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Happy Cyber Monday! Let’s the sales continue! It is all kind of annoying, isn’t it? But, the prices are appreciated, so we put up with it and try our best to get all the shopping done NOW, lol. I’ve got a good dent in my gifts but still a little ways to go! I’ll get there. Today, I wanted to share a gift guide for the men in your life. I get stuck and never know what to get for my guys, so I did some digging around and found some great options that I hope will help you! Most everything is on sale, so make sure you click on it to take you to the site to see the sale price. Happy shopping!


Some more great looks at Express that are 50% off right now:





Alright, guys! That’s a wrap for my Gift Guide for Him! I hope you found some things that the men in your life will love! Let me know below if you’re needing help with anyone else and I’d be more than happy to assist! Be sure to check out the other gift guides I’ve done under the gift guide tab! Happy Holidays to you and yours.



Happy Black Friday, babes! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and you’re ready to shop those deals πŸ™‚ I love Black Friday online shopping. I never go to the actual mall anymore. It’s too chaotic and I’m usually too tired after Thanksgiving, anyway. I like to stay warm and cozy at home with my tea and laptop and get my gifting on! So, I’ve picked some really great stores that have some fabulous deals going on right now! Here are my favorite finds…


I love me some Free People! Their sweaters are my favorite of all and they’re such amazing quality. I wear them for years! They are a little pricier than others, but in my opinion they’re worth it because the style is always top notch and as I said, the quality is superb!


This is a new store for me but I’ve seen a lot of cute pieces from here from so many bloggers! The styles are really trendy and lots of them are cozy, too!


Shopbop is having a buy more, save more sale! They have a lot of designer pieces so this is the time to stock up! I love their holiday dresses. I will have more of those to come soon. But, definitely check out their sale in the meantime πŸ™‚


Urban Outfitters always has such unique stuff and a lot of the prices are really good considering the quality. They’re having a BOGO Sale! Lots of comfy staples and some cute dressier pieces, too!


I LOVE the Express Black Friday Sale! Everything except some of the name brands is 50% off! I think that their quality is really good and they have a lot of cute styles. I also really like their men’s collection, so I will share some favorites for the guys in your life, too!


Alright, guys! That’s it for my Black Friday Fashion Sales! I hope this guide helps to ease some of your shopping stress and to find some things you love for a lot less. If I can help you with anything else, please let me know! You can leave a comment, send me a message, or a DM on Instagram or my Facebook page. As always, thank you so much for shopping these links and supporting me. I do get a small commission from your purchases through these links. Every little bit goes to help me keep this blog going, so I greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much. Happy Holiday Season! πŸ™‚



Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! I hope you have had a great week and are ready to relax and eat your favorite Thanksgiving Day foods tomorrow! I love this time of year! It’s so fun to buy gifts for others that might make them know how special they are to you. What better gift than one that helps improve their health and well-being, right? Wellness gifts are my favorite gifts to give. Today, I’m sharing a bunch of my favorite wellness products with you that would make a great present for someone you care about.


Everyone likes to start the new year off on the right foot with their health! Activewear is a great gift to give to help encourage people to get moving. I found some really cute things at Nordstrom and on Amazon for you! I love these brands, use, and trust them a lot. I’m obsessed with 90 Degrees by Reflex products because they are just as high quality as the more expensive brands, but they always have great prices! Here are some of my favorite pieces of theirs and some other amazing brands, too!

For Women:

For Men:


There are lots of great tools that can help people stay on track with their health goals! These are ones that I use all of the time.

Ninja Blender: I love this blender. It is really high quality and will last for ages. Plus, it blends your ingredients until they’re really smooth! No one likes a chunky smoothie, haha!

Air Fryer: No need to deep fry your foods when you can simply air fry them! I like to make brussel sprouts, french fries, and coconut crusted chicken in mine. There’s lots of ways to use this and make your favorite fried foods in a healthier way!

The InstantPot: This is a necessity in my house! It cooks your foods faster than a crockpot and in minutes you can have a fully cooked stew, sweet potato, chicken, you name it! It’s a great gift for anyone starting a new diet, who cooks a lot, is really busy, or wants to just improve their health.

The Ionic Foot Detox Bath: This is something I utilize all of the time. It’s fabulous for detoxing out mold, fungus, heavy metals, chemicals, and other unwanted toxins. I got this for my home when I began healing from Lyme Disease. If anyone in your family has a chronic illness or cancer, this would be an excellent gift to give to them. Toxins are a main factor in why we get and stay sick. Plus, if you are killing off any bacteria, virus, fungus, cancer, etc, you MUST be helping your body to detox because it is too much for your liver to handle all on its own.

