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I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day!  It was really hot here in PA!  We took our dog to the dog park and realized when no one else was there that it was probably irresponsible of us as fur parents to have him out in heat like that!  We didn’t stay long.  Only one other pup came to play and he bathed in the communal doggie tub most of the time.  Our dog, Barkley, is afraid of the water, so he just ran around in the mud and then jumped all over my white jeans!  My mistake for wearing white jeans to the dog park!  What was I thinking?

I had the pleasure again of having my hubby show up for this photoshoot!  I love when he comes!  He is so helpful but also relaxes me a bit.  The most natural smiling shots are the ones with him in it.  We did not even plan this red, white, and blue ensemble!  He just happened to be wearing it to work that day and when he showed up I had this red outfit on, so we ran with it!  Perfect timing for Labor Day!

A major trend in dresses right now that I’m really obsessed with is the blazer dress!  I love the blazer dress so much because it is still a fun, flirty dress with a bit of extra class and sophistication!  It instantly makes me feel like a #bossbabe.  Women are having such a huge moment in time.  I think the blazer dress is a major reflection of our rising power! This one from Leith is actually a romper, but it wraps across in the front making it look like a dress.  I love the big belt across the front, it totally gives it an 80’s vibe!  It’s also really comfortable because it drapes in the front as opposed to having tight buttons, and it has an elastic waistline under the belt.

Because the romper is really loud itself, I kept the shoes and bag neutral.  If you wanted to, you could totally pair it with a fun bag like a leopard print to make an even bolder statement, though!  It’s all about how you like to express yourself 🙂

I’ve linked this romper, accessories and a few other blazer dresses that I love!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”.  I love this quote!  When you think about the people in your life, do they reflect the kind of person you are?  Do you do things and act in similar ways that they do?  When I think about my friends and people I consistently choose to work and interact with and who choose me in return, I see a strong correlation between all of them.  They’re all respectful to others, of their choices and boundaries, generous and charitable, kind and understanding, loving to people who are different from them, wanting to see the best in others, and always willing to give a helping hand!  I could really go on on.  I do love my tribe very much, and I try to be all of these things to people in general myself.  I have had so many people come into my life when I needed them most, whom I never knew before and they have not only helped me, but saved my life! Twice!  I always think about that and how lucky I am.  What are the chances of that happening?  When I had my autoimmune disease in my liver (it’s called Autoimmune Hepatitis, but it is not a viral form of hepatitis.  It is only called hepatitis because that is the term used for any and all inflammation of the liver), and the drs wanted me to go on the transplant list, I knew it was a bad idea.  My body was so weak, I didn’t think I could survive a transplant or even the aftermath of managing it.  A transplant would have completely changed the course of my life at such a young age.  That was when I really put myself out there and researched and talked to as many people as I could.  I was an active member of a support group on Facebook for my disease.  I would spend a lot of time encouraging, empathizing, and listening to other members going through dark times that I knew too well.  One night when I couldn’t sleep, I was scrolling through that group and I came upon an article in which a lady told her story about how she healed naturally from this disease, did not need a transplant, and was doing well without any medications.  She had read a book by Denise Otten called, “Curing Courtney”.  It was Denise’s account of how she helped heal her young daughter from this disease using an all natural vitamin and supplement protocol by Dr. Burt Berkson.  I read the book and immediately contacted her.  She is a health coach and she helps SO many people suffering with this horrible disease.  Within 6 months I was in remission doing things this way and incorporating the Autoimmune Paleo Diet as well.  I had been on steroids and immunosuppressants from the specialists in Pittsburgh for 6 years, with absolutely no results.  My doctors laughed at me when I asked about the diet.  But, when I went to see them after that 6 months, they didn’t even recognize me!  He went to get my blood test results and came back in the room even more shocked!  My liver enzymes were completely normal after being fifty times what they were supposed to be for 6 years!  I did not need a transplant, and I no longer take any of those medications.  So, when I think about people like Denise, who have come into my life, I always wonder, “why me?” My husband says, “it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t put yourself out there, if you hadn’t been helpful to other people”.  It also wouldn’t have happened if other people hadn’t put themselves out there, too!  It’s not easy to share such an intimate health story with the world, but that woman did.  If we stay safe and quiet in our own little corners of the world, it’s true, we won’t find the light that we are looking for, or that we need but are too fearful to admit or seek out.  If we open our hearts and minds, give of ourselves to others and make use of our knowledge, talents, and love we have to share, then we will most certainly start to receive those gifts from others in return. They may come in the form of friendship, mentors, doctors, caregivers, employers, work collaborations, the possibilities are endless.  So, that’s why I love this quote, “your vibe attracts your tribe” so much, because I most certainly believe that the energy we put out into the world will always come back to us. <3

Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with this outfit?? LOL.  Well, I really love the vibe of this outfit!  Haha.  I think it is so sunny, cheery, and fun! It’s a great outfit for going out on the town with your friends and family and having a blast!  This bodysuit is by Lovers + Friends.  I love the bright pop of gold in the creamy, ivory lace.  It kind of reminds of an orangesicle!  You’re sure to attract good vibes in this top!  It has a button to be fastened down lower, but I chose to pin it up a bit higher for a little more modesty, but you can do as you like with that!

These jeans are by TOPSHOP.  I love TOPSHOP jeans for so many reasons!  First, they are a lot cheaper than other designer jeans which I am guilty of spending money on, but, they look and feel just as good!  They also come in petite which is great for shorties like me because we don’t have to have them hemmed, and tall sizes.  They’re super stretchy, yet firm and help “keep everything in” if you know what I mean 😉  TOPSHOP makes so many different styles, there’s definitely something for everyone’s taste.  They always have the most popular trends in denim available!

My bag which I have featured a lot in my blog posts is by Ellen & James.  They have the cutest handmade straw bags in all kinds of different sizes and styles.  They are really quality bags, too!  Perfect touch to any of your bohemian inspired outfits!

My shoes are new from Steve Madden!  I love these shoes!  The neutral color makes them so versatile for any outfit.  The heel is thicker too so you have more support and feel a little more steady on your feet, especially if you are not used to wearing heels.  The block heel is still really big this season!  They’re a nice soft suede, too which is definitely still a happening trend!

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories below.  Have a great weekend, friends!  🙂

Pennsylvania autumns have been warmer and warmer in the last few years.  I remember three years ago at Thanksgiving, my husband and I were sitting outside at the Waterfront in Pittsburgh and thinking, “who says global warming isn’t real??”  It used to be really cold and snow a lot in November.  Now we don’t get cooler temps until October, and rarely snow until late December or even January.  I don’t mind though, because that means we can still wear cute dresses and rompers like this one all fall long 🙂

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to put florals away!  There are plenty of beautiful flowers that bloom in autumn, like lilies, sunflowers, and mums to name a few.  The colors are so rich and beautiful, like this romper from Ali & Jay!  I love the flowy, romantic feel of it.   It would look great with over-the-knee boots when it gets colder, too!

Because the colors of the romper are so deep, I wanted to keep the accessories lighter and let the rich tones take the spotlight.  I paired it with my favorite simple, chic Steve Madden nude heels and Zac Posen bag.  My earrings are from Gorjana.  They are interlocking geometric shapes that really bring out the boho vibes of this romper and the metallic threads throughout.  They are also on sale right now!!  😀

I’ve linked this romper and accessories as well as some other fall floral pieces I love!

While it’s so sad to say goodbye to the summer, Labor Day weekend brings food, family, friends, fun, and let’s not forget major SALES!  I love these Labor Day sales because many retailers that seldom hold sales finally do, and you can score some great end of season things to use for beach getaways in the winter and next summer, and new arrivals for the fall, too!! Click on the pics below to take you to some of my favorite sales happening now!! Happy Labor Day weekend, friends! Have a safe one! 😊🇺🇸❤

Happy Shopping!! 🤩

It’s so funny to me how our style and even our personalities can change so drastically over time.  If you would have asked me in high school or college if I would have worn polka dots or soft florals, the answer would have been a hard NO!  I remember shopping with my mom probably a few years ago even, and saying, “this is way too feminine for me”.  Haha!  Now, I’m all about the flowers and ruffles, polka dots and soft lace!  Who am I???  I think a lot of my personality has changed through years of my illnesses (and getting older).  It has definitely softened my heart.  I’m not angry anymore and I just want to find peace within myself and be able to give love and help others in the same or similar situations.  I find myself being extremely empathetic and emotional.  Just hearing about someone not being well or going through a hard time really effects me physically.  I can get sick from it!  I guess what I’m trying to say is that that softness has crossed over into my fashion taste, too!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love to rock a black leather moto jacket and boots from time to time.  It just doesn’t always reflect what’s going on inside 🙂

