This one is for all my homies dying to get into fall fashion!  My first true autumn look.  One of my favorite things to do with clothes is to mix different textures and patterns.  It makes everything look so interesting and gives it depth and dimension.  When I think of fall, I always think of leather and plaid!  Who doesn’t have a favorite fall flannel, plaid accent home pieces for Thanksgiving, a leather moto jacket, or favorite leather boots they love to pull out when the cooler temps hit, am I right?

When I saw this top by Lovers + Friends, I had to have it! I love the deep, rich colors, and the fact that it is a surplice top (it overlays in the front).  It reminds me of the plaid pants my mom used to wear (and put me in, too) back in the 90s, with penny loafers, of course!  No one ever made fun of me and my fancy penny loafers, LOL!  It’s really lightweight and silky, so it’s perfect when the weather hasn’t quite hit full on sweater season.  It can always be worn with denim and a long cardigan or mini jacket when it gets colder.  But for now, it’s perfect paired with a (faux) leather mini skirt for a fun night out!

This skirt by Lovers + Friends is super cute with the zipper details and snake skin texture!  I’m thinking ahead to pairing it with an oversized ivory sweater, or black turtleneck top with boots!  It is really versatile.  It’ll be great for the holiday season, too!  Am I the only person who immediately has the holidays on their mind when September hits?  I’m a total freak when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas!  Let the countdown begin! 😀

As for more added texture to this outfit, I chose a suede block heel.  I love to wear suede when I am wearing other leathers, faux or not, because it adds another element to the outfit.   I don’t think leather on leather is bad at all, I just think you have to be careful not to overdo it.  Too much of it can start to look harsh.  Suede shoes with a leather skirt, pants, or shorts is always a safe bet!

Unfortunately, this skirt is currently sold out, but I have hopes that they will bring it back in stock!  I’ve also seen this top paired with black leather paper bag shorts, which I will linked below, along with a much more affordable faux version that will likely also be back in stock, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re into those.  I’ve also linked another leather mini if you like that look, too!

Awww, my sweet husband got to join me on this photoshoot, so we had to include him in a picture 🙂  He is so supportive and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have him with me anytime!  He also makes a great assistant, haha! 😀

I am a huge fan of jumpsuits!  They make me feel more powerful and confident than a dress most of the time.  Maybe because it’s like putting on a superhero costume, or maybe it’s the long look of the pant legs with really high heels that makes me feel like I can take on the world.  I don’t know, but I dig it!

One thing I always look for in a good jumpsuit is comfort!  This one from Cupcakes and Cashmere is literally like wearing sweat pants!  The fabric is so plush and soft!  It has an elastic waist band, so you can eat all you want, sit comfortably, and get it on and off easily (because who wants a bunch of buttons when you’re trying to hurry up and pee?!).  I love this rich merlot color.  It works well any time of year!  I dressed this up with a fancy belt from Vanessa Mooney, but you can easily keep it casual without the belt for a more relaxed look.  For those of us who are height challenged, you can usually get away with wearing some platform wedges and not even have to hem it, all while looking like your best giraffe tall self.

My bag is from Rebecca Minkoff.  I love the chevron style and gold detailing.  It works with so many outfits.  Her bags are really on trend and beautiful without spending an entire mortgage payment on them!  I appreciate that because if you are anything like me, more is more and I like to have a lot of different bag styles to choose from!

I am really obsessed with these Vanessa Mooney earrings right now!  I love her style.  She has so many awesome accessories of all kinds!  These gold hoops have a really chic knot on the top and feel very luxe.  Gold hoops are a staple in any wardrobe and these ones are truly unique!

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories as well as a couple other comfy jumpsuits below! 🙂

When it’s hot out, I cannot bring myself to put pants on most days!  Lol.  I feel so badly for men (wait a minute, no I don’t….) who have to wear suits, pants, and ties all the time despite the heat!  I mean, if that’s one of their few burdens in life, then life is pretty good!  Don’t get me started on the hellish pain of PMS for me.  It’s beyond comprehension.  But back to the topic, sundresses are a total staple for me in the summertime.  They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and putting on a nice dress even just to do some errands always makes me feel a bit happier 🙂

One of my favorite brands for summer sundresses is Faithful the Brand!  They have soooo many cute styles, long and short.  I love their vintage feel and relaxed, modern vibe.  This one rocks the tie sleeve trend, which is really big this year.  It is so comfortable and the wrap style makes it so flattering on every body type.  I love the sweetness of the dress with it’s delicate flower pattern.  This dress can easily transition into fall with a cardigan or a jacket and some booties.  This color looks great on any skin tone.  It always reminds me of my Irish heritage, too!

This backpack is by Rebecca Minkoff.  I love the detail with the zippers, and it has been so convenient especially when traveling!  I hate getting sore shoulders from wearing a bag on one side all day.  If you’re anything like me and stuff your bag to the limit, you know the feeling!  Rebecca Minkoff makes this backpack in a ton of really cute colors and patterns!