The Infrared Heating Pad: This is a lifesaver for me! It gets deeper down into your tissues than an electric heating pad and it does not emit EMFs which are harmful to your health. The relief is longer lasting than an electric pad, too! A must for anyone with muscle pain or bladder pain from IC. I also find it helpful for relaxation and falling asleep.

Infrared Sauna: Far-Infrared saunas are really expensive. I have a real one, but they’re not something you can necessarily give as a gift unless you have about ten grand to drop, haha. If so, message me and I’ll tell you about mine. But, you can give this gift of a portable infrared sauna! My Lyme Disease friends rave about this one and say it works really well for them. It helps to detox your body from die-off, mold, fungus, heavy metals, and other toxins. It’s not just for sick people either. Healthy people should also utilize them to stay healthy!


Did you know that the United States does not regulate the ingredients that go into beauty products? Yep. It’s true! There are so many harmful, toxic ingredients that are in our products that we use on a daily basis. They do not get filtered out and they stay in our systems and contribute to disease. There are heavy metals like aluminum and lead, and other toxins like parabens, hydroquinone, propylene glycol, the list goes on. Giving your friends or family a clean beauty product or set helps them to discover healthier brands and shows them that you care about their well-being. Here are some of my favorites products and gift sets by some awesome brands!


I love a good book! I don’t know what it is but ever since I got a bit older, I am so hungry for knowledge. I just want to be learning alllll the time! Learning about how to take better care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is a great thing to do. I always feel so much better when I’m reading a book about mindset or spirituality. I also love my cookbooks so I can find great recipes that taste amazing and keep me on track with my nutrition. Here are some of my favorites:

Gabrielle Bernstein: Gabby is a spiritual teacher. She writes books about how to align yourself with the universe, transform your life from living in fear to living in love and faith, and how to manifest things you want in your life. You can read these books no matter what religion you follow. They apply to everyone! I love that. I have read “The Universe Has Your Back” and am currently reading “Super Attractor”. I feel so good when I read her words and put them into practice! I can honestly say my life has changed for the better since I started reading them! I also love the card deck that goes with “The Universe Has Your Back”. There is a card for each day. I keep it by my bedside and read it first thing in the morning and remember that thought throughout my day. Really great gift! Someone special gave it to me and I’m so glad they did πŸ™‚

A New Earth & A Course In Miracles: These are also written by mindfulness teachers and spiritual teachers. They are eye-opening and really awaken you to yourself! If you’re looking to improve your life and relationships, these are wonderful books to read!

You are a Badass: Love this book! I am a self-doubter. It’s held me back my whole life. I see potential in just about everyone but myself and that is just plain stupid! I loved this book because it helped me to change my thought patterns and see my own limitless potential.

Cookbooks: These are some of my favorite cookbooks! I absolutely love Danielle Walker, the author of the Against All Grain series. She does amazing Paleo (gluten free, dairy free, grain free, refined sugar-free, legume free, soy free) recipes that taste amazing! I also love the Paleo Approach Cookbook by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne because it teaches you about Paleo and Autoimmune Paleo, why it’s an effective diet for those of us struggling with autoimmunity, and has recipes to boot! The books listed by Dr. Wahls, Dr. Mark Hyman, Jennifer Robbins, and Mickey Trescott are also fabulous! They are all leaders in the Paleo and Autoimmune communities and have so much knowledge and incredible recipes, too! I also love the Forks Over Knives series for eating plant-based. I can’t always eat plant based, but if my gut would allow, I would! These would be great gifts for your vegan friends, or others that want to eat more plants in a delicious way! I also included this “Crystals for Beginners” book because I have a crystal kit linked later in the post. My friend gave me this book and it is so interesting. Crystals are very healing! I can feel the energy just holding one. It’s a great wellness gift!


I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize all of these, so I will briefly cover each one!

Foam rollers: These are really great for anyone who loves to workout, or complains of sore, tight muscles! This is me! Haha. My muscles are always in knots. These foam rollers have really helped me to loosen them up and relieve some of the pain.

Dry Brush: Dry brushing is another easy way to detox! You just simply brush your skin in upward circles before you get into the shower. It helps to lift dead skin and any toxins that we sweat out that are left on our skin that could be re-absorbed. It also helps with lymphatic drainage!

