Hey loves, how was your weekend?  I hope it was great!  Ours was okay until Saturday morning.  We were on our way into the city, (Pittsburgh) when we heard about a mass shooting in Squirrel Hill, not far from where we were.  A man entered a synagogue and killed eleven people and injured many more including police officers at a child’s naming service.  It is so heartbreaking how this violence never ends.  It’s just so senseless.  How people carry such hate in their hearts for people who are different from them is beyond me.  I’m sure this man had mental illness.  But, that doesn’t excuse all the actions by himself and others that took place to lead up to these murders.  I wish we as a country would learn to love and celebrate differences in each other.  We have drawn such large lines of division between sides of religion, politics, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.  I’m just saying… maybe if we put love at the forefront, we would see things differently.  A change needs to be made.

Speaking of love, (always gotta bring it back to the fashion! haha!), I am really falling hard for blazers this season!  There are so many amazing styles and patterns out right now, it’s so hard to choose!  I love blazers for so many reasons.  First, they make great layering pieces, perfect for chilly fall weather.  You can throw them over a cami when it’s warmer, a shirt, a sweater, a bodysuit, so many options!  They can also take you from work to dinner & drinks with your girls!  I dig the versatility.  You can throw it over a tee-shirt and look totally pulled together to go run errands or pick up your kids.  No one is going to think you just rolled out of bed if you have a blazer on!  I also love the feeling I have when I put on a blazer.  It’s an instant boost of confidence and makes me feel like a true boss!  Everyone takes someone in a blazer a little more seriously… I mean, think about it.  Right??  I like how it also makes you feel business sexy!  Like, “yeah I’m wearing this blazer and I’m totally in charge, but I also look really fine at the same time”, haha!  Who doesn’t love a woman in a business suit?  Hotness.

This season, we are seeing a lot of menswear, blazers included.  A lot of the cuts we right now are more boxy.  Many of them are called “boyfriend blazers”.   They are longer and less fitted, more like the 90’s.  Everything always comes back around!  This one from Revolve is also really 90’s inspired. It’s not as long as some of the boyfriend blazers, but it still has the vintage vibe to it.  It’s by “About Us” and is currently on sale! (Originally $198, now $119!) I love the vibrant purple.  It totally takes me back to the 90’s when I had a favorite shirt that was this color from “Esprit”!  I used to love that store.  I paired it with some vintage denim from “Topshop” and a white cami from “J. Crew” for a fresh look.  You could definitely wear it with a skirt or dress pants for work, or even over a dress!  That would be very cute!  I picked my favorite nude heels from “Steve Madden” and crossbody by “Zac by Zac Posen”.  Purple always looks great with any kind of metal, but I picked my favorite gold coin necklaces and gold hoops.

I’ve linked this outfit as well as my other favorite blazers in a large range of prices, but all under $150 for you below!  Which are your favorites?  Comment below!  Happy Shopping 🙂

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