Hey, guys! Happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! We are headed out tonight to see a comedian. We love going to comedy shows! It’s always a great way to let loose and laugh a little and who doesn’t need that in their life?!

Before I go, I wanted to share some of my favorite fall sweaters with you! The weather hasn’t quite turned yet here in PA, but I can sense it’s coming soon. I like to be ready with some cute new sweaters in my closet.

This sweater is from Lucca! I got to do a collaboration with them and pick out things that I liked, and this was on the top of my list! I love how laid back it is. The cropped, raw hem is still really in style. It looks so great with jeans or a midi skirt!

Some other trends in sweaters I’m loving lately are the puffy sleeve, square neck, animal print, cut out designs, and of course pom pom sweaters! There are lots of cuts and styles of these trends to choose from. I love cropped sweaters because I am such a huge fan of the high waisted denim and it’s a fun, youthful, trendy look for fall!

Check out my my picks from some of my favorite brands! What’s your favorite sweater trend happening lately? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚ Have an awesome weekend!

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Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend! I had a rather rough week with my health. I was pretty down for the count. But, I managed to get up and out with some of my blogger friends on Sunday and it was so nice to be out in the sunshine with people who lift my spirits! If you’re a blogger, you should check out Style Collective. I’ve met so many great girls in my area that support each other and we’ve become friends, too! It’s a wonderful way to get started with blogging. There’s so many tips and educational information for you there on the website that you can only access if you’re a member. I’d highly recommend it!

Onto fashion! Today is the first day of fall! Yay! I love fall. The colors are so beautiful and I love how we can incorporate them into what we wear. This season, florals are really trending! Not your summertime florals, though. We are seeing lots of darker florals and rich tones to bring out the warm colors of fall.

I love pairing a fall floral blouse with jeans and boots for a casual look. You could spice it up a bit and throw on a mini skirt in leather or corduroy for a cute autumn look, too! These tops are perfect for the early fall days where it’s still warm and not yet sweater weather.

I found this top by Free People at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I got a great deal on it at the time, and it is unfortunately sold out everywhere πŸ™ But, I’ve linked a bunch of other similar, pretty options for you below as well as these boots, because they are my FAVORITE! One of these tops says that it is sold out, but if you click on the link, it’s actually fully stocked. Sorry about that! I’m not sure why that happens sometimes?!

Hope you find something you like here. Would love to know your favorites! Have a great start to your week. Thanks for reading! Sending you lots of love and light πŸ™‚

Happy Friday, friends! Hope your week has been great! I have been down with a flare-up of all of my usual symptoms and have been really sick. So, I’ve been chilling at home all week, trying to recover. It comes out of nowhere sometimes and really sets me back. But, I know it won’t last forever, so I’m giving myself time to heal and then I’ll keep moving forward. If you’re struggling today, know that it’s okay to stop, rest, and give your body the break it needs to rebuild. You will get through it!

On the fashion front, I’m talking all about Double-Breasted Blazers today! The blazer trend was huge last season and it’s back this year! But, instead of a lot of single breasted blazers, we are seeing the boxy, double-breasted ones making a big splash!

I love this menswear trend for my ladies because it makes us look like the BOSSES we are! Isn’t it about time that men have womenswear trends, though? I did buy my husband a leopard print sweatshirt the other day, LOL! I LOVE it! I hope he wears it proudly, haha!! πŸ™‚ But seriously, this trend makes you feel confident and in charge! I love how clothing can really change the way we feel on the inside like that.

Plaid blazers are really popular! I love the neutral tones, but the colorful ones are really fun, too! You can also find solid colored (lots of bright colors!) blazers, and often times they come with matching pants so you have a full suit! I love this look. I think it is so fashion-forward and such a powerful statement! GO FOR IT!

I found this cute, plaid blazer at! I love the neutral tones. It’s so easy to style. You could totally rock it with a skirt of any length, button it up and wear it over leggings, or throw it over a dress! I paired it with my favorite pair of faux leather pants. It looks amazing with jeans as well.

I wanted to bring out the colors in the plaid, so I picked my Gucci wine-colored belt and Louis Vuitton monogram bag to pull out the browns and maroon in the jacket. I went for my favorite block heel pumps by Steve Madden (from last season – but there are still so many pumps like this out again this year) to complete this neutral look!