HUM Nutrition Skin Heroes Pre & Probiotic: This supplement helps your gut and your skin! Perfect for your wellness and beauty-loving friend!

Zypan: I love this supplement! In my top 3 Supplements of all-time! I wrote a whole blog post on it. This is hydrochloric acid in a very natural form. Standard Process is one of the oldest wellness companies. They make very high quality, pure supplements. The hydrochloric acid helps your stomach to break down food, especially proteins. As we age, our stomach acid decreases. We tend to get more bloated and don’t absorb our nutrients. By supplementing with HCL you can reduce the bloat and have more energy because your body is absorbing your food!

Crystals: I linked a crystal pendulum, water bottle, and a couple of crystal sets. As I mentioned before, crystals have healing powers! I love my pendulum! It’s so fun to dowse to see if certain foods are good for you or not. Other people even ask it questions about life! Just YouTube “dowsing” and you’ll find a video that teaches you how to use a pendulum. The crystal kits are great for people who are into wellness, reiki, and energy healing! I love the crystal water bottle, because it infuses your water with the healing energy of the crystals!

21 & Me: This is such a great gift! My brother got it for me last year. You can get your DNA tested to show your ancestory AND your genes to check for health problems that might run in your family. This way you can be more proactive to prevent them!

Alright guys, that’s a wrap on my wellness gift guide! I hope that you found something that inspires you! Let me know which are your favorites in the comments below! As always, I so appreciate your support by buying from these links. I do get a small commission from them that helps me to keep this blog running. Thank you so much for your support, and have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! πŸ™‚



Happy Monday, babes! Hope you had a great weekend! I am gearing up for the holidays over here. It’s already pretty crazy! We get so busy and I have to watch myself or I will run myself into the ground, ya know? I don’t have energy for all the things I want to do, so I have to plan accordingly. That’s a whole separate blog post! But, what I do love about the holidays nowadays is that it’s soooo easy to shop online! And, I’ve made it even easier for you again this year with gift guides that I will be rolling out in the coming days and weeks. I’m starting off today with the ladies in your life! Lots of gifts in different categories and price ranges. The ones I’m sharing with you today are $25 and under and $50 and under! But, as always, they are quality items. I don’t like to give cheap gifts that fall apart. So, you’ll find all kinds of fun things that are nice yet reasonably priced! Let’s check them out!

For the Homebody:

We all have that lady in our lives that loves to lounge! Or, maybe your friend is ill and you want to give her something cozy and cute to make her feel nice while she’s recovering. Here are a bunch of my favorites that scream comfort!

$25 and Under:

$50 & Under:

I have these polka dot jammies from Amazon and they are so nice! Very comfy and chic!

For the Fashionista:

Really, any lady in your life would love these gifts! Accessories can really make an outfit! These are some fun ones that anyone could wear and would love. I really love the Ettika jewelry. I’ve been wearing their pieces for years and they are so trendy but still classic. I’m still wearing the necklaces I got a couple years ago. They are great quality, too!

$25 and Under:

$50 and Under:

$50 & Under Ettika Jewelry: (use code “dresswellbewell20 for 20% off of your purchase 11/19-11/24!)

For the HGTV Obsessed Friends & Family:

Let’s face it, who isn’t obsessed with home decor, though? I love getting gifts for my home that add a little extra special vibe to my space. It’s always nice to look at them and remember the person who got it for me, too. Here are a few of my favorites right now that would make really cute gifts!

$25 & Under:

$50 & Under:

For the Self-Care Advocate:

I’m going to have a separate post for wellness gifts, but here are a few nice self-care items that would make a great present! I’ve been wanting to get one of these jade or quartz rollers! They’re great for massaging the face, bring blood flow back to your face, and helping you look more awake and plump! That youthful glow we all want! I also love these travel cases! I have the makeup one and the jewelry one and I use them every time I travel. They make staying organized so easy!

$25 & Under:

$50 & Under:

For the Entertainer & Game Lover:

I love having game nights! Especially in the winter when it’s so freezing and everyone just needs to have a good laugh to lift those winter blues! Games are an awesome gift to give because you’re gifting the gift of fun for years to come. I love this meme game! We play it all the time with friends and family. Catch Phrase is another favorite! There are two versions here, an adult one and a family one, so pick your poison! πŸ™‚

$25 & Under:

For your Feminist Friend:

Girl Power is not only popular right now, but necessary! I love how we are rising up, digging deep to find our strength, and raising our littles to be independent women who don’t take any crap! We gotta stick together and fight for what’s right! Here are some gifts for your passionate feminist friend!

