Hey, loves!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was a lot busier than I had anticipated, but that seems to be the trend in my life right now, haha.  That’s okay, though.  I’m happy to be feeling well enough to do more things. It doesn’t happen without it’s fair share of exhaustion the next day, but I try to get more rest and take a day to catch up afteward.  We had a spontaneous Saturday night, which was really fun!  We met up with one of our friends we hadn’t seen in over a year and got to explore Lawrenceville, which is an awesome part of Pittsburgh with all kinds of interesting boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, you name it!  I love how Pittsburgh is becoming such a foodie town!  There are so many cute places to find just about anything that your tastebuds are craving!  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, “Spoon” and followed up with a nightcap at “Acorn”.  Both are really awesome places for food and drinks if you’re looking for good spots in Pittsburgh!

While I was exploring around town, it was really chilly out, yet beautiful!  One of my favorite ways to make an outfit is by adding fun accessories.  When the temps drop, cute scarves are a must!  They help keep the chill out and make you look really pulled together and stylish, too!

There are so may ways that you can wear a scarf!  My favorite ways are to wrap it around my neck because I’m always freezing! I like to wear them over sweaters and dresses or under my coats and jackets.  I found a great article by a fellow blogger that shows you 9 Ways to Tie a Scarf!  Check it out if you’re always cluelessly wondering how people manage to get their scarves to look the way they do!  I was one of these people!  Lol.

In these two looks, I took some of my favorite basic tops, jeans, and boots, and added a scarf to tie the whole look together!  As you can see, the scarf matches at least one the colors of my basics, but it introduces other new colors, while still tying in the ones I’m wearing to begin with.  It doesn’t need to have a matching color at all!  You can definitely mix up  neutral tones with other neutrals or brighter colors and patterns.  You can do this with any of your clothing pieces, coats, jackets, sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses, hats, etc.  In the first look, my scarf is by BP.   It’s more of a blanket scarf.  It unfolds and is a large square, so you can wear it sooo many diferent ways!  The colors are all neutral, so you can wear this one with just about anything and it gives you all of the fall feels!  The second look is by Topshop.  It’s a heavier, chunky, classic scarf. I love the pastel colors that are so in style right now!  I think it’s so cool that it still incorporates a neutral tone with the camel and adds in two more colors to make it more exciting!  Here are the links to shop these particular outfits.  But, be sure to check out my Top 25 List below, too!

I’ve created a list below of some of my favorite on-trend and classic scarf looks!  We are seeing a lot of plaids and gingham this year, many with wider, bigger checks.  Faux fur and animal print are huge trends as I’ve already talked so much about recently.  Also, stripes and color blocks are really in this season, too!  I’ve compiled a list that has a lot of popular neutral tones that can go with just about anything, as well as some more colorful options for those who like to stand out! I’ve included a whole range of prices, but all under $50. There should be something for everyone here! Let me know what your favorites are! 🙂

Click on the images below to shop! Waiting for something to go on sale or just want to buy it later? Simply click the heart icon and enter your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (to shop products you favorite anytime from your inbox) and another e-mail when the price drops!


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