For my petites, this look can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. So, I try to keep everything else relatively fitted. I tend to get lost when I try to do too much of the over-sized trend, so keeping it to one piece works really well for those of us who are smaller. πŸ™‚

What do you guys think about the over-sized blazer trend? Are you into it? Let me know your thoughts! I’ve linked this look and some other double-breasted blazer favorites under $200 below! Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

The mountains in Colorado couldn’t be more beautiful!

Hey, guys!! Hope you had a great weekend. We spent ours shooting a really awesome fine art photography series with our friend and photographer, Meghan Clemm! She now lives in Alabama, but she used to live here in the Pittsburgh area. So, she came back up this weekend to do a collaboration with me at Hotel Monaco! We did seven different looks and played off the artistic displays and features of the hotel. It was so creative and fun! My creativity tank feels full πŸ™‚

As for fashion, fall is upon us and that means we gotta talk about BOOTS! Boots might be my favorite part about fall, haha! There are so many fun styles that are popular this season, and I’ve got you covered!

Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado

First up, Western Booties! Boho is still going strong, and so is the western bootie trend! They look perfect together! We saw some of this last year as well, but it’s back again and with even more fun textures and details! I love these white western booties I have on. They go so well with jeans, skirts, and dresses! Check out some of my other favorites:

Snakeskin boots and booties might very well be my absolute favorite of all. While going through all of these I was dying because I want to buy every pair! I could eat them they’re so pretty. Animal print is definitely back; especially snakeskin!

Next up are Slouchy Boots! These look amazing with skirts, dresses, and jeans, too. I really love them with a skirt or dress, though. The over-the-knee boots are still popular, but these are bit more fashion forward, if you will. Great for your favorite boho and classic looks!

Lace-up Boots are a huge trend again this fall! Lots of combat boots and lace-up boots with heels! I love how these lace-ups combine so many trends into one boot. These look awesome with skirts, dresses, and cropped denim to show them off! Don’t be afraid to mix a chunky combat boot with a feminine dress! Opposites attract πŸ™‚

Keeping with the animal-print theme, Embossed Crocodile Boots are a major trend this season! These are some of my favorites! I’m having a really hard time restraining myself from buying all of these, too! I’m really digging the deep red/maroon tones!

Finally, are Square Toe Boots! I love the fresh look of a square toe, just like the sandals we saw so much of this summer. Check out these beauties!

That’s a wrap on my 2019 Fall Boot Trend report! What style is your favorite?

I’m wearing the Seychelles boots linked below!

Linking this outfit for anyone who’s interested, too. The hat says it is sold out here, but if you click on it, it will take you to the website, and it’s not actually sold out!

Have a great week friends! πŸ™‚

Hey, friends! Hope you had an awesome weekend. We went to see the Lion King on Saturday! It was really good, I would recommend it!

I don’t have much time today. I woke up in the middle of the night to a huge pain attack. So, I ended up sleeping later than I wanted and I have to go to physical therapy and get dry-needling done in my back (both are the most helpful things I have done thus far! Message me if you want to know more!). But, I wanted to share these cute hats with you today!

Summer Hats for Women 2019

I love hats for a number of reasons! First, they hide a bad hairday, or if you don’t have time to wash and style, you can always throw one on! They’re great for vacation when you don’t want to spend all day in the bathroom getting ready. You can just top your head off with a hat and go enjoy the day.

Another reason I love hats is because they add an extra element of style to your outfit! You can wear basic pieces and top it off with a hat and look extra stylish.

Summer Hats for Women 2019

Western hats and straw hats have been really big this summer! I love this straw hat by Lack of Color. It looks so cute with summer outfits like dresses, rompers, and even denim!

I recently also got a felt fedora hat from Urban Outfitters that I’ll link below. It’s so cute! It’s the kind of hat that works all year round! I love how it gives any outfit a bit of boho-chic-ness πŸ™‚

Summer Hats for Women 2019

Linking my favorites below at several price points! Hats off to a great week! Hehe. Had to.