$25 & Under:

For your Bag Lovin’ Babe:

Some of my favorite bags are less than $50! They’re not expensive, but they pack of a lot of style into their little price point! I love these bags. They’re on trend, but still have a classic vibe to last for a long time. My favorite are these ruched pouch bags in white and cognac! SO CUTE!

$50 & Under:

Alright guys! That’s it for “Gifts for Her” for $25-$50! I hope you found something that might work for the special ladies in your life! I’ll be posting more gift guides soon, so be sure to keep checking back! Let me know if you found this helpful in the comments below! Also, it would be so great if you could sign up for the newsletter on the side of the page here. That way, you’ll get an alert when the rest of the holiday content goes live!

*Thank you for support by shopping from these links. I get a very small commission if you purchase through them, but every little bit helps to keep this blog going. I greatly appreciate it! πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays to you and yours! <3


Handbags are a hot ticket item on so many women’s wish lists!  I know I wait all year for Christmas in hopes of maybe snagging a new one.  But, it can be tough for the special person in your life buying one of these treasures for you because there’s so many to choose from and such a wide price range!  Where does one start?!  Well, I’ve broken down my favorite handbags from high-end designers to adorable, affordable options, too, and some in between!  So, feel free to send this link on over to your Santa Clause and let them know which ones are your favorites! πŸ™‚

Let’s start off with some handbags that are most affordable!  I’ve found some great options from stores like Anthropologie and Free People! These bags are so trendy, many of them are vegan friendly, and they look just as chic as any designer bag.  All of these bags are under $125, with the majority being well under $100!

If you’re looking for a designer bag but don’t have the big bucks for the super high end ones, these are some of my absolute favorite more affordable designer bags!  This list includes Rebecca Minkoff, Zac by Zac Posen, and Marc Jacobs!  

And finally, for those lucky ladies who have high end taste and a high end budget, I’ve listed my favorite designer bags from Chloe, YSL, Gucci, and Chanel!  Some of these I found at great prices from The RealReal and Italist which are sites that sell very gently used bags at a discounted price!  I’ve bought from them before and have always been really happy with my selections!  I’d highly recommend them both.  If there truly is a Santa out there, I hope he sees this list and realizes how good I’ve been this year πŸ˜‰  LOL.

So many beautiful ones, it’s so hard to choose, isn’t it?!  I hope this list has helped you find a bag to love and call your own for Christmas!  Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and a very Merry Christmas! <3

Gifts for Her

At Christmastime, I love to show a little love to my favorite girls in my life!   They are there for me in such big and small ways all throughout the year and it makes me feel good to give them a nice gift to let them know how loved and appreciated they are!  So, I’ve put together this gift guide of a few of my favorite ideas for your BFFs all under $50!

1.   A Velvet Mini Bag – I think this is such a great gift because we all go out to special events during the holidays and beyond and having a cute bag for a night out on the town is a must!  These velvet bags are so on trend and go with everything!  She’ll think of you every time she gets ready on a fun night out!

2.  A Zodiac Sign Necklace – These are so popular right now!  You can find them just about anywhere. I think they are so cute! It’s a great way to give a personalized gift without having her name written all over it.  Extra points if they’re into Astrology!  

3.  A Set of Cute Coasters – I love this idea!  Having cute coasters in your home signals that you are a true adult now, haha!  They look great in your family or living room even when you’re not using them.  I like to put mine on a little tray on my coffee table.  They add the perfect touch!  She’ll love these!

4.  A Clean Beauty Gift Set – Show her you care about her health as much as her beautiful self!  These non-toxic beauty gift sets are a perfect way to show your friends that clean beauty is just as awesome as all of the toxin filled stuff!  It’s something you can feel good about putting on your body and giving to your girl!