This dreamy little polka dot dress from Tularosa is one of my favorites of this season!  Polka dots are really trending right now! This dress came out at the end of summer and I think it can absolutely be worn in early fall, too.  The color is such a pretty, muted green, and the polka dots are more of a beige than a white, so it’s got a creamy, vintage vibe to it that I love!  It also has the trending ruffles on the sleeves making it all the more feminine.  It’s perfect for a date night or even a wedding!  I wore it out in NYC to see Hamilton, which was such an awesome show!  If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth checking out.  You learn some history, too!

I paired this dress with nude heels from Steve Madden which are so surprisingly comfortable!  I love these simple heels, they go with EVERYTHING!  They are also 35% off right now!

My bag is by Zac Posen.  I love the gold detail fastener.  It’s so simple and chic.  It also can be worn with pretty much everything!  I love pieces that you can use with multiple outfits.  It cuts down on your cost and saves space in your closet!  God knows I need that! 😀

I’ve linked this dress, shoes, and accessories below, as well as some other polka dot dresses I’m digging 🙂

This one is for all my homies dying to get into fall fashion!  My first true autumn look.  One of my favorite things to do with clothes is to mix different textures and patterns.  It makes everything look so interesting and gives it depth and dimension.  When I think of fall, I always think of leather and plaid!  Who doesn’t have a favorite fall flannel, plaid accent home pieces for Thanksgiving, a leather moto jacket, or favorite leather boots they love to pull out when the cooler temps hit, am I right?

When I saw this top by Lovers + Friends, I had to have it! I love the deep, rich colors, and the fact that it is a surplice top (it overlays in the front).  It reminds me of the plaid pants my mom used to wear (and put me in, too) back in the 90s, with penny loafers, of course!  No one ever made fun of me and my fancy penny loafers, LOL!  It’s really lightweight and silky, so it’s perfect when the weather hasn’t quite hit full on sweater season.  It can always be worn with denim and a long cardigan or mini jacket when it gets colder.  But for now, it’s perfect paired with a (faux) leather mini skirt for a fun night out!

This skirt by Lovers + Friends is super cute with the zipper details and snake skin texture!  I’m thinking ahead to pairing it with an oversized ivory sweater, or black turtleneck top with boots!  It is really versatile.  It’ll be great for the holiday season, too!  Am I the only person who immediately has the holidays on their mind when September hits?  I’m a total freak when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas!  Let the countdown begin! 😀

As for more added texture to this outfit, I chose a suede block heel.  I love to wear suede when I am wearing other leathers, faux or not, because it adds another element to the outfit.   I don’t think leather on leather is bad at all, I just think you have to be careful not to overdo it.  Too much of it can start to look harsh.  Suede shoes with a leather skirt, pants, or shorts is always a safe bet!

Unfortunately, this skirt is currently sold out, but I have hopes that they will bring it back in stock!  I’ve also seen this top paired with black leather paper bag shorts, which I will linked below, along with a much more affordable faux version that will likely also be back in stock, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re into those.  I’ve also linked another leather mini if you like that look, too!

Awww, my sweet husband got to join me on this photoshoot, so we had to include him in a picture 🙂  He is so supportive and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have him with me anytime!  He also makes a great assistant, haha! 😀

I am a huge fan of jumpsuits!  They make me feel more powerful and confident than a dress most of the time.  Maybe because it’s like putting on a superhero costume, or maybe it’s the long look of the pant legs with really high heels that makes me feel like I can take on the world.  I don’t know, but I dig it!

One thing I always look for in a good jumpsuit is comfort!  This one from Cupcakes and Cashmere is literally like wearing sweat pants!  The fabric is so plush and soft!  It has an elastic waist band, so you can eat all you want, sit comfortably, and get it on and off easily (because who wants a bunch of buttons when you’re trying to hurry up and pee?!).  I love this rich merlot color.  It works well any time of year!  I dressed this up with a fancy belt from Vanessa Mooney, but you can easily keep it casual without the belt for a more relaxed look.  For those of us who are height challenged, you can usually get away with wearing some platform wedges and not even have to hem it, all while looking like your best giraffe tall self.