Midi Skirt Outfits for Women & Tee Shirt Trend

Happy Friday! Hope you all made it through the week alive! I’m really excited because this evening, at 6pm EST, I will be LIVE on the Livby App! It’s a brand new app where fashion bloggers and brands sell clothing live! So, you can ask questions, and see all of the clothes upfront and in real time. It’s seriously addicting. Bloggers sell their own, gently used clothes, or partner with brands to show you the trendiest pieces! I’ll be on there tonight with the cutest jumpsuit and I’m so excited to share it with you guys. All you have to do is download the free Livby app here, and open it up at 6PM and you’ll find me! My friend Caroline, who is a YouTube vlogger will be joining me for a little happy hour cocktail and then I’ll be getting started showing you ways to style the jumpsuit now and in the fall! Come join us, it’s going to be an awesome time!

Midi Skirt Outfits for Women & Tee Shirt Trend

A major trend this summer has been the midi skirt and tee-shirt craze! I love it! It’s so comfortable, but a fun way to feel a little dressed up and still casual at the same time. I hate wearing pants in the summertime, so anytime I can wear a skirt and still be casual I’m all in.

Midi Skirt Outfits for Women & Tee Shirt Trend

The animal print midi skirts are really popular! The satin finish makes it look chic and slightly dressed up. I love how pairing it with a vintage graphic tee or plain tee, tied in a little knot in the front to gives you a waist. I really like mixing dressy with casual, too.

Midi Skirt Outfits for Women & Tee Shirt Trend

You can really mix and match any tee with these skirts! They don’t have to match perfectly. I like to have at least one color in common in the two, but it’s totally not necessary. I paired this leopard one with a bright red Beatles tee by Junk Food. They have awesome graphic tees! I always think leopard goes so well with red, because leopard really is a neutral. But, any color works. If you get nervous mixing and matching, just keep it neutral – that’s always safe!

Midi Skirt Outfits for Women & Tee Shirt Trend

These midi skirts will really transition well into fall, too! I love to wear a midi skirt with booties or OTK boots and a sweater! It looks so cute. You can also just throw a little moto jacket over the t-shirt and you’re fall ready. This time of year I like to think about how I can transition new pieces I get into the fall. It’s important to be able to wear your clothing investments as much as you can, right?!

Midi Skirt Outfits for Women & Tee Shirt Trend

I found this snakeskin skirt at Urban Outfitters. They always have the cutest, on-trend pieces. This leopard one I found at Red Dress Boutique earlier this season. Unfortunately, they are both now sold out (they are super popular right now! So act fast if you find one you love!), but I’ve linked a bunch for you below, as well as some tees to match!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! Come find me on the Livby App tonight! It’s gonna be fuunnn!! πŸ™‚

Hey, friends! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! We got to spend some time with my family and our friends, so it was a good one over here! I get pretty tired out from busy weekends, so today I’m on the couch with my pup, writing this blog post for ya! πŸ™‚

Before I get into my go-to travel outfit, I wanted to let you know about something fun coming up this Friday! I’m going to be LIVE on the Livby app on Friday at 6PM EST showing you an adorable jumpsuit that I know you guys are going to love by such a cute, new brand! The Livby app is a live selling app for clothing! Anyone can join and sell your gently used second hand clothing. But, there are a ton of amazing fashion bloggers on there who not only sell their barely worn clothes, but also partner with stores and awesome brands to show you what’s new and in style right now! It’s all done through live video, so you get to see the clothes up close and see how they fit and move. I always find that much more helpful than a still photo. My friend and YouTuber, Caroline, will be joining me, too! We are going to share a little cocktail recipe and the cutest jumpsuit that you can easily transition into fall, as well! So, go download the Livby app here, and join us on Friday at 6PM!

Now, I know a lot of you have vacations and travels coming up, as do I! We are headed off to Colorado next month! So excited. So, I wanted to show you my travel style! I love to still look put together and cute while traveling. It’s tempting to just throw on sweats and get to where you are going. I’ve done that many times. But, I always kind of feel like a pile of crap all day in the car or on the plane if I do that. Then, when I get there I have to change and I’d rather just be set and ready to go! Plus, I always find that when you arrive to your destination in style, people tend to take you more seriously. I know that might sound shallow, but it’s true! You can get better service and even a little more friendly interaction if you present yourself as a little more polished. First impressions! They really do mean something.

So, because I still like to be comfortable, I usually opt for something soft, with a flexible waist, and is easy to do quick bathroom breaks in! Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot in rompers! They’re so comfy with elastic waists, and you can pull them on and off so easily. Plus, they’re super cute and so easy to style!