5.  A Makeup Bag – Every girl needs a good makeup bag!  I used to not really care about this and would just randomly toss my makeup into my purse.  Then it started getting lost in the madness and I couldn’t find it, it’d get gum stuck on it, all kinds of weird stuff.  So, I gave in and started using a makeup bag and it’s made life much easier.  Plus, it makes me feel much more put together to take out a nice bag when I need to reapply versus scrambling through and pulling out my lipstick with gum and hair stuck on it, LOL!  Here are some of my favorites! πŸ™‚

I hope this little guide helped you find something you love for the girls you love!  I’m sure that any small gesture you make will make them feel loved and appreciated this season.  <3

Hey, guys!  It’s that time of year when you start asking yourself, what the heck am I going to get for my man this year?!  I feel like I’ve already gotten him every gift idea under the sun.  How am I possibly going to come up with something new this year?  I totally get it.  I’m in the same boat.  But, if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s gift-giving!  So, hopefully one of these ideas will spark some inspiration for you!

1.  A Record Player – This is perfect for any music lover!  All things vintage are so popular right now, there is no way he won’t love this!  I actually got one for my hubs last year, and  it’s been a huge hit.  We love to play records while we eat dinner, clean up, sit around playing games, and especially during holiday parties and family get=togethers!  And now, these record players even come with blue tooth capabilities.  So, you can play right from your phone even if you don’t have the music you want on vinyl!  You can also hook up your iPod to it and play it through the speakers as well.  Vinyl just has such a unique sound to it, there’s really nothing like listening to your old favorites on a record player.  Plus, they look really cool and are a great interior decor piece.  I’ve also linked some storage pieces for your records, too!


2.   Make Your Own Alcohol Kit – I don’t know about yours, but my man loves himself a cocktail!  He’s really into trying different kinds of liquors with different infusions.  These make your own gin, beer, and wine kits are really popular right now!  Give him a chance to show off his distilling, fermenting, and brewing skills and be proud of his own creation with one of these DIY kits!

3.   A Leather (or Faux) Jacket – Update your man’s outerwear style with a sleek new leather jacket!  There are so many different styles and colors out there right now that are super cool.  I love the addition of shearling to the collars and cuffs!  It makes it even warmer for these freezing winter days.  I am also really into the suede jackets.  They’re such a fresh take on the leather jacket.  Check these out!

4.  Wireless Earbuds – These are perfect for the man who likes to listen to music on the go while exercising, walking the dog, doing yardwork, on the airplane, or wherever!  You don’t have to worry about the wires getting tangled up or in your way while you’re trying to move your arms.  I hate it when I’m in the zone and then I accidentally knock the wire out of the iPod!  The worst.  Problem solved with these!

5.  Tile Mate & Tile Pro Series – Okay, stop!  I just found the best gift ever!  If your man is anything like me (I lose my phone every time I put it down) or like my husband who can’t ever find the tiny Apple TV remote, then you are going to be pumped about this!  This little square bluetooth tracker attaches to anything (think luggage, keys, remote, phone), and will ring whenever you press the button on your Tile Mate, or use the app on your phone.  The Tile Pro Series has Smartphone capabilities, too!  This my friends, is an AWESOME gift!

6.  Personalized Cuff Links – Support independent small business owners, and keep your man looking fine in his business game by getting him some monogrammed cuff links!  I got some for my husband a few years ago and he has been wearing them ever since!  They look so sharp and have the perfect personal touch!

7.  Boots – I have never met a man that doesn’t love a fresh pair of boots!  Swap out his old beat up ones for some shiny new ones!  If you have to, tell him he can keep the old ones to wear while he’s doing things outside!  That usually works πŸ˜‰

8.   A Bluetooth Handsfree Headset – If your man is on the go a lot and doing business, he will love this one!  This wireless headset allows you to take calls, so your hands are free to drive, text, work on your computer, cook dinner for your wife, or play with the kids!  Some of these can even play your music!  No more taking calls through the car’s system so everyone else has to listen in either!  Yes, please!

9.  Game Night Games – Get through the winter blues with some laughs with friends and family during game nights! We have a bunch of these games and they’re super fun!  We find ourselves playing them over and over again with our friends and just the two of us!

10.  Ring Video Doorbell – This device attaches to the outside of your door.  It allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone who comes to your door with your phone, tablet, and PC!  No more wondering who could possibly be ringing the door right now, or not being able to make it to the door in time before the UPS man leaves!  Your kids can see who it is and whether or not they should answer, too!  Love this one!  I need this for our house!

BONUS :  Teach your man about the importance of clean, non-toxic, hygiene products with this awesome set from Burt’s Bees!

I hope this list gave you some serious inspiration to surprise your man this holiday season!  Let me know what you think and which ones are your favorites!  Happy shopping πŸ™‚

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