Happy Wellness Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by to check out this post! I’ve been on my wellness journey for a very long time now, well over a decade. As many of you know, I’ve had autoimmune disease, chronic Lyme disease, and many other chronic issues. I still struggle daily with fatigue and pain caused from having these illnesses for so long. But, I do my best to manage them through holistic means. Here’s a quick look at some things I do for self care everyday!

START THE DAY OFF WITH POSITIVE VIBES: For a long time I used to wake up and immediately check my IG, Facebook, and email. While I can’t exactly ignore these things, I’ve been changing what I see first thing in the morning by incorporating new habits. I’ve been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s books and I really love them! They’re so inspiring, uplifting, and give you great guidance. She has an app called Spirit Junkie. Everyday there is a new positive affirmation to read in the app. It has a reminder to check it. Instead of checking my social media right off the bat, I’ve been checking that app, reading the affirmation, and thinking on it for a few minutes as soon as I wake up. It’s just a great way to start the day on the right foot!

MINERALS DO A BODY GOOD: After I read my affirmation, I always take some minerals! Minerals help to keep your body’s energy up! I can always tell when I’m low on minerals because my joints get stiff, I feel anxious, and I get fatigued. Sometimes I even get body pains. But, when I take the minerals with plenty of water, I feel much better! I’ve been using Trace Minerals for over a year now and I really love them. They don’t have any extra added fillers or nasty ingredients in them like so many supplements do. They’re very pure and give you a great dose of Magnesium! Magnesium is critical for many processes in the body. It helps to regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. It also facilitates the production of protein, bone, and DNA. It’s crucial for those of us who are doing protocols where you are detoxing. When we detox through sweat or other methods, we lose minerals. For a long time I didn’t realize this and was detoxing heavily without replenishing. I felt HORRIBLE. Now I know that taking minerals is super important to the process. I also take potassium and calcium.

BEMER MAT TIME: A couple years ago I was having horrific bladder pain. I thought it was a UTI, but it ended up being Interstitial Cystitis, aka Painful Bladder Syndrome. If you have this condition, my heart goes out to you! It is as miserable as having full blow Lyme disease. The pain feels like a jagged knife stabbing you in the bladder 24/7 with so much urgency and frequency to pee! I am so fortunate to have found natural ways to heal from this. I know so many women and men live it with it for their whole lives and it’s utterly torturous. But, back to the point… when I first had this, we were scrambling for ideas of how to help. A chiropractor I was seeing at the time had one of these mats and we started to learn more about it. It is a mat that’s full of coils and they give out customized electric frequencies that help get blood flow into your capillaries. This is where detoxification and healing begins. It is a fantastic tool for detoxing and pain management! My husband was so kind to buy this for me. It’s very expensive, but sometimes you can find one used on Ebay or from a practitioner. A lot of chiropractors and holistic wellness centers use them as well, so you can make an appointment to go and use one if buying one isn’t an option. They come highly recommended for any chronic disease, cancer, and pain. Tom Brady uses it, so you know it’s gotta be good! 🙂

MEDITATION: This is a newer one for me and to be totally honest, it’s hard as well! I am not one who sits quietly very well. I have a lot of anxiety and my mind is always running at full speed. So, that tells me I need to meditate even more! I’ve gotten a lot better at it recently and have even found it enjoyable. I realized that I don’t have to put so much pressure on myself to do it perfectly. It’s okay if your mind wanders. Just take note, and re-focus! You don’t even have to do it for very long to reap the benefits! It’s wonderful for reducing stress, anxiety, pain, muscle relaxation, boosting your immune system and mood, and even helps to decrease blood pressure! I know that when I take the time to do this my day is always better. I’ve been using Gabrielle Bernstein’s meditations that you can download from her site or the Headspace app. They are guided meditations and if you’re just beginning, it’s a great place to start! It really helps to clear my head and help me to focus, be present, and have a more positive outlook and attitude for the rest of the day. I kill two birds with one stone and do this while I lay on my Bemer mat!

FRESH AIR AND EXERCISE: I feel so grateful to be able to walk my dog again! For years just walking to the mailbox caused me a lot of fatigue and pain. I couldn’t do any kind of slight incline without flaring up terribly. Now, I’m walking Barkley for a mile and sometimes more! I don’t do a lot of hills yet, but that’s ok! Baby steps. But, getting outside to get fresh air, be among the trees (hello oxygen!! So necessary for healing!) and nature, and moving your body for 30 minutes a day is known to reduce disease and help digestion, joints, cardiovascular health, muscle endurace, sleep, and mood to name a few! I always feel less anxious and more focused when I get a good walk in. Plus it makes Barkley happy and it feels good to do something nice for someone else even if it’s just your pup 🙂

FOLLOW A WHOLE FOODS DIET: I strictly follow the Paleo diet, but not everyone needs to be grain and legume free. So, I’m not here to preach about being Paleo, but I love the lifestyle it has created for me because my body functions at a higher level and I have less pain and indigestion. The Paleo diet excludes grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, legumes, and any processed foods or oils. So, it really strips it down to whole foods that come straight from a farm, not a box. This is the healthiest way to get your nutrition. It is an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s great for everyone, but especially those that have chronic illness and inflammatory diseases. It brought my autoimmune disease into remission five years ago and I’ve remained in remission ever since I made the switch!

There are some Paleo approved snacks and products that I also use on occasion, but I try my best to always eat real food that you can buy in the produce section. I don’t love eating meat, but because grains and legumes cause me a lot of inflammation, I have to get protein somewhere, so I always buy organic, grass-fed meat, poultry, and wild-caught fish. I do make a point to have at least one plant-based meal a day, though if not more. It’s good for your body and for the environment!

So, even if you aren’t Paleo, eating whole foods (i.e. apples, squash, salmon, nuts, seeds) instead of foods pre-packaged, prepared, and processed, will make a HUGE difference in your health. If you’re looking for ways to get started, check out my post on the Paleo Diet here and here.

CBD FOR ANXIETY: At the end of a busy day, I tend to feel pretty stressed out and need to caaalllmmm down. This is when I reach for my CBD oil! I take a few droppers full along with some other herbs for relaxation and try my best to put my phone down, have dinner with my hubs, watch some TV, and relax. It’s important to have this time for yourself and your family. It’s healthy for your body and your relationships! CBD helps me relax so much. I would be lost without it! I also take Calm A.S.A.P. by Gaia, Rock Rose, and a homeopathic for anxiety. I love the Nano CBD by Hemple. You can use code KELLY10 for $10 off of your purchase.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OR SPIRITUAL BOOKS: I end my day by reading a book that inspires me to be a better me! Lately, I’ve been loving books by Gabrielle Bernstein! I just finished “The Universe Has Your Back” and I totally loved it! It is so full of great info, meditations, and guidance for how to love more and fear less. It’s helped me to gain a lot of perspective about life and circumstances we all find ourselves in. It helps to make the difficult times a little more bearable, knowing that you are always being guided. It’s a fresh perspective on spirituality. But, it is all encompassing. Anyone of any religion can read it and find value in it. It’s not a religious specific book. I think it’s amazing! So, I just got her new book “Super Attractor” and I’m loving it just as much! I downloaded the meditations and use them daily, too. I also loved Oprah’s “The Wisdom of Sundays” and “The Path Made Clear”, as well as Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”. If you’re looking to elevate yourself and raise your vibration, check all of these out!

Those are my Top 8 Wellness Tips for Everyday! I do a lot more than just these things, but if I have to choose, these are my most important and effective ones. What are your every day wellness practices? Please share some in the comments below! 🙂


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