This one by Cupcakes and Cashmere is one my favorites! It’s a really pretty, lined, floral pattern and pairs well with woven mules like these I found at Asos earlier this season. I wear these with practically everything! They have been a really great purchase.

This romper is so comfortable, but it still looks stylish, classy, and chic while you’re traveling! You can easily make this look even more put together with some gold jewelry – like a coin necklace set, some bracelets, a headband, and earrings as I did here.

I like to carry a denim jacket with me to cover up with if the air-conditioning gets too cold, or there is a breeze later in the day! I love cropped, slightly over-sized denim jackets like this one from Free People! I get so much use out of it. It goes with everything, too!

So, that’s my go-to travel outfit! I’ve linked everything here for you, as well as some other comfy rompers that would be great for hitting the road for some much deserved R&R! πŸ™‚

Cutest Casual Tops at Madewell on SALE

Hey, friends! Hope you had a great weekend! I wanted to share some cute tops I found on sale at one of my favorite stores, Madewell!

If you aren’t familiar with Madewell, then, I’m happy to be the one to tell you about it! It’s such an awesome, modern brand! They have a minimalistic, airy, vintage vibe. I first found them at Nordstrom, and then realized that they have their own store, too!

Cutest Casual Tops

I know a lot of you have said that you are looking for everyday looks. Madewell is perfect for casual, comfortable, yet trendy pieces for your closet! They have awesome denim, handbags, and shoes, too! Those are some of my favorite things to buy there. Last fall, they had a color block sweater that was so huge, it was hard to get your hands on! They’re definitely a fashion-forward brand. They always have the latest denim trends especially. Even before you’re sure you’re ready to try them, haha! Know what I mean?

Casual Tops

I love this rainbow tie-front cami I found there. The striped rainbow trend is really big right now! And, the tie detail is so cute, and really in style, too. I love how well it pairs with denim. I matched it with my favorite vintage denim from Good American. It would look so great with white, as well!

Cutest Casual Tops

I’ve linked a bunch of cute and casual tops on sale at Madewell right now! Perfect end of season finds to ride out the summer in! I’ve also linked some of their awesome denim styles I’ve been talking about. Maybe you’ll find something for your fall wardrobe, too!

I’ve also linked my shoes and accessories because these shoes are so comfortable and cute and they’re on major sale right now! One of my favorite purchases of the summer! They go with everything!

Also, since this is Dress Well, BE WELL, I wanted to tell you why I only drink alkaline water like FIJI. When I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, aka Painful Bladder Syndrome, I quickly learned that having an acidic body can not only contribute to the pain but also create an environment for disease to thrive. So, as part of a more alkaline diet, I stopped drinking filtered water (tap, filtered, and other bottled water) or anything with a pH lower than 7. If you’re struggling with IC or any illness, look into eating an alkaline diet. It can really help! And, if you can’t afford to drink FIJI water all the time (it’s expensive!), you can get drops on Amazon to add to your water to make it alkaline!

Hey, friends! Hope you are having a great Friday! I am so excited because the Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access Sale starts today! The Public Access Sale runs through August 4th. You do NOT need to be a cardholder to shop this part of the sale! YAY!

I love the Anniversary Sale because so many amazing brands go on sale that usually don’t. We all love designer brands, but they come with heavier price tags, so now is the best time to grab some of those pricier items you love while they’re reduced! I’ve seen the season’s “it” boots and booties completely sell out during this sale and not come back for a long time if at all, so if you are a shoe girl, jump on this train!

The Anniversary Sale isn’t like other sales because it includes NEW fall items, and current summer items! So, we aren’t talking about last year’s styles that are picked over and have no sizes left. We are talking about the latest collections from favorite brands like Vince Camuto, J. Brand, ASTR The Label, Good American, Rebecca Minkoff, B.P., Leith, and so many, many more!

