grey/lavender boots by 1.STATE from Nordstrom.  My super cute little crossbody is by Rebecca Minkoff!  I LOVE the color!

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories and some other cute cropped sweaters I love this season below!


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