My bag is from Rebecca Minkoff.  I love the chevron style and gold detailing.  It works with so many outfits.  Her bags are really on trend and beautiful without spending an entire mortgage payment on them!  I appreciate that because if you are anything like me, more is more and I like to have a lot of different bag styles to choose from!

I am really obsessed with these Vanessa Mooney earrings right now!  I love her style.  She has so many awesome accessories of all kinds!  These gold hoops have a really chic knot on the top and feel very luxe.  Gold hoops are a staple in any wardrobe and these ones are truly unique!

I’ve linked this outfit and accessories as well as a couple other comfy jumpsuits below! 🙂

When it’s hot out, I cannot bring myself to put pants on most days!  Lol.  I feel so badly for men (wait a minute, no I don’t….) who have to wear suits, pants, and ties all the time despite the heat!  I mean, if that’s one of their few burdens in life, then life is pretty good!  Don’t get me started on the hellish pain of PMS for me.  It’s beyond comprehension.  But back to the topic, sundresses are a total staple for me in the summertime.  They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and putting on a nice dress even just to do some errands always makes me feel a bit happier 🙂

One of my favorite brands for summer sundresses is Faithful the Brand!  They have soooo many cute styles, long and short.  I love their vintage feel and relaxed, modern vibe.  This one rocks the tie sleeve trend, which is really big this year.  It is so comfortable and the wrap style makes it so flattering on every body type.  I love the sweetness of the dress with it’s delicate flower pattern.  This dress can easily transition into fall with a cardigan or a jacket and some booties.  This color looks great on any skin tone.  It always reminds me of my Irish heritage, too!

This backpack is by Rebecca Minkoff.  I love the detail with the zippers, and it has been so convenient especially when traveling!  I hate getting sore shoulders from wearing a bag on one side all day.  If you’re anything like me and stuff your bag to the limit, you know the feeling!  Rebecca Minkoff makes this backpack in a ton of really cute colors and patterns!

My necklace here is the Warrior Coin Set from joolz by Martha Calvo.  I love coin sets right now, and this warrior one definitely spoke to me!  I love the reminder of knowing I’m fighting a winning battle with my health every day!  It can of course apply to anyone just trying to get through every day life.  We all have our challenges!

I’ve linked this dress, my accessories and some other adorable dresses by Faithful the Brand.  Slainte, my friends!

I am obsessed with the new trend of summer suits this season!  So many reasons why.  First, they are incredibly wearable for work and can take you straight to evening for cocktails or dinner.  They look great with a mule slide for more professional atmospheres, and super sexy with heels for your evening ventures.

How many times have you gone out to dinner in the summer and worn your new favorite sleeveless dress and been totally freezing?  Enter the summer suit.  The blazer has your back.  You can wear it with or without.  I think the blazer gives me an instant boost of confidence.  I think of it as my power suit! 🙂

I also love the fact that the pieces can be worn separately too.  The shorts can be worn with any number of different tops like an off the shoulder, a bodysuit, or even a plain tee. You can totally take the blazer into fall and pair it with a cami and jeans, too!  I have linked these suit pieces and another cute one below!  Unfortunately my cami and bracelet are sold out, but I’ve linked some similar ones.  

Nothing feels like summer more than white lacey tops and dresses!  I’m really into the bohemian vibe, especially in the summer.  I love the softness of the look and the flowy, romantic feel.  Tularosa is one of my favorite brands that really captures that feeling.  This top by Tularosa is a staple for me!  You can pair it with denim or skirts, it’s super versatile.

The cropped top and high waisted denim trend is definitely still happening.  I love the high waisted denim!  Bring on the mom jeans!  These jeans are my current favorite brand, Good American.  Khloe Kardashian really knows what she is doing with denim!  Her Good American brand has jeans for EVERY body!  Sizes 00-24!  They’re slogan is “sexy at every size!”  I love that.  I have three pair, and they are all three my favorite jeans to wear!  They are so comfy and stretchy, but they are still solid denim that won’t stretch out and leave you with a saggy butt.  The waistline hits just right, too.  I hate it when denim says high waisted but it is still way below the belly button.  High waisted jeans give us the look of longer legs and smaller waist as they hit at your true waistline.  If you’re still on the fence about them, I dare you try some, you might be pleasantly surprised! 😀  Click on the pics below to shop this look!

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