Some tips for shopping this sale:

  1. Make a list of things you want and need for the rest of the summer and for the fall! Are you looking for workwear, boots, coats, things for your kids for back to school, etc? Stick to your list so you don’t spend all your dough on things you don’t need!
  2. Do not let things sit in your cart! I don’t know how many times I have left things in my cart and continued shopping for a while, only to go back and find out that they’ve SOLD OUT in the meantime! Take advantage of Nordstrom’s free shipping and purchase right away!
  3. If you are unsure of sizing, grab two sizes! You don’t want to be left without the item you love and it’ll be gone by the time it arrives to you. So, get both sizes, and return the one that doesn’t fit. Nordstrom has quick, FREE, and EASY returns! There is no time limit on their returns either, so if you take over a month, you’ll still get your money back! They send you a return label to fill out and

I will be covering the sale and posting all of my picks in several different categories! You can see and find everything all in one place when you download the app! Click here for iPhone apps and here for Android. All you have to do is install it, search for me, click follow, and you’ll be able to see all of my favorite items from the sale!

Here are two of my favorite looks I purchased for myself:

BB Dakota faux leather jacket
This is my favorite sweater from the sale! It’s by ASTR the Label, which is one of my favorite brands and is on sale for under $50!

In this second look below, I am showing you how to transition a summer dress into a fall look! I took this snakeskin dress I got earlier in the season and layered it with this BB Dakota faux leather jacket and Sam Edelman boots, both from the sale! I love leather jackets like these because they are so versatile. You can wear it over a dress, with a skirt (would look super cute with a leopard or snakeskin midi skirt!), or jeans! These boots are a really popular trend this fall. We were seeing so many over-the-knee boots in the past couple of years, but now the slouchy, calf length boots are really trending! These ones from Sam Edelman are SO comfortable!

BB Dakota faux leather jacket

Here are some of my other favorite finds!





BEAUTY PRODUCTS AND SKINCARE: (some of my FAVORITE products are in the category, like the Dr. Dennis Gross Peels and the NuFace Facial Toning Kit! Those are two must-haves in my beauty arsenal! The peels help keep your skin looking fresh and glowy, and the Toning Kit helps keep skin firm and lifted!)

I’d love to hear from you as to what you are looking for so I can include it in my coverage! I’m here to help you, so make use of me! LOL! Feel free to leave a comment, or send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

Good Monday to you! I hope you had a great weekend! I tried to get myself together this weekend. I get off track with my supplement protocols, my diet starts to slip, and I don’t get enough rest. It is stressful managing a chronic illness and trying to work, be social, and be a good wife and human all at the same time! It’s life though, so we gotta figure it out! I spent some time gathering recipes for the week, (crockpot ones to make life easier!) getting my protocols together, and trying to prioritize exercising and my health above all else! I needed the motivation and kick in the butt. We all do, sometimes!

I wanted to share this brand of handbags with you if you aren’t familiar! I’ve been a big fan of Melie Bianco bags for a while now. I first discovered them at Express. Express featured them as a “brand we love” on their site and they had so many cute styles! I then started shopping all of their bags directly on their website. I was so excited when they contacted me to feature a product here on my Instagram and blog!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

They make vegan bags! So, no animals are harmed in the process of creating these beautiful purses! That makes me feel so much better about it. I wish more companies would jump on board this train.

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

I love this bag I chose from their current collection! It has a bamboo handle which is super in style right now. Anything with that natural texture to it is so popular. I love the structured shape of it. Squares and circles are really in! This can be worn as a crossbody, too! It comes with a strap that is detachable. So, it has versatile looks which I appreciate!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

It’s a great size for going out when you want something that can fit all the essentials and a little bit more. It’s not heavy at all. I think it’s perfect for summer outfits and will transition really well into the fall !

Check out Melie Bianco’s website and take a look at all of their different styles if you’re looking for a great new bag for the summer or fall season ahead. They are really quality pieces. The vegan leather looks real and doesn’t have that fake leather smell or texture to it. As much as I love vegan leathers, sometimes they look so cheap and have a chemical smell to them. Not Melie Bianco!

You can use code HELLO40 for 40% off of your order!

Vegan Handbags by Melie Bianco

I’ve also linked some short suit sets that I love! These sets are so great for so many occasions. They’re so chic and also transition into fall well when it’s still warm, but can get cooler at night, so you have the your arms covered with the blazer. I love them!

I also must disclose that this bag was gifted to me. Any links that you use in this post do pay small comissions to me. I so appreciate your support and it helps me to continue this blog. I don’t promote anything here that I would not use and that I don’t love myself. You can always rest assured I will never do something just for the money! It’s not worth my time or yours and I take that into full consideration. I care about all of you and only want to help you find things that are quality and have value for you. Thanks so much!! πŸ™‚

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