The mountains in Colorado couldn’t be more beautiful!

Hey, guys!! Hope you had a great weekend. We spent ours shooting a really awesome fine art photography series with our friend and photographer, Meghan Clemm! She now lives in Alabama, but she used to live here in the Pittsburgh area. So, she came back up this weekend to do a collaboration with me at Hotel Monaco! We did seven different looks and played off the artistic displays and features of the hotel. It was so creative and fun! My creativity tank feels full 🙂

As for fashion, fall is upon us and that means we gotta talk about BOOTS! Boots might be my favorite part about fall, haha! There are so many fun styles that are popular this season, and I’ve got you covered!

Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado

First up, Western Booties! Boho is still going strong, and so is the western bootie trend! They look perfect together! We saw some of this last year as well, but it’s back again and with even more fun textures and details! I love these white western booties I have on. They go so well with jeans, skirts, and dresses! Check out some of my other favorites:

Snakeskin boots and booties might very well be my absolute favorite of all. While going through all of these I was dying because I want to buy every pair! I could eat them they’re so pretty. Animal print is definitely back; especially snakeskin!

Next up are Slouchy Boots! These look amazing with skirts, dresses, and jeans, too. I really love them with a skirt or dress, though. The over-the-knee boots are still popular, but these are bit more fashion forward, if you will. Great for your favorite boho and classic looks!

Lace-up Boots are a huge trend again this fall! Lots of combat boots and lace-up boots with heels! I love how these lace-ups combine so many trends into one boot. These look awesome with skirts, dresses, and cropped denim to show them off! Don’t be afraid to mix a chunky combat boot with a feminine dress! Opposites attract 🙂

Keeping with the animal-print theme, Embossed Crocodile Boots are a major trend this season! These are some of my favorites! I’m having a really hard time restraining myself from buying all of these, too! I’m really digging the deep red/maroon tones!

Finally, are Square Toe Boots! I love the fresh look of a square toe, just like the sandals we saw so much of this summer. Check out these beauties!

That’s a wrap on my 2019 Fall Boot Trend report! What style is your favorite?

I’m wearing the Seychelles boots linked below!

Linking this outfit for anyone who’s interested, too. The hat says it is sold out here, but if you click on it, it will take you to the website, and it’s not actually sold out!

Have a great week friends! 🙂


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