My necklace here is the Warrior Coin Set from joolz by Martha Calvo.  I love coin sets right now, and this warrior one definitely spoke to me!  I love the reminder of knowing I’m fighting a winning battle with my health every day!  It can of course apply to anyone just trying to get through every day life.  We all have our challenges!

I’ve linked this dress, my accessories and some other adorable dresses by Faithful the Brand.  Slainte, my friends!

I am obsessed with the new trend of summer suits this season!  So many reasons why.  First, they are incredibly wearable for work and can take you straight to evening for cocktails or dinner.  They look great with a mule slide for more professional atmospheres, and super sexy with heels for your evening ventures.

How many times have you gone out to dinner in the summer and worn your new favorite sleeveless dress and been totally freezing?  Enter the summer suit.  The blazer has your back.  You can wear it with or without.  I think the blazer gives me an instant boost of confidence.  I think of it as my power suit! 🙂

I also love the fact that the pieces can be worn separately too.  The shorts can be worn with any number of different tops like an off the shoulder, a bodysuit, or even a plain tee. You can totally take the blazer into fall and pair it with a cami and jeans, too!  I have linked these suit pieces and another cute one below!  Unfortunately my cami and bracelet are sold out, but I’ve linked some similar ones.  

Nothing feels like summer more than white lacey tops and dresses!  I’m really into the bohemian vibe, especially in the summer.  I love the softness of the look and the flowy, romantic feel.  Tularosa is one of my favorite brands that really captures that feeling.  This top by Tularosa is a staple for me!  You can pair it with denim or skirts, it’s super versatile.

The cropped top and high waisted denim trend is definitely still happening.  I love the high waisted denim!  Bring on the mom jeans!  These jeans are my current favorite brand, Good American.  Khloe Kardashian really knows what she is doing with denim!  Her Good American brand has jeans for EVERY body!  Sizes 00-24!  They’re slogan is “sexy at every size!”  I love that.  I have three pair, and they are all three my favorite jeans to wear!  They are so comfy and stretchy, but they are still solid denim that won’t stretch out and leave you with a saggy butt.  The waistline hits just right, too.  I hate it when denim says high waisted but it is still way below the belly button.  High waisted jeans give us the look of longer legs and smaller waist as they hit at your true waistline.  If you’re still on the fence about them, I dare you try some, you might be pleasantly surprised! 😀  Click on the pics below to shop this look!


I was reading a fashion article not too long ago where a male stylist said something to the effect of “rompers are for babies, and no woman over the age of 4 should be wearing them.”  If you ask me, he’s just jealous because he would get weird looks if he wore one, and we look better in them!  I LOVE rompers!  I have dozens of them.  They make getting dressed such a freaking breeze.  All you gotta do is manage to get your underwear on and slip into one of these and you immediately look put together.  I like that.  Anything that takes the planning and over thinking out of the equation works for me!

I love rompers with long sleeves because everyone has their ACs cranked up so high in the summertime.  I freeze everywhere we go!  Plus, they transition well into the warmer weeks of fall.  This one is by Cupcakes & Cashmere.  I love its boho, breezy style.  I paired it with some Sam Edelman strappy sandals which are so comfortable, and my favorite Ellen & James straw bag.  These bags were huge this spring and summer!  I had to order directly from Ellen & James in Australia because all of the US vendors were sold out of this particular one.  But, there are so many fun Ellen & James bags still available!  I don’t see these bags or rompers for that matter, going away anytime soon! 🙂  Click on the pictures below to shop this look!

For my birthday this year, my husband surprised me with tickets to see Britney Spears in concert at Radio City Music Hall in NYC!  I was sooooo obsessed with Brit there for a while, especially during her earlier years!  While I still love her, I wasn’t expecting to totally fan girl out, but I was that girl!  Second row, screaming, singing and dancing along while my husband videoed her (and me – so embarrassing, if that ever gets leaked I will DIE!)!  I had the best night I’ve had in a really long time!

I knew that I had to find a special dress to go see my girl Brit!  I went through several options when I came upon this slip dress by DELFI.  I am in love with it!  I would never have expected that I would have liked a slip dress this much.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned one.  I was skeptical at first because it is really thin, but it is so comfortable and surprisingly flattering at the same time!  That is my jam.  Comfort is key!  Especially when eating at the fabulous NYC restaurants where you know you’re probably going to go a little overboard on food (and likely drink – I drank alcohol for the first time since December, and it certainly added to the enjoyment! Cabernet, baby! Doesn’t take much for me!).  But, you don’t want to forgo style on a big night out when still striving for comfort, so this little slip dress was perfect!  I love that it has adjustable straps AND an adjustable thigh slit length!  The dress lets you decide how much you want to show – not much at all, or if you really feel like going for it, you can!  LOL.  It’s a great dress for a night out or even a wedding.  The colors make it a transitional piece for the warmer fall months, too!  I’ve linked this dress, shoes, accessories, and some other cute slip dresses at different price points that I love as well! Click on the pics below to shop the look 😀

Professional Photos by Courtney DeMarco Photography

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