Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! Hope your week is off to a great start! It’s so rainy here in PA, but I’m sitting by my Verilux Comfort Lens light (see the end of the post to shop this) to give me some sunshine happiness indoors! If you have seasonal depression or don’t get outside too often, check it out! I just started using it, but I’ve heard great things.

Today I wanted to share this clean beauty brand with you because it has truly been so helpful to me. The Lina Hanson brand reached out to me to see if I would like to try their products. I checked the ingredients and they were very clean, so I obliged and they sent me a box of three of their best-selling skincare products.

I love clean beauty products and I think they can work just as well as their toxic counterparts. In fact, I often prefer them to the chemical laden products. But, I hadn’t yet found anything that worked well for my dreaded breakouts. I tend to break out on my chin and forehead. If I don’t use something for it, it will just happen all of the time. So, when I got this Global Trio from Lina Hanson, I was actually VERY surprised!

I started using the Global Trio every night as a cleanser and exfoliator. You can also use it as a mask by only adding a tiny bit of water, honey, or yogurt. But, I typically am late getting to bed and need a faster routine, so I just used it as a cleanser and exfoliator by adding a little bit of water and creating a paste. Then, I put it on and in small, gentle, circular motions, just massage it into my face. I ALWAYS take my makeup off first with a non-toxic makeup wipe. Yes, you have to be careful of the wipes you choose, many have nasty chemicals in them.

Within a week, I noticed that my breakouts were gone or barely existent! I will take a tiny bump over a huge acne cyst on my chin any day! But, for the most part, it’s been a lot clearer and brighter. I’m so relieved because I hate using acne products with harsh chemicals. If I can keep them at bay with natural ingredients, that is definitely the way to go!

I then follow the Global Trio up with the Global Face Serum. It’s so moisturizing and gives my skin a nice glow and noticeable plump! I tend to get very dry and need a great moisturizer. I love that it’s so clean and gentle.

Finally, I use the Global Treasures eye and neck cream. It was awarded the Best Eye Cream by Glamour Magazine in 2019! I dab a tiny bit under my eyes and around the top. Then, I put some over my neck as well because the first signs of aging are always on your neck! Whatever you are doing for your face, you should also do for your neck and decolletage!

If you’re looking for a great non-toxic skincare brand to try and you’re worried about investing in it because it may not be effective for you, I totally understand. They are not always cheap. But, the ingredients are always clean and properly sourced, so what you’re paying for is that purity. In my opinion, it’s worth it. Your health is worth more than anything you own. So, investing in taking care of it is what’s best. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for a great, clean option, especially if you suffer from acne, large pores, or dry skin skin.

Final note, I do not get paid anything from your purchases of this product. It was gifted to me, but I had no obligation or financial incentive to write this post or promote their products. It is all my own volition and personal experience. I really like the products, so I want to share them with you in hopes that they help you, too!

Let me know if you end up trying them! Leave a comment below if you have tried Lina Hanson, or if you have other clean beauty product recommendations! I love hearing from you all đŸ